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Interaction Designer, Google Seattle/Kirkland

Who: Google
Position: Interaction Designer
Where: Seattle
Google has two Research and Development offices in the Seattle area located in the Kirkland and Fremont neighborhoods.  Google Seattle/Kirkland has dozens of projects in areas like ads, search, systems, and web and desktop applications. Some of the award winning products being worked on in this office include Google Talk, Google Maps and Chrome. Projects range from designing the frontend of a hot new web application to building robust backend systems that scale to support our large user base. To deliver these innovative products, Google software engineers constantly explore areas such as machine learning, data-mining, and general algorithm design.

We follow a simple but vital premise in the User Experience group: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” We’re passionately interested in our users and strive to learn everything we can about their behaviors, attitudes and emotions to help define the products and experiences we create. The User Experience team is a critical driving force behind gathering these insights and then using them to inspire and inform design. We are a multi-disciplinary team of interaction designers, visual designers, user researchers, copywriters and Web developers who collaborate closely with each other and with engineering and product management to create innovative, usable, great-looking products that people love to use.

Interaction Designer – Seattle/Kirkland

As a Interaction Designer, you will build delightful, polished products that excite users. Your work will involve designing interfaces that solve complex interactions with elegance and simplicity. You have a strong interest in technology and know how to work alongside engineers and product managers. You can tell compelling stories about users and products to support your work.


  • BS/MS in Human-Computer Interaction or related field preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in designing usable web-based interfaces.
  • Expert HTML skills.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript for rapid prototyping purposes.
  • Strong, clean visual design sense.
  • Excellent leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

Contact: Apply online.