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Venture Capital and Angel Financing Firms active in the Seattle area
We’re constantly updating this list, so e-mail [email protected] with additions, corrections, or suggestions.

Alliance of Angelsportfolio includes Northwest firms: HaloSource, AccessLine, Max-Viz, Netmotion Wireless

Arch Venture Partners — Portfolio companies: Accelerator Corp., Adolor Corp., Malvern, Advanced Analgesics, Advanced Diagnostics, AlfaLight, Alistia, Amberwave Systems Corp., Appliant.com, Apropos Technology, Array Biopharma, ASTA Networks, Aviron, Caliper Technologies, CelebrateExpress.com, CEPTYR, ClassmatesOnline, Codman Group, deCode Genetics, Eichrom Technologies, EKOS ePolicy.com, Enlighten Sports, Extreme Devices, Fast Track Systems, Genomica Corporation, GenVec, Gino Borland, GoCampus.com, GreaterGood.com, iCARumba, IDUN Pharmaceuticals, Illumina, ImproveNet, Infinicon Systems, Intelligent Reasoning Systems, Internet Dynamics, inViso, LightCross, Malibu Networks, MicroOptical Devices, MidStream Technologies, Nanophase Technologies Corp., Nanosys, Inc., NetBot, New Era of Networks, NEON Information Technology, NewMonics, Nimble Technology, OnSiteRx, Optobionics, OnSiteRx, Optobionics Corp., Promenix, Quarry Technologies, R2 Technology, Real World Technology, Selective Genetics, Semzyme, Inc., Syncronex, Teach.Com, Therus Corp. and Trubion Pharmaceuticals.

Alexander Hutton Venture Partners

Atlas Venture

Benaroya Capital The venture firm of the Benaroya family, the firm primarily invests in business-to-business e-commerce, consumer products and other technology companies. When it was first established, the firm invested in later stage companies. However, more recently the company has made investments in earlier stage deals. Portfolio companies: CapitalStream, Coinstar, ELF Technologies, Multiple Zones, Pet’s Choice, Tegic (bought by AOL) and Zydeco.com.

Bear Creek Venture Partners — Affidian, Blood Cell Storage, Mosaix Communications, Ocentrix, Payroll Online, Perlego, RSL Interactive

Blue Point Capital Partners

Broadmark CapitalSpectrum Wireless, Gigex.com, Stormix Technologies, Universal Access, Global Media Corp., Telnext Communications, ONVIA.com, FIData and New Northwest Broadcasters

Cascadia Capital ManagementCourtLink, GiftSpot.com (bought by Giftcertificates.com), LizardTech, Webforia.

Cedar Grove Investments

eFund (all profits go to charity). Recent investments include @Campus.com, Applied Inference, Bartertrust.com, CitySeats.com, Djangos.com, Enthusiasm, Exem, i5digital, Learning.com, Miadora (now closed), NetReflector.com, NetUPDATE, Oralis.com, Prairielaw.com, QuickMarketing.com, Reality Based Learning, RevX.net, Senada.com, Singingfish.com, SiteConnect.com, SmartContractor.com,Talisma, The Learning Internet, and Zydeco.com.

Fluke Venture PartnersPortfolio companies: Avenue A, Applied Inference, Coinstar, Elf Technologies, Etera, InterNAP, LizardTech, Loudeye, Mediapassage.com, N2H2, Pacific Edge, Panlabs, Point.com, QStrategies, Redhook Ale Brewery, Starbucks, SurLaTable.com, Tegic (purchased by AOL) and Viathan.

Frazier Healthcare & Technology Ventures — Portfolio companies: Portola, Cierra, IRM, IP Fabrics, CompHealth, Aspen Youth Services, Corixa, Gene Machines, OnHealth, NeoPath, SkeleTech and VidaMed.

Garage.com — Portfolio companies: Copyright.com.

Greenstone Venture Partners – Portfolio companies: Eveo, NetUpdate and Truespectra.

Guide Ventures — Portfolio includes AdRelevance, Bocada, Detto Corp., EFueler.com, nCircle, TELICOR and FizzyLab.

Ignition PartnersPortfolio includes: BioPassword, Ice.com, Klir, SeaMobile, Sotto Wireless, Spoken

Intel Venture Capital – targeting telecom startups (backed by Bechtel Corp.).Calypso, CardioMetrix, Corus Pharma, ClearMedical, Guava Technologies

Incepta Group

Integra Ventures

iStart Ventures Portfolio companies include eBallot.net (now iPolitics.com) and PredictPoint.com.

Kibble & Prentice Financial
Investments include Flexcar, Kaleidos Pharmaceuticals, Omeros Medical Systems, Punch Networks, Saltmine LLC, Stem Cell Pharmaceuticals, MountainZone.com (bought by Quokka Sports), LaptopLane (bought by SoftNet Systems, renamed AerZone), Omeros, Fios (formerly Litigation Data Corp.) and FlexCar.Companies invested in include: Avenue A, Airspan, HomeGrocer.com (now Webvan.com), InterNAP, LizardTech, Loudeye Technologies, N2H2, Point.com and Vascular Solutions.

Kirlan Venture Capital

Lumira Capital Corp

Madrona Venture GroupPortfolio includes Infrastructure Companies: Terabeam, Teledesic, Viathan, Appliant.com and Integrated Data Communications (IDC); Platform Technologies & Services: Ignition, Nimble Technologies, Singingfish.com, WildTangent; Consumer Services: Amazon.com, CelebrateExpress.com, ClassMates.com, DailyShopper.com, Gear.com (merged), Giftspot.com (merged), GreaterGood.com, GreatFood.com, Hamlet, LiveBid (bought), Nordstrom.com, PetsChoiceInc.com, Photoworks.com, SagePort, Senada.com, ShareBuilder; Business Software and Services: Activate.net, AdRelevance.com, Aventail, Avenue A, Catalytic Solutions, Cobalt, Elaho Wireless, Employease, ePolicy.com, etrieve, GlobeNET Technologies, iCARumba.com, ImageX.com, Improvenet, N2H2, Network Commerce, Onvia, TeamOn.com, vLink.com, Wit Capital, WorldCatch, World Wide Packets and YardConnect.com.

Materia Ventures [Website N/A] — Currently has $18.5 million under management, focused on telecommunications and e-commerce.

Maveronco-founded by Howard Schultz, chairman of Starbucks, Maveron has invested in primarly in B2Cs: ebay, The Motley Fool, Cranium, Drugstore.com, JobFlash, BankNow, Gamelogic, SeasonTicket.com (closed down), Flooz, Lucy.com, eStyle, Apex Learning, peoplepc, exp.com and Brand Farm.

Montlake Capital

Northwest Capital Appreciation

Norwest Venture Capitalencompasses Norwest Venture Partners and Norwest Equity Partners.

OVP Venture Partners Portfolio companies include: Action Engine, Airgo Networks, @mobile(acquired by Software.com merged with Phone.com to become Openwave Systems), @Once.com, 4thpass, 800.Com, Action Engine Corp., Amaze (acquired by Delrina), AskMe, Captivate Network, Cadre (acquired by Cayenne Software, purchased by Sterling Software), Cardima, CellPro, CIMLINC, Coinstar, Corixa, Djangos.com, Dolphin Imaging Systems, Elekom (acquired by Clarus), Elf Technologies, Employee Managed Care Corporation (acquired by PhyCor), Entomo, Etera, Foundstone, GiftCertificates.com, Graphic Software Systems (acquired by Spectragraphics), Greatergood.com, Intelligent Results. INTERLINQ Software, Lam Research, Laserscope, Logic Modeling (acquired by Synopsys.), Loudeye Technologies, ProTools (aquired by Network General), Max-Viz, Now Software, nth Degree (acquired by Prograph merged with PrintCafe), Oculon (acquired by Pharmos), Photon Kinetics (renamed GN Nettest), Preview Systems, Quantum Medical Systems (acquired by Siemens), ReturnsOnline.com, Rosetta Inpharmatics, SafeHarbor Technology, Saros (acquired by FileNet), Seattle Genetics, Seattle Silicon (purchased by ZiLOG), Sequel Technology, Sierra Geophysics (acquired by Haliburton), SignalSoft, Surplus Direct (acquired by Egghead.com), Syntellect, Theatrix Interactive (acquired by Sanctuary Woods Multimedia), Triconex, TView (acquired by Focus Enhancements), Unify, UXComm, Vascular Solutions, Verity, WatchGuard Technologies, Webridge, WebUnwired, Xilinx.

Oxbow Capital Partners [Website N/A]— Portfolio companies: 5smackers.com, Indian Motorcycle, The Kamaas Group, Topia Ventures and usedbooks.com.

Pacific Horizon Ventures — holds investments mostly in leading-edge biotechnology companies: Puget Sound’s Edmark, Innova, iScience Surgical, NeoPath and RTIME. Also Illumigen, Koronis Pharmaceuticals, iScience Surgical Corp., Novocell

Polaris Venture Partners
Accordant Health Services, Acusphere, Advanced Inhalation, Aim Technologies, Akamai Technologies, Alive.com, Allaire, AlphaBlox, American Superconductor, Archus Orthopedics, Aspect Medical Systems, Avici Systems, Berkeley Systems, Best Doctors, CapitalStream, Centra Software, CHP,Circe Biomedical, Classifieds2000, Conductus, Contact Networks, CyberSafe, deCODE genetics, Endius, eNOS Pharmaceuticals, eRealty.com, eSupportNow, esurg.com, Exchange.com, experience, Frictionless Commerce Incorporated, icPlanet, Incentive Systems, Kestrel Solutions, Linguateq, Malibu Networks, MarketXT, MessageGate, Microbia, MicroCHIPS, MidStream Technologies, mnemoScience GmbH, NextPoint Networks, Optobionics, Paradigm Genetics, Powersoft, PSCI, Quintessent Communications, Sentillion, SolidWorks, CBS-StoreRunner, Syncronex, Ucentric Systems, Watchfire, Watermark, WorldStream Communications and Wrenchead.com. Roanoke Capital [Website N/A] — A Seattle-based venture capital fund with portfolio investments in Coin Star, Pacific Linen, Cutter & Buck, Luxar, Etcetera, Edmark (IBM) Output Technology.

Rustic Canyon Partners, formerly Staenberg Venture Funds Investments include: Adventurecycle.com, BigStep.com, Black Pearl, Camdes, COmmand Audio, CommerceBid.com, Corrigo, Epicentric, Etera, Evite.com, First Virtual Bank, Improvenet, Inclusion, Informed Diagnostics, InfoSpace, Integrated Data Communications (IDC), Intrepid Learning Systems, iSyndicate, Learning Brands, LiveBid, LizardTech, Metrika, Micropath, NetFreight.com, Packet Engines, PhotoZone.com, Prairielaw.com, Preview Systems, RivalNet, RocketRadio, Salu.net, Simplexity.com, Softbook, SpecialtyMD, Spinner.com, Teledesic, Time Domain, Tioga, Universal Access, Vetcentric.com, VoiceWeb, WetFeet.com, YY Software, Zydeco.com, ezboard, and How2TV.com.

SeaPoint Ventures —
Portfolio companies: Airspan, Avenue A, Bridgeway, Capback, Inc., Hubspan, Inc., Kineto Wireless Point.com, PocketThis, Inc., Qpass, Tegic, Vayusa, Inc., and Wireless Services Corp.

Skyblaze Ventures — Current investments include Yodlee, eLance, uReach, Transcast, 123signup, Auripay, Xpeed, AdviceAmerica, eVite, Pinnacus, Haathi, Purple Yogi, RightHalf (India’s first university-based start-up) and PointCross, among others.

Social Venture Partners Investees include: Behavioral Sciences Institute, Our Place Daycare, Children’s Services of Sno Valley, Washington Literacy, Medina Children’s Services, Seattle Children’s Home, Institute for Community Leadership, Courage to Teach, Pioneer Counseling Services and numerous elementary and secondary schools, Project LOOK, U. of Washington Women’s Center, Youth Eastside Services, Youth Tutoring Program, Music Works Northwest, Technology Access Foundation.

Spangler Ventures Portfolio companies: Action Engine Corp., FizzyLab Corp., SkyGo.com and Tegris Corp.

Staenberg Venture Partners — New Vine Logistics, Intrepid Learnign Solutions, Revenue Science

Timberline VenturesPortfolio companies: Applied Inference, Bidpath.com, etrieve, MusicCity.com, ZairMail.

Tredegar InvestmentsPortfolio companies: Etera, GreaterGood.com, Rosetta Inpharmatics.

U.S. Ventrure Partners
@Road, Ask Jeeves, Avenue A, BeVocal, Bigstep.com, BizBuyer.com, Blue Martini, CacheFlow, Check Point Software, Concur Technologies, CoolBoard, DataChannel, Differential, DocuMagix (acq. by eFax), ePhones, Everypath, FamilyWonder.com, flyswat, Garor.com, GetThere.com, ICVerfiy, iEscrow.com, Kasenna, Manage.Com, Manage.com, Military.com, MegaPath, NetDynamics (acq. by Sun Microsystems), Nuance Communications, ON24, Personify, PhotoPoint, Print Nation, Proteolix, Sectorbase, Securify (acq. by Kroll O’Gara), SelfCare.com, Software Buyline, Spoke Software, StorePerform, Sun Microsystems, ValiCert, Verity, Veriwave, Vontu and Zhone Technologies. Portfolio includes TeraBeam, Cosant, appliant, Locate Networks, singingfish (sold to Thomson Media), mobi (sold to infospace), Bidpath, PlyMedia, eProject, HouseValues, WorldCatch, Amadon Labs & Ramgen.

Vault Capital

Venture Capital Team —
tech companies run by women and minorities.Portfolio companies: 2Way, Amplitude, Avenue A, CapitalStream, Captura, ClearCommerce, DailyShopper.com, Fidesic, GoAhead, Racksaver and Tropos.

Vulcan Ventures —
Portfolio companies include: drugstore.com, Egghead, Go2Net, InterNAP, Mercata and Wavtrace.

Voyager Capital

Washington Mutual Strategic Capital Fund — Portfolio companies: EmployeeSavings.com, Financial Engines, Keystoke.com.

Watershed Capital Portfolio includes: @mobile, Agillion, e2i, epicRealm, Foodtrader.com, Laumdrom, ax, MERCATA. Netpliance and Parago.

WRF Capital — Farecast, 2nd Act Partners, Alder Biopharmaceutical, Clarisonic, Ikaria, Teranode Corp., Intelligent Ion


CB Capital
Endeavor Capital LLC
Olympic Venture Partners
Rainy Day Ventures LLC
Shaw Venture Partners
Silicon Venture Partners
Smart Forest Ventures
Tamarack Mezzanine Partners
Timberline Venture Partners

VC Firms Active in Seattle-area (no local office)

Battery Ventures
Oak Investment Partners
Sevin Rosen Funds
Venrock Associates (Rockefeller family)