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High technology leadership comes with the territory. Here you will find the Puget Sound’s roster of companies engaged in nearly every facet of Internet content, commerce and technology, and the service infrastructure behind it.

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Artificial Intelligence \ Machine Learning

AI2The Allen Institute for AI research nd engineering
AIDynamics — tools for custom AI development
Algorithmiacollaborative ML model management.
Ally — SaaS system technology to keep remote teams focused on OKRs, goals that drive results, with visibility at every level
Amazon Web Servicesfull-stack AI
AmperityAI for marketing
AmpleroAI for marketing
Applemachine learning by Turi
Facebookmachine learning in social networking
Googlemachine learning, autonomous vehicles
Integris SoftwareML data compliance and risk management
MetricstoryAI for Google Analytics and Advertising
Microsoftfull-stack AI, cognitive services
MosaictrackAI for recruiting
Polly.aia collaborative chatbot
SayKaraAI assistant for physicians
Tableauanalytics and data visualization
TextioAI-assisted job postings and HR requisition
TijeeAI cloud-based, home smart systems and security
VoiceBoxautomotive AI
Xevoautomotive AI

Cloud Computing \ SAAS \ Net Software

10000feet – a collaborative project management tool designed to give the big picture of your business, teams and projects
2nd Watch – AWS Management
Accelerated Pictures – film making software
ActiveWords – software that instantly triggers actions related to words you type, ink, or select
Acumatica – cloud-based ERP
Adaptiva – end-point management and security
Advanced BusinessLink Corp.high-performance middleware for web enabling legacy systems, wireless web solutions and emerging technologies.
Alanta – rich, in-browser communication platform designed to help you sell more faster
Alegion – help companies find new ways of doing work using crowdsourced labor
Apptio – understand and manage the cost, quality and value of your IT services
ArivX – field service management software
Ascentis — provider of employee benefit and human resources information management software
AskMeCorp.com — developers of software for Employee Knowledge Networks
AuctionEdge – powers independent auctions
Avalara – tax automation
Bill4Time – time billing software
BitTitan – email migration, email gateway, and automated on-boarding
Bizable – marketing analytics
Blab – applies proprietary technology and big data processing to contextualize and predict tomorrow’s online conversations today
Blue Box – custom hosting solutions for critical applications
Bocada – recognized leader and market expert in data protection services management
Box.net – personal online storage space with file sharing and retrieval via RSS
BoxOh – universal package tracking system
BrandVerity – trademark protection and affiliate compliance
Bridge Partners Consulting – helping companies bring subscription-based software to market.
BrightArrow Technologies — devices for telephony recording and speech recognition
BuildersCloud – the fastest and easiest way to work with big construction documents from any device
Cascade Software Corporation – mobile applications and “Software as a Service” (SaaS) products/services
Centroy – online team collaboration
CenturyLink – digital services platform provider
Changepoint – project management solutions
Chef – automation stack solutions
Chinook Communications – cloud services including email, phone, IM
Chirpsy – saves you time spent keeping your Twitter account relevant and up to date by providing you tweets that talk about the latest blogs and breaking news
Clearswift — software for managing and securing electronic communication
Cobalt PM – manage projects online
Convoy — freight shipping and hauling
Crystal Point — host access terminal emulation software to host publishing applications
DailyCred – manage users for your website or app
Daptiv — on-demand project management and collaboration software
DataWeb — rapid Web-based application development
DevHub – make a free website
DonorQuest — management and e-commerce software for non-profit organizations
Doxo – digital file cabinet
EducationDynamics — tools for attracting and retaining students
Envision Software — creator of AuctionTamer and BigBroLive!
eRequester — E-procurement solution for supply chain automation
Escapia WebAgency — vacation rental back-office reservations & management software
HowZone.net — learning communities
Hubspan — web-hosted software that lets companies participate in the online marketplaces of their buyers
iLink Systems – global software solution provider
Ingeniux Corporation – XML-based Web content management and publishing systems
IP Street – view the world of IP
Jackson Fish Market – boutique design agency
JobSite – construction photo management
Kymeta – instant broadband service anywhere in the world
LapLink.com — Internet file transfer
LeadMesh – lead management software
LIFFFT – train and facilitate innovative teams in design thinking, lean startup, and customer development
LizardTech — software for transmitting/managing very large or complex digital images and documents
MangoSpring – online collaboration
Mbedthis Software — Embedded web server software and solutions including the AppWeb embedded web server
Meldium – team password manager
Mercent — integratration software for leading online shopping merchandising and marketing venues
MetricsHub – active cloud monitoring
n2uitive – streamline your recorded statement process
Nimble TechnologyXML-based integration software platform that represents disparate information in a common format, and creates a real-time, unified view of that information.
Noetix — middleware for database management (formerly part of Aris Corp.)
Ofunnel – Google alerts for relationships
Olympic Consulting Group – software architecture and development
OneHub – share files with confidence
One to the World – truly interactive webcasting
Ookla — uniquely useful Web applications
Opscode – automates configuration, deployment and scaling for your servers and applications
Panicware — privacy software applications including Pop-Up Stopper Pro.
PeerSec Networks — embedded security and device Web services software,
including MatrixSSL
PhraseTrain — natural language processing applied to search
Polyverse — cybersecurity solutions
Puppet — Cloud and infrastructue automation and delivery
Qhode – On Demand build-Platform as a Service (bPaaS) providing continuous automated builds and tests with real-time notifications
Rodax Software – combines your family’s calendars in the cloud so you know everyone’s schedule, anywhere, anytime
SchoolKiT.com — educational software modules accessed via the Net
Scope5 – Extract value from your sustainability data
Scout Analytics – revenue analyst in the cloud
Seattle Plone — development and community site for Plone, a Zope-based platform for CMS
SkyKick – new kind of migration application that makes it fast, safe, and easy to migrate businesses to Office 365
SkyTap – enterprise hybrid cloud
Spoken Communications – the enterprise cloud for call centers
Strain Systems – Silo inventory management
Swype — Text input for Screens, from the onscreen keyboard included in Windows to mobile touchscreen devices
Symform – revolutionary cloud storage network
Tableau Software — visual spreadsheet technology for databases
Talisma — online real-time customer-service software
Tier3 – complete enterprise cloud
Triadd Softwareonline data management
Trumba Connect — web-hosted active event publishing solutions
UB Matrix — software tools and processes for data exchange via XML, ebXML and XBRL
Uhuru Software – deploys apps to clouds in minutes
Unisitecontent-management software for multilingual websites
Versium – powering data intelligence
Viafo – Simple, Effective API Management and Monitoring
Vioma — Content management platform for non-technical content creators (aka International, Content LLC)
Vizualiiz – asset management at your fingertips
VoiceBox — fetch information from your PC or the Internet using only your voice
VoloMetrix – the first management application to break through the noise of today’s complex enterprise to improve strategic alignment and execution
VoteHere secure Internet voting software for public and private sectors
WebSpy — realtime Internet monitoring of unauthorized Web surfing by employees
WinShuttle – enables customers to build and adapt Excel and SharePoint-based interactive forms and workflows for SAP without programming
XCache Technologies — caching products to improve website performance (formerly PostPoint Software)
Yapta — travel fare monitoring and planning
Yottamine Analytics – provides highly parallel, cloud-based machine learning (SVM) software for high performance, large-scale predictive classification and regression
ZipWhip – cloud texting for 800 numbers, mobile, and landline
Zoomstra – curate expert information and share publicly or privately
Zooppa – creativity community

Mobile-Wireless Netcos

2Morrow Inc – uses the power of the Smartphone to help users create better habits
47 Degrees – uses technology & creativity to bring digital ideas to life
4Creative – creates cool mobile experience, including apps for Apple iOS and Android
520Or90 – mobile web app that tells users which bridge in the Seattle area is cheaper or faster
Adaptix — wireless equipment for point-to-multipoint, broadband, non-line-of-sight (NLOS), last-mile access and backhaul solutions
Airbiquity —telematics and M2M software developers
AllMobilize – make your website mobile
Antennasoftware mobile workforce solutions and field service
AppAttach – help PC, tablet and smartphone providers and developers make more revenue by preloading apps
Apptentive – connects businesses dealing with mobile apps with customers
Artifact Technologies – allows location-based businesses to enhance and extend customer experience onto a mobile platform
Bibo – app that helps users discover, rate, and share drinks
Brisk Software – creating super-cool IOS & Android apps
Boxella – track everything you own with a mobile app
Buddy – enables developers to build engaging, cloud-connected apps without having to write, test, manage or scale server-side code or infrastructure
OpenText — EasyLink and fax & document distribution
Canappi – write a full cross-platform twitter app in 30 lines of code
Centri – delivers next-generation mobile data optimization and bandwidth management solutions
CodeProof Technologies – provides protection for iOS and Android
CoinFling – mobile money transfer
Corvid Apps – useful mobile apps for children and adults
Covestic — consultants for next generation networking and convergence
DigitalChemy – calculator apps
Eatfindr – mobile app for people with food allergies and dietary concerns
Fanzo – ranks sports fans and the posts they share publicly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.
Faqden – mobile app development
Finsphere – using your mobile phone as a proxy for your identity
FilPiks – Social movie picks based on your conversations on Twitter
FlowBoard – touch publishing
Formotus — Sending rich business data to mobile phones
Haiku Deck – presentation app for iPad
HipCricket — producer of “interactive mobile marketing campaigns
Ingeniux.com — XML-based publishing software for wired and wireless web
Intava — interative digital signage software
iWitness – personal protection with an iPhone
Juicy Bits Software – cool apps for iPad and iPhone
Junxion — its Junxion box/router creates wireless hot spots wherever a cellular network is available
KeeBitz – automate referrals
Kitsap Dental Lab — digital milling of restorations, crowns, and bridges plus dental implants, veneers, and more. 
L4 Mobile – superior mobile apps
Labels That Talk – next generation barcodes
LeanPlum – mobile optimization made simple
LuckyOyster – exchange recommendations with people you trust
Metrix.net – wireless equipment for community wireless networks, mesh networks, wireless researchers and wisps. Also home to pyramid linux.
Mobile Dev. Hq – mobile marketing tools
Comscore— syndicated subscriber measurement data for the mobile telecommnications sector
PressOK — gaming and entertainment for mobile devices
Movaya — a complete web-based, ecommerce software platform for mobile-content transactions.
NEXAGE — mobile payment network services, makers of mCash mobile payment option
Opanga – Next generation mobile CDNs
Open Mobile Solutions – take your mobile apps across a universe of platforms
PaperKarma – control your mailbox from your phone
PalmTop Publishing — makers of POPspot Wireless(TM) a compact infrared PDA message delivery system.
PDA Verticalsinfo, services for professionals using cell phones and other wireless devices
Pinnion – cuts the time, cost and effort of creating great looking, sophisticated surveys that work on any device
Pinpoint Pickup – reserve town cars from your phone
Pirq – get customers now
Placed – location analytics
Point Inside – add StoreMode to your mobile shopping app
Punchkeeper – digital replacement for all of the customer loyalty cards currently wasting space in your wallet
QThru – Scan purchases with your smartphone as you shop and check out instantly at the QThru mobile kiosk. No lines, no wait, no hassle
QuadStreaker – Create an amazing map of where you go. Explore anywhere and see your progress – from your city to far-off locales
Quemulus – your money, connected
Red Ride – the closest, cheapest, and easiest rideshare vehicles under one app
Reel Sonar – app for finding fish
RootMetrics – Measuring mobile performance for you, and with you
Scoutzie – design better applications for mobile and web
Served By The Net – serving clouds from Seattle
Sirqul – create engaging web, mobile, gaming, social, location-based, crowd-sourced experiences
SkyGlue – online visitor behavior tracking tool
Sofulo – a great way to easily find out what your friends are up to, discover new local hotspots and let your friends know about your plans
Solavei – mobile service plans
Squarehub – private family network that makes coordination and communication easy, instant, and fun
Taqtile – offer product platforms for building amazing consumer experiences. Delight your audience with rich mobile applications
Tatango – Drop Dead Simple Enterprise Level Software
TeleBEEM – human voice ringtones and notifications
Tenzing —In-flight Email and Internet systems
Tangis — software for wearable computers
Telecom Transport Management — back-haul networks for wireless carriers
The Pix Lounge – unique site that allows your guests to share photos of your event without everyone needing an account
Toor.me – Premier Mobile Real Estate Experiences
Travelling Wave – Mobile Text Input using a combination of Voice and Touch
UI Evolution – accelerate your digital business
UPSIDE Commerce – Get deals from brands on Facebook delivered to your smartphone
Virtual Gestures – mix and organize photos you love
Viva Vision – giving content life
Votely – decide with friends
WaveLink — software platform that allows mission-critical business applications to go mobile on any device or network
Womp Mobile – make your site mobile friendly
xDJs – Music discovery for grownups
Xiant – the smartest mobile email client ever
Xsync – mobile file sharing
Zapd – mobile websites quick and easy from iPhone
Zumobi — building the next generation hybrid of mobile/web applications

Seattle-area Cybercafes and Wi-Fi HotSpots

C & P Coffee Company — 5612 California Ave. S.W.
Caffe Vita
— 813 Fifth Ave. N., Queen AnneCaffe Zingaro 127 Mercer St.
Cloud City Coffee
8801 Roosevelt Way N.E.
— 1621 12th Ave.
El Diablo Coffee Co. — 1811 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Espresso Vivace Roasteria — 901 E. Denny Way
Experience Music Project
— Seattle Center
Firehouse Coffee
— 2622 Northwest Market Street, Ballard
Fremont Coffee — 459 N. 36th St.
Herkimer Coffee
— 7320 Greenwood Ave. N.
Kells Irish Pub
— 1916 Post Alley, Pike Place Market
King County Library System
Monkey Grind Espresso Bar
— 518 N. 85th St.
Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House — 607 S. Main St.
R Place Bar & Grill — 619 East Pine Street
Seattle Public Library (Central Library) — 1000 Fourth Ave.
Trabant Chai Lounge — 1309 N.E. 45th St.
Victrola Coffee & Art — 411 15th Ave. E.
Zeitgeist Coffee — 171 S. Jackson St.
Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company — 2200 N. 56th St.
University Zoka — 2901 N.E. Blakeley St.

Streaming/Broadband Interactive Media Services

Caution Zero Network producers of Cherub, the vampire with bunny slippers
Comfortradio.org — MP3 blog and ‘underground’ radio station
ARRIS — equipment/services that will allow cable TV companies to stream digital interactive entertainment (backed by Paul Allen)
Attendible – discover events happening around Seattle
AudioSocketprovides music licensing technology
CoachCheetah – manage a sports team quickly and easily
CollegeTennisOnline – view college tennis stats and news
CreativeLive – free live arts workshops taught by professionals
Gravity Lab — custom designs, produces, and webcasts music
HostelHub – spins your city into a HIT
InterQuest Communications — broadband services specifically designed for large multifamily communities
iShow — streaming media content services provider for the enterprise
iSpot TV – find, share, and track TV commercials
Network Clarity — intelligent systems for managing increasingly complex enterprise networks
Online Video Service — audiovisual content digitizing and streaming for corporate customers
OwnZones – control your own media content
Pop Salad – hottest celebrity news
RawSignal – ranking the news
REALVision — video and audio streaming to exercise equipment
ReelTime Media Group – an international business entity focused on selecting companies with strong potential for growth
Ripl – leverage the social networks and capitalize on natural word-of-mouth effects to deliver new kinds of promotions and recommendations that users truly appreciate
SkyJuke – a social music network
SMITH.co – North America’s leading digital experience agencies
SpaceCurve – Real-Time Models of Reality
thePlatform — digital media software infrastructure company (acquired Comcast)
Trover – photos of vacation destinations
Truth to Power – information governance research community
Vidiator — provider of adaptive rich media technology including MMS, encoding, decoding, transcoding and multimedia servers
Web X.0 Media – experts in new media, including online publishing, social, mobile apps and digital publishing
Widevine Technologies — anti-pirating solutions for streaming-media content
Worktank Enterprises, LLC — From video projects and software demos, to complex, rich-media websites and CD/DVDs

Content Providers

Groovetechradio station; webcaster of live events
MediaSpigot — marketing and publishing for Print and Web
StreamAudio.com — webcasts more than 600 radio stations over the Internet (Tacoma-based)
StreamBoxstreaming media portal & directory
Wetpaint – TV spoilers, celebrity gossip, entertainment


CITEL Technologies — IP-based handset gateways from PBX to the world
CoinLab – builds infrastructure for Bitcoin
DataWeb — provider of HostRAD, a complete hosted system for developing and running web applications
ExtraHop – provides the real-time operational intelligence required to make IT more agile and proactive
FiberCloud — provider of high-speed scalable bandwidth and a secured environment for enterprises with mission critical Internet operations
NLight Photonics — high-performance fiber-optic components used in high-speed Internet data transmission
NodeLogic Networks
— proactive infrastructure management through IP network autonomics Peer1 Networks — high performance bandwidth and secure server colocation facilities
Qumolo – Seattle-based enterprise data storage startup
RovingIP.net — inter-network services to broadband wireless service providers and operators of public and private Wi-Fi wireless networks
SkyCast Solutions – offers cutting edge portable or embedded inflight entertainment solutions — both with industry leading affordability
Solar Winds – IT management and monitoring
Spam Arrest LLCan efficient, simple and inexpensive challenge-based system that stops Spam
Verdiem — energy efficiency software for managing PC networks
Zonar Systems – electronic fleet management

E-commerce — Consumer Product or Service— B2C

2Lingualsearch engine to search pages in different languagesAltrec.comall types of outdoor gear, travel reservations and info
Anomo – social networking toolAntiquesRow.comhigh-end antiques (British Columbia-based)
ArtSumo – affordable original art sent directly to your email
AuthorGraph – get signed e-books from over 7000 authors
BeautySteals.comonline luxury cosmetics and fragrance discounterBigOven — Your recipes. Organized.
BioPassword — authenticates computer users based on the way they type on a keyboard
Blue Nilehigh-end jewelry, mostly diamonds
Browsera – tests and reports cross-browser layout differences and scripting errors on your site
BumbleJax – specializing in transforming digital images into gallery quality wall art
CandleLantern — makes of the UCO Originasl Candle Lantern, Duo Lantern and Candlelier
CheckOutMyCardstechnology applied to card collecting
CooKoo Watches – home of the connected watch
CoolerGuys.com — PC case “mods” and computer hardwarwe enhancement accessories
Curious Office — Internet incubator
CelebrateExpress.comparty goods (formerly BirthdayExpress.com)
cooking info and high-quality packaged foods
D.A. Burns & Sons — Seattle’s historic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning specialists since 1935
DigiSec – software security
Dreambox — adaptive, online K-8 math education
DynoTag – smart labels for the mobile product
Early Pregnancy Tests — early pregancy detection products
EnerG2 – energy storage solutions
EVOControllers – controllers for video game systems
Ex Officio — adventure clothing for travel and sports
Exo Labs – microscope camera that connects to an iPad
Famaliar – 21st century photo frame
HasOffers – affiliate tracking software
Her Interactive — CD-ROM games for girls (including Nancy Drew series)
HomeSavvi — Your local guide to home remodeling
iClick – small electronic products
iFloor.com — floor coverings showcase and virtual store
Illumagear – personal active safety system
Independent movies sold on-demand. “Own a movie for less than a movie ticket.”
InstaCover – web based insurance
IntelliPaper – offers a wide range of products for advertisers, commercial printers, and direct mail companies
Internet Language Co. — operators of ESL.net and translation.net
iPads.com — personalized photo greeting cards and more
Kepion – dashboard planning solution
LegalPad — simplifying the process of obtaining skilled work visas
LumiSands – Silicon Nano-materials and Research Development for Lighting
Modumetal – new age of nanolayered materials
MotoCam.com — makers of video recording systems for offroad vehicles.Music Steps — jazz and classical music info and CDs (JazzSteps.com)
Notice Software – push button alert notifications for websites (Alert Rocket)
NWT3K – custom waterproof ski and snowboard jackets
Onlineshoes.comvarious types, many brands
Pacific Biosciences — developers of the CLARISONIC™ Skin Care Brush.
PartsForYourCar.com — ditto
Plugable Techonologies – plug and use products
Pterofin – innovative approach at creating power using natural wind or water currents based on simple biomimicry
PugetSystems — Custom built computer systems, gaming pc’s, and computer servers
RescueTime – time management software
Rippedsheets.com — Internet portal for inket and laser labels in virtually all sizes and materials
Rivet & Sway – designer eyeglasses for women
SeattleWiki.org — Community Wiki for the Seattle area safety, security, and loss prevention
SoilsOnline.com — landscape materials for home delivery
SoloMatrix – Spike iPhone keyboards
Stella Therapeutics – a privately held drug discovery company, is developing first-in-class small molecules that hold the promise of curing GBM while maintaining patient quality of life
The Wisdom of Others – personalized quote books
Trails.com – trail guides and travel info
Contour — makers of wearable, hands-free video cameras
Ubi Interative – turns any surface into a multi-touch display
Upcycle Goods – useful products that add to everyday life all with the uniqueness that can only be found in useless materials
Vain.comcounterculture beauty products (also sells to salons, other businesses)
Venuelabs – customers are sharing their in-store experiences on social, local, and mobile sites. Venuelabs helps make that feedback actionable.
Vioguard – self cleaning keyboard and mouse system
WidgetBucks — network of pay-per-click shopping widgets
Wrench — mobile auto mechanics at your door
X10.comremote-sensing and networking electronics (owned by X10 Wireless Tech, which has filed an IPO)
Your Wedding Company — Wedding decorations, bridal accessories and favor supplies.


8BitMMO – a free retro-style 2D massively multiplayer game
Airtight Games – free fun games
Amaranth Games – free fun games
Anomaly Labs – indpendent game studio based in Tacoma, WA
Beep Industries – orphan-free game development
BigIdea Games – social and casual games across iOS and Android platforms
BodSix – focused on developing location-based social games for mobile devices
Bungie – 3D games
Cascade Game Foundry – enables people of all ages and ability levels to explore the world from home
CrowdGame – customizable real-time quiz game that turns your iPad into a portable game console for up to 11 players
Detonator Games – explosive entertainment
Duxter – Earn rewards for connecting and competing with fellow gamers
Ear Games – 3D sound games
Fantasy Mogul – sports games for a social world
Fun Bits Interactive – fun games
Game Collage – fun game apps
Handheld Games – fun mobile games
Harebrained Schemes – large size gaming
Heartrate Games – intense sports games
Jawfish Games – fun games including Poker and BINGO
Klikaklu – picture treasure hunts on your iPhone
LiteSprite – games to treat you medically
Massively Fun – home of the Fast Iron game
Meteor Entertainment – fun, engaging, and core player experiences across multiple platforms
Motiga – independent online PC game studio
New Game Town – mobile and social games
Playteau – fun and innovative online games
PressOK – iPhone apps and games
Puzzazz – puzzles for the digital world
Runic Games – fun PC games
Snap! Raise — Fundraising for student groups and teams
Teamfind – find a team for WoW and League of Legends
Tinkerhouse Games – home of Dwarven Delve
U4ia – fun games
Uber Entertainment – challenging 3D games
Wild Tangent – many fun games
Z2 – 3D games
Zhurosoft – fun fantasy games
Zipline Games – independent game development studio

Life Sciences \ Healthcare

98Point6on-demand primary heath care delivered by board-certified physicians via the ease of a mobile app. 
Adaptive Biotechnologies – a high-caliber mix of science, business and software development professionals
Alder Biopharmaceuticals – alleviate human suffering by generating better and safer antibody therapeutics through novel technologies
Allozyne – technologies in protein therapeutics
AllTreatment – drug rehab center directory and substance abuse information resource
Atossa Genetics – healthcare company focused on the development and marketing of novel cellular and molecular diagnostic risk assessment products for breast cancer
Cardeas Pharma – specializes in early phase development of inhaled antibiotics to treat serious, hospital-acquired respiratory infections with highly antibiotic-resistant organisms
Cascade Healthcare Solutions – inventory of medical supplies
Clarity Health Services – provides care coordination with analytical insight
Corengi – diabetics research
DreamClinic – massage therapy
EarndIt – earn points and get rewards for exercise
Edifecs – healthcare IT, healthcare solutions
EveryMove– turn workouts into rewards
FindTouch – Community of thousands of massage therapists and hundreds of massage therapy employers
Fitropolis – the Seattle fitness guide
Health123 – easy health service
Healthentic – enpowering employees to make informed decisions on wellness
Healtho – revolutionizing the healthcare industry
Heapsylon – accurate health tracker
Hoaloha Robotics – human-centric robot designs that combine software innovation and advanced interface techniques with today’s digital technologies to deliver solutions
ID Genomics – specializes in nucleotide sequence-based molecular diagnostics and epidemiologic analysis of microbial pathogens
Inland Imaging – body imaging services
Intergrated Diagnostics – blood-based molecular diagnostics that leverage advances in proteomics to better diagnose complex diseases
Jintronix – rehabilitation system
Kelly Franznick –  News/blog from Blink’s UI/UX Co-founder
Kineta Bio – developing advanced medicine
Kona Medical – hypertension therapy and treatment
Lift – build better habits, change your life
Limeade – Create a happy, healthy, high-performing workforce
Mobisante – mobile ans accessible digital imaging
Navigating Cancer – powerful, easy to use tools for cancer survivors to help you manage your recovery and obtain the best care
NeuroVista – revolutionize the management and treatment of epilepsy
Nimbus Health – electronic health record release and delivery
Nova TheraNostics – developing a new and uniquely differentiated contrast agent for use with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
OraHealth – world leader in the breakthrough technology of “oral adhering discs”
Owl Outcomes – makes it easy to routinely monitor client outcomes
Perkin-Elmer –  detection, imaging, software, and services solutions
PhaseRX – unlocking the value of RNA
Pure Blue Technologies –  water disinfection
Qliance – healthcare designed just for you
RareCyte –  characterization and retrieval of rare cells
RealSelf –  cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry
Red Llama – SimPraxis simulation software platform
Reklaim – game-changing technology that recycles rubber into valuable carbon black and energy products
Resolve Therapeutics – pioneering a novel approach to the treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), a potentially life-threatening autoimmune disease that affects some 1.5 million people in the United States and over 5 million patients worldwide
RF Surgical Systems – market leader in retained surgical sponge detection
Seattle Sex Therapy — Dr. Roger Libby treats all sex issues and infirmities
See Your Impact — helps you reach donors with online social fundraising, and keep them engaged by sharing stories of the lives they’ve changed
Senior Homes – a free resource for finding local senior homes
Spiral Genetics – bioinformatics of NGS
SuperCritical Techonologies – family of platforms utilize supercritical CO2 power cycles to reduce and simplify power generation
Synaptics Blog – Exploring The Latest in Human Interface Technologies
Targeted Growth – crop biotechnology company focused on developing products with enhanced yield and improved quality for the agriculture and energy industries
Theraclone Sciences – comprehensive screening technology that rapidly identifies the rare few that have evolved to successfully ward off disease
Transformative Med. – medical apps made smart
Translational Software – personalized medication in practice
TreeFree Biomass Solutions – biomass solutions for enterprises requiring sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly feedstock
Trupanion – pet insurance
Valant Medical – EMR/EHR for behavioral health professionals
Vital Talk – nurturing healthier connections between doctors and patients
Vizua 3D – advanced radiology reporting and sharing system
VLST – innovations in cancer research

E-Commerce —  B2C

New Gaming

343 Industries (Microsoft Game Studios)
5th Cell
A Thinking Ape
Against Gravity
Amazon Game Studios
Amazon Lumberyard
Anomaly Labs
ArenaNet (NCsoft)
Beep Industries
Big Fish Games
BigBox VR
Blackpowder Games
Bright Blue Games
Bubble Zap Games
Bungie Studios
Camouflaj Games
Carbon Games
Cascade Game Foundry
Cat Daddy Games
Colabee Studios
Cryptic North (Perfect World)
Detonator Games
Digital Eel
Double Damage Games
Double Down Interactive
Doublebear Productions
DreamBox Learning
Eastshade Studios
Ember Entertainment
En Masse Entertainment
Exato Games
Exponential Entertainment
Fat Loot Games
Fat Rascal (SGN)
Fixer Studios
Fun Bits
Gastronaut Studios
Giant Army
Giant Enemy Crab
Glu Mobile
Hardsuit Labs
Harebrained Schemes
Hashbang Games
HeartRate Games
Helcorp Interactive
Her Interactive
Hidden Path Entertainment
Highwire Studios
Icewater Games
Imagos Softworks
IndiMo Labs

King.com (Activision)
Leviathan Games
Linden Lab
Marauder Interactive
Mean Hamster Software
Microsoft Game Studios
Monolith Productions
NCsoft West
Nintendo of America
No Goblin
No Matter Studios
Oculus VR
Ominous Development
Owldragon Games
Paddle Creek Games
Paranoid Productions
Perilous Orbit
Pluto VR
PopCap Games (Electronic Arts)
PressOK Entertainment
Refract Studios
Runic Games
Signal Studios
Smashing Ideas
Soulbound Studios
Spiderweb Software
Sporcle —  trivia entertainment on the web, mobile, and live.
Spry Fox
Stellar Jockeys
Strange Loop Games
Studio 216
Studio Pepwuper
Studio Wildcard
Stumbling Cat
Subset Games
Subutai Corporation
Sucker Punch Productions (Sony)
Suckerfree Games
Sunbreak Games
Sunleaf Studios
The Amazing Society
The Pokeman Company
The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
The Spiraloid Workshop
Three Donkeys
Timbre Interactiv
TinkerHouse Games
TinyBuild Games
Torpex Games
Turn 10 Studios
Uber Entertainment
Undead Labs
Upper One Games
Valkyrie Entertainment
Valve Corporation
Virtually Live
Warner Bros Games
Washington Interactive Network
WG Cells
Wizards of the Coast
Zachtronics Industries
Zipline Games

E-Commerce —  B2C (continued)

ActiveWords – software that instantly triggers actions related to words you type, ink, or select (Windows-based)
Adventure Divasadventure travel for women (also TV show)
AirlineJobFinder — All kinds of jobs within the airline and aviation industries
Airsafe.com — info on airline safety records, airplane accident reports
Allrecipes.comrecipes, cooking info
Alternet Home Information Systems — creator of home information systems for prestigious families and estates
Amazing Registry – free and easy way to register for all occasions
Antengo – mobile classified ads, no login required
ArtBeads — Supplier of artistic beads and stones
Askville — Amazon’s Q&A service awarding points and virtual currency for providing answers to users’ questions
Avvo — Helping consumers navigate the legal industry
Bag, Borrow or Steal — luxury goods borrowing service
BagsUP – discover and connect to the experiences of the people in your networks to make foreign places more familiar and familiar places more fun
BeDynamic — local “calendar” for various rec. activities (operates www.beinsports.com)BeRecruited.com — connecting high school atheletes and college coaches
BigFishGames destination game site; developing, publishing and distributing games online
BigScreenLiveeasy to use software interface for seniors
BillPin — sharing/splitting bills and money between friends
BlackJack Apprenticeship – master the craft of card counting and other casino-related skills
Blink – user experience reasearch and design consulting
BlogNation – comprehensive network of blogs that seeks to give recognition and viewership to the millions of fantastic blogs currently on the Internet
Blue Origin — Jeff Bezos’-founded firm which is developing and deploying spacecraft for research exploration and travel
Blue Utopia – builds websites
Bobber Interactive – financial engagement service
BookieJar – Discover eBooks and Independent Writers
BookTrope – reinventing the way books are published
Bonanza — online marketplace for buying and selling items
Bonds Online — info on all sorts of bonds (no trading); subsidiary of USABancShares.com
Bookrags — a literary research site for students
BuddyTV — social networking TV community
BusyMac — Makers of BusySync: Multi-User Calendar Sharing for iCal
Calico Energy Services – provides a unified operations center that connects data, devices, software engines and applications
CatchtheBest — applicant tracking and resume management solution
CellarTracker – collection of wine reviews
CheckOutMyCards – huge collection of sports and other collectable cards
Cheezburger Network – funny posts, pictures, videos
CitySeats.com — marketplace and online search service for tickets to local events
CocktailBuilder – mixed drink recipes
CollegeMapper – map your college education
CompleteCase.com — do-it-yourself divorce forms online
Coupilia – automated XML coupon feed for your blog or website
Cozi.comfamily organizer software
CreditNet – credit card options, bad credit repair
CueSense — news feed filter and trends site
CultureMob — information about great events that you can attend in your community
Cybercamps — summer camps for kids; focus on web design, other high-tech skills
Data Applied – data-driven decision making by integrating rich analytics, data mining, and information visualization capabilities
Data Castle – laptop backup, data protection, encryption
Diffen – compare products
DepotPoint — online tools to help lenders better manage foreclosures
DesignYourOwnCard.com online printer of business cards, stationery, invitations, and custom rubber stamps; online editor with instant preview.
DocuSign — electronic signature transaction service
DogFish Software – custom software development
Donuts Inc. – Bringing variety and choice to Internet naming
Dotdeals.comlisting of discount offers (owned by Dotzoo.com)DreamBox Learning — Web-based mathematics learning company
DrawnToScale – first database for large, user-facing applications built on Hadoop
DSD – software development
Dwellable – Vacation rentals and reviews with photos, maps and more
Earth Class Mail — postal mail delivered via email
EBible – read the bible online
EcoFab – services to improve the energy efficiency of homes
EDUonGo – launch your own online program
EFinancial — online term life insurance quotes, services and information
EnergySavvy – demand-side managemtn software and online audits for utilities
Enliken – customers automatically tell you what they’re shopping for on other sites, so you can offer them the right product at the perfect moment
eNom — ICANN-accredited registrar of Internet domain names
ePersonals — online dating service provider
EpicSeats – best broker for game tickets
Estately.com — online real estate service for Washington state
Evenue – rent a meeting room or event space
ExpeditionQuest — outdoor expedition directory, news service, web host and placement service
EyeFetch a place for Artists and Aficionados to meet and enjoy their love for Art and Photography
— video messaging serviceEyeonBoard— remote maritime detection and notification for yacht owners
EyeSawYou – free app to create or browse missed connection posts
EyeSearch.com — eye-care info and references to doctors
EZDigs — hybrid online/offline real estate service
Farecast — predictive search engine for timing of low air fares
Files to Friends – transfer big files for free
FindProz – find local professionals
FindWell – buy or sell Seattle area real estate
Finishing Consultants — Northwest’s supplier of finishing products
FirstExclusive — Real estate Buyer’s agents
Floost – news as a service
FlowPlay — developing a virtual world for teenagers and young adults around casual gaming
FluxDrive – Reduces Peak Power Demand and Lowers Energy Consumption
Foodista — a food and cooking encyclopedia
Freelock Computing — Open source software training for small business
Frugal Mechanic – search, compare, and save on auto parts
Full Slate, Inc. — online scheduling software
FyberSearch — user-centric search engine developer
GayleRichStyle.com Seattle personal stylist, wardrobe advisor, personal shopper and image consultant
GetMentalHealth.com — information about mental health providers, therapists and treatment centers
Go.comentertainment & leisure (Walt Disney subsidiary)
Gr8sports.com — high school sports administration, management and promotionGroundspeak — geo-cached, location-based experiences
GrowthAdvisor — personal financial planner guiding key decisions to make to make far more from the Employee Stock Options
Headslinger – all the news, half the time
Headsprout — interactive online learning for kids
Helion Energy – making fusion energy a reality
Highlighter – read, highlight, share
Hointer – shopping with remote control
Holiday Group — timeshare retail marketers with a holiday travel toolbar Web broweser utility
HomeMovie.com — streaming DVD service for videographers
Home Saavi – Browse nearby home projects, see what they cost, and find top professionals your neighbors and friends endorse
HumanityOnline — avatars with photo realistic virtual personalities
iCarumbacar repair and maintenance network
iCopyright – digital content copyright protection
Ideal Network – fundraising shopping network
IGD Garage Door Repair — mobile garage door repair service, repair and restoration
Inifinite Hoops – find pickup basketball games
Inkd — reseller of originallly templated Web design layouts, business cards and letterheads
Inluu — helping people capture their life stories and memories
INRIX – solve the problem of traffic worldwide
Instacalc — Instant online calculator
Intelius — personal and business search and background check
Internmatch – find internships
Intrepid Learning – professional learning services
Is That Odd – get free product samples
Job Monkey — online listings of seasonal jobs (resorts, fishing, etc.)
JudysBook.com — community network for personal referrals, reviews and ratings
Julep – search makeup products
Cozi — developing software for the digital home
Keymetric — realtime call tracking and analytics
KidScore – discover kid-friendly places around Seattle
Killer Infographics – Info- and motion graphics
KitchenPC – find great recipes
LandWatch — Land, acreage and lots for sale
LawDawgs legal staffing specialists
Leafly – marijuana dispensary and strain reviews
Leafully – understand your energy footprint and save
LG Interiors — Seattle and Eastside interior design services
LifeCounts – personal financial control service
Linea – online photo sharing, browsing, and photo books
LocalBlox – connecting neighborhoods
Lockerz – discover latest trends in fashion and entertainment
Lokango – local daily deals
Mindbloom life game experience company
LiveMocha — social networking as a conduit for advertising
Luxury-realestate.comlisting of luxury real-estate brokeragesMedio Systems — bringing Internet search to the mobile phone
Menuism — user-editable restaurant menus and reviews
Meylah – cloud migration and smart tourism
Miale Gix Law – legal champions for Seattle personal injury representation and recovery
Microryza – Find projects that interest you, contribute directly to the research, and get the results
wholesale lender of alternative mortgage-lending products in 27 statesMixpo — personal media broadcasting service
Mixxer — mobile entertainment site with social network and rating service
Mobilize.net – migrate old PC apps
Monchilla – safer accounting services
Moving Worlds – paid subscription community that guarantees a match to a verified social impact organization abroad
MoxTree – Share experiences and common interests with other moms in your area
My Art Match – discover, share, and collect art
MyBallard.com — a local news blog for Seattle’s north end
MyFaveRecipes – save all your favorite recipes in one place
MyGatsby.com — online ordering of specialty printed invitations
MyScenicDrives – find your next scenic drive
MyWedding.com — online wedding resource directory
Nakea — content creation and management systems
Nailgun Productions — online and print content for product merchandising and marketing
NearlyWeds — “Beautiful and Fun” Wedding Websites from modern templates.
Netstock Direct Corp.buy stock direct from issuer or invest tiny amounts
Newsvine — news presented by freshness, popularity and reputation
nFluence – helps publishers thrive in the post-cookie world with autograph
Offer Up – a place where moms buy and sell
Ohloh — an open source network that connects people through the software they create and use.
OneEnergyRenewables – Opportunities to achieve energy price stability, reduce GHG emissions
OneWed – wedding planning
One World Journeys — travel documentaries (owned by Fusion Spark Media)
Optimum Energy Co. – helping you save on energy use
Osnapz – measuring and rewarding your social media contributions
Parkio – maximize your parking revenue
Patroneer – discover the best deals
PayScale – compensation research
PEAK6 Online — helping everyday people learn about the stock market
PeepCode – source for technical entertainment, education, and the best explanations around
PetHub – protect, share, nuture
PetPlace.com — veterinary info and advice for pet owners (affiliated with Pets.com)
PhotoCinch.com — transfer your old photos to CD
PhotoRocket – collect, group, and share lots of photos fast
Phrogram — visual software IDE for fun and social introduction to computer programming
Pic Monkey – free online photo editing
Picnik — online photo editing
Pieces of There – care packages of local products from cool places
Placefull – find spaces and rent
Plum Analytics – measuring research impact
Popshops — affiliate power tool that everyone can use
Porch — Home improvement projects and resources
Positive Motion — tools and content applications to make mobile phones more productive
Postcardly – send postcards online
PumpScout – a better, faster way to source pumps
PureHome – shop all kinds of home accessories
Purple Trail – invitations and cards for all occasions
QuestionPro — create, distribute them, and analyse surveys via an Internet browser
Quizdom — education technologies preparing children for higher education
Raveable – hotel reviews
Realself.com — online health and beauty community
RedWeek.com — timeshare rentals, resales, and exchanges by owner
Remitly – send money to anyone in the Philippines
Rent Match – apartment reviews
RescueTime — online time management system
Resource for Homes — real estate service offerting home buyers refunds of one third of the agent’s commission.
Riff Interactiveonline guitar lessonsRipl — desktop app to stay tapped into your networkRobot Co-op, The — makers of 43things.com, 43people.com, listsofbests.com, 43places.com and allconsuming.net
RoomieMatchroommate finding and matching service
Rover.com – find dogsitters
RPI Print on Demand
On Demand printing company, specializing in short run printing needs.
SaltBox – learning record store
Schedulista – online scheduling software
SeattleRentals.com — Seattle apartments, condos and houses for rents
Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating — mobile delivered meals for healthier eating
Seniorcenter.comconnects seniors to Internet via their TVs
SharedInk — create customized books for special events
ShiftBoard – online scheduling
SimplifyThis – online appointment booking
Skillshow — video distribution, editing, and production primarily within the sports industry
SmartLayover – smart travel app
Smilebox — photo sharing via scrapbooks, slideshows, greetings books and postcards
Smooth Web Move — helps companies move their websites away from their current host or designer.
Snazz.It – social shopping place for fashion
Snowblind Studios — award winning game development studio
SongSlide — Pick your price and buy independent music.
Sparkon – helping teens discover their place in life
StashSpace Video Transfer — online archives for video with editing and media conversion
Sweat 365 — supporting everyday fitness with organization and inspiration
Tagboard – see the whole conversation across multiple social networks
Takeout-Online.net — restaurant food online (most for takeout, some with delivery)
Tanzio – post request and get help
TeachTown.com — interactive, educational software for autistic children
TennisRound – helps tennis players of different skill levels find a tennis partner and schedule a match
Thankuz – instantly send thanks you’s to people
The Big Magoo – browse travel resorts worldwide
TheSecretIngredients.com — helps users make their own family or custom cookbooks
ThinkAutomatic – a smart grid for the home
Thislife – the best home for all your photos and videos
Tohula – Share meaningful experiences with your kids in the great outdoors, unlock cool rewards
TourVista – virtual real estate tours
Treemo — creative expression with shared media types
TruBalance – Take control of your money, spend wisely, and reach your goals
Trufl – order online from your favorite restaruants
Trupanion.com — provider of veterinary insurance
Typing Agent LLC – online typing tutor
Ugolog LLC – online video monitoring
Uniglobe.comcruiseship bookings
Uproost – an auction-style vacation rental marketplace
UrbanSpoon — track your favorite restaurants
UTrip – the modern way to plan a personal trip
Vacasa — find a vacation rental
Vacationspot.comvacation-property bookings (owned by Expedia.com)
Walk Score — find a walkable neighborhood
WealthVisor – Get expert financial, insurance and tax advice you can trust
Which Bus – find bus routes and buses
WhitePages.com — online directory assistance and contact management services to consumers
WishListing — a social twist to the concept of a store-independent gift registry
Wishpot — allows shoppers to create gift registries
Words For Less – increase the traffic to your website by creating engaging, high-quality and relevant content
Yably – make great decisions
Yapta — travel fare monitoring and planning
Yodio – add voice to photos
W-Link – offering colocation, disaster recovery, and server management in two world-class data centers
Yoogi’s Closet – buy and sell designer luxury items
You Just Get Me – know yourself
YubiT – online ordering from restaruants
Zealyst – a curated networking service that utilizes smart technology and creative design to build long-lasting human connections
Zenobase – track anything and everything you do
Zillow.com — online home valuations
Zonagram Networks — operates “ISAWYOU.com” personal-messaging site
Zoomingo – local online shopping
Zubii – find top agents in your neighborhood
Zulili — daily deals for moms, babies and kids

E-Commerce — Business-to-Business — B2B

3TIER — location specifier of wind, solar and hydro energy projects
Ableauctions.com — conducts auctions live over the Internet.
ActiveRain — social networking site for the real estate industry
AdReady — self-serve online display advertising solution
AccessVia—helping the nation’s top retailers connect with their customers at every point of service.
AccessLine Communications — hosted voice, email and fax messaging
Aivea Corp — electronic design automation, real-time embedded systems, networking, E-commerce
Alertus — an ASP provider of Alertus SiteSurvey, an automated Web survey tool
Amnis Corporation high speed imaging and analysis of cells in flow
Apex Learningadvanced-placement courses for high schools (Paul Allen backed)
Applied Discovery — leading provider of electronic discovery services for the legal profession
AscendoSoft – offers address cleansing, document management, data masking, reporting, and automation productsAt Health — products and services for mental-health professionals
Atomic Infotech – Intranets, Reporting & IT Consulting for Retailers
Atomic Moguls — taking the fantasy sports paradigm into entertainment
Attenex — document analysis and visualization tools for electronic discovery
Auth0 — universal authentication & authorization platform
Avalara — automated sales and use tax solutions
Aventail builds and manages secure business-partner networks
Aviarc – delivey, organization and management of international trade documents
Avista Advantage — online utility-billing info and services (owned by Spokane-based water utility)
Azaleos — OneServer messaging appliance and OneStop remote management services for Microsoft Exchange messaging environments.
BalanceFinancial – Software & services to make financial chores simple
BigDoor Media — new online ad startup frrom ex-Zango founder Kevin Smith
Brainwavescience — a new paradigm in criminal investigations and counterterrorism
Browsium – browser management for enterprise
Buuteeq – hotel internet marketing
Globys — billing and bill-analysis system
CapitalStream — matches companies in need of financing with lending institutions
ChemPoint.comindustrial chemicals distributor
Church Web Works — empowering churches online
Cole & Weber – creativity company that delivers business impact by involving people in brand experiences
CommerceHub — integration software for leading online shopping merchandising and marketing venues
Conenzaonline services for managing and creating value in employee alumni communities
Construx.com — Internet and Windows-based project management services and software
Context Relevant – delivers the world’s fastest predictive analytics application
Convoy — freight shipping and hauling
Corbis — digital-image archive (owned by Bill Gates)
Count Me In Corp — program registration software and directory services for organizations
Courttrax — automated solutions to locate and retrieve real-time court records from court databases.DataSphere Technologies — Web technology and hyperlocal ad sales company
DatStat — online survey automation
Deal Co-Op – group buying software
Delaware Company, The Seatttle-based incorporation services for Delaware corporate entities
DigitalisEducation — capable and affordable tools for astronomy education
DigMyData – reports for sales, email, and all sorts of marketing
DinerWare – restaruant software
DomainTools – domain name lookup
Dotster — ICANN-accredited registar of Internet domain names (serves companies and ISPs)
DrawntoScalescalable, intuitive, real-time data platform that handles processing, storage, search, and real-time queries of hundreds of Terabytes of data.
eAccelerationonline direct marketing/downloading software.
eBid Systems
online procurement tracking (links buyers with their multiple vendors)
EagleView Technologies – specializes in automating manual processes through technology
Enprecis – data and analytics for the automotive industry
Enroute Systems – integrate your carrier invoice, warehouse, and order management data to systematically deliver meaningful analytics
Eoscene — compliance software for healthcare, rail and transportation
Eporia.com — feature-rich online hosted solution for eBusiness
Erado Message Control Services — comprehensive suite of anti-spam, anti-virus, content control, account management, and email security applications
Esterline – manufacturing for aerospace and defense
Everest Sciences – turbine inlet cooling technology
EVOLanding — bills itself as “the next generation of domain parking.”
ExitRound – private, anonymous marketplace for founders to discreetly explore strategic acquisition opportunities
Faster Campaigns – online donations and payments made easy
Fidesic — provider of Electronic Invoicing and Payments (EIP) solutions
Finsphere — mobile computing identity protection
Fizzik — Web browser that melds your favorite online news, video, and social media services together
FrontSeat — Software promoting civiv lie including WalkScore neighborhood pedestrian rankings.
FocusMicro — Internet-monitored digital video security systems
Future Advisor – investment advice service
GiantCampus.com — fun and engaging, experience-based technology learning content
Global Market Insite — web-based market research
Haute Secure — security, malware prevention
HealthForcePartners — healthcare services company specializing in occupational medicine, wellness and rehabilitation
HearingAids1000 — Hearing aid information and reviews
HouseValues.comprovides sales leads to real-estate agents
HR OptIn — HR consulting opportunities matching employers and independent consultants
HydroVolts – turbines for cleaner energy
Hyperquality.com — platform for managing and optmizing contact center operations
i4cp — corporate internetworking in workforce issues and productivity
iConclude — IT management aligned with business and accounting goals
ID Interact – demand based marketing
Impinj — fabless semiconductor companty producinfg RFID and seminconductor IP
Imprev– real estate marketing
ImprintStore.com — all sorts of customized imprinted products for corporate promotions
Innerfence — iPhone Apps for Business
Infinia – leading solar technology
Intelius — focused on developing Integrated Intelligent Information for Homeland Security and Personal Safety.
Jobaline – publish your jobs fast and get workers quick
JobFerral – refer friends to jobs
Jolkana Foundation — lets people choose how to impact the world through small donations and provides tangible feedback for every donation
KEAS — intelligent health care systems integration
Knotis – linking merchants to local customers
Knouen – improves CRM adoption
Knowledge Anywhere — builds and deploys comprehensive Web-based learning systems for corporations
LabKey Software – custom software for translational research
Lacuna Systems – Frictionless Application Performance Monitoring
Leeham Co, LLC — commercial aviation market research and reporting
LexBlog — building blogs for lawyers
Lguide.comTacoma-based reviewer of online tech and business courses
LicenseOnline.comvolume licensing of software, other products
Lighthouse Document Technologies leading provider of electronic discovery services and litigation support solutions.
LightingUniverse.comwide variety of lighting fixtures for decorators, architects, etc.
Linksy – social media marketing tool
LiquidPlanner — online project management software
LootTap – design your bargain
Lucidoc Web-hosted compliance management software for regulated industriesMarchex — developing products and services built around maximizing commerce activity
Measured Experience – capture feedback from your customers
MedManage Systems — online tracking of pharmaceutical samples
MedIntellliBase — medical market research publishing and analytical database
Minyawns – free to use web app for businesses
Motricitymobile platform provider powering the mobile lifestyle
Net Inspect – global leader in quality systems
NetReflector.com — online satisfaction assessment products, services, and custom solutions
commercial real-estate listings
OneHealthPort — a digitally secure portal to online services ofered by leading health care organizations
OnlineMetals.com — small-quantity metals distributorOptify — SEO marketing software offered to medium-sized companies like car dealerships and medical service companies.
Our School Pages – gives your school or PTA the kind of website you’ve always imagined having, but never knew how to create yourself
Panopto – online video platform
Paperless Business Systems — business consulting, systems integration, web design and custom application development.
PaperShare – publish your content anywhere
Pathable — an online community for conference networking
Paymentonline.come-commerce software and services
PitchBook — research firm dedicated to providing premium data, news and analysis to the private equity industry.
PivotLink — SaaS business intelligence Platform with best practices-based metrics and dashboards.
Point.com — comparison shopping for cellular phones; online shopping services for telecom companies
pay-per-click ad management
PlayNetwork — provides one-stop shopping for B2B multimedia services
Powerit Solutions – advanced demand management technology
Precision Demand – making data work for you
Pro2Net.com — customized news, resources for managers/execs in insurance, finance, law and HR
— sales leads for engineering, architectural and environmental firms
Prosodic – decision making, analytics, social media services
ReadyPulse – makes it easy to collect and display your best photos, videos, and testimonials from your best customers
Redfin.com — online real estate marketplace
Rewards Force – provides tools for casinos to overcome the unique customer service challenges of their industry
RFPioRFP software for better project management
Rival IQ – social media analytics
SafeHarbor.comoutsourced technical support and other services
Salu — websites for healthcare specialists (Portland, Ore.-based)
ScreenPlay, Inc. — customized video marketing solutions
Serials Solutions — empowering libraries and librarians seeking integrated access to their e-serials
Service Intelligence — helps companies monitor customer-service programs
Sesame Communications — Website integration services for dental/orthodontic practices
Seven Simple Machines — custom software development firm
ShareIn — browser-based social media link for sharing
Share Interactive – unique, effective experiences for screens large and small, primarily for businesses
Sign Swift – digital signage system
Simply Measured – easy social media analytics
SkyFu – social media monitoring made easy
Skywalker Robotics — makers of proprietary Mobile Aerospace Robotic Work Vehicles (MARVs) for aviation industry.
SmartSheet — Saas collaboration solution for project management
Smore – design flyers to spread the word online
Socedo – get more qualified leads for your business
Social27 — a virtual events platform for product launches, virtual expo’s, job fairs, field training and more.
Socrata – open data solutions for government innovation
Sparling — electrical engineering, technology and audio/visual consultants
Spiddit – a social network where users can create, collaborate, and share
Spoken — voice recognition software for enterprise applications
SQLSoft+ — IT training firm and a Microsoft Partner Solutions Center (MPSC) Sponsor Partner
Stocial – the stock network
StockCharts.com — charts and other tools for quantitative analysis of stocks and commodity markets
Synapse Corporate Solutions — database applications targeted at small to medium sized business
TailoredMail — TailoredMAIL Email content workflow and subscription system
Talaria — developers of multimedia instruction for health care providers, patients, and families
TalkToTheManager – You and your staff receive and respond to comments by SMS and email from customers while they’re still in your store
Tango Card – easy, instant reward for employees, prospects, and customers
TaxCloud – free internet sales tax management
Tendril — energy ecosystem that connects in-home devices (like thermostats) to the utility back office.
TinyPulse – lightweight employee survey solution
Tri-Digital Software Inc. — preserving live events as searchable and easily accessible resources
Trumba — helps distribute event listings directly to members’ online calendars.
Tune — Mobile software/app analytics
Twilioprovides web-service APIs enabling businesses to build scalable, reliable communications applications that make and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS).
Vantos — software to manage enterprise investigations related to embezzlement, stealing corporate trade secrets or other matters.
vCustomer — provides online customer service using foreign workers (mainly in India)
Vendaria — creates product videos for consumer-goods companies to be shown on e-commerce sites
Verdiempower management for PC networks
VersusLaw — online continuing-education courses for lawyers
W3 Data — parent of the WhitePages.com Network and Data Solutions
WebServius — makes it really easy to create a web API for developers, whether free or pay-per-use.
Websuite.com — develops web communities, education programs for real-estate agents
YourSports.com — online regional sports networks that broadcasts full NCAA and high school games
Zetta Systems — advanced storage and disaster recovery systems

Web Design, Advertising & Marketing

911ComputerCare.net Web development and hardware support for Internet information services
Add3 – digital marketing for businesses
Admosis Media – social media advertising for large businesses and companies
Adoozle – toll-free and local call tracking
Amdian — identity solutions for online and offline
Anne Gerdes Web Design — professional Web design and internet marketing with a touch of elegance
ARC Agile Technology – customized web development and optimization
Bizible – #1 salesforce marketing analytics app
Blockbeta Marketing — Consulting to startup, small businesses and companies needing marketing strategy and implementation.
BrandBuddy – Promote your business online, get the results you want, win cool prizes from your favorite brands.
BrandDigital — consulting on e-marketing analytics, search marketing and brand management
brandUnity — brand strategies company that specializes in web, print and emerging media.
Celerity Worksmanagement consulting specializing in the government IT marketplace
Clarity Quest — strategic marketing and revenue-generating marketing programs
ClassifiedAds – user-posted ads
CommTech – integrated PR, marketing and web development
Crashshop — high impact digital design
CyberSolutions Corp. — Internet consulting, website design and search engine optimization
Daberko Design — graphic design and illustration for print and digital
DSquared Media – search marketing and analytics
Experience Group, The — integrated usability and customer experience consulting
Freedman Consulting – Online marketing, PPC advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO)
FutureSight Consulting — marketing consulting firm specializing in Go-To-Market strategies for high-tech clients
Garrigan Lyman Groupinteractive marketing agency
GetToTheTop — conducts search-engine positioning campaigns
GinSun Design — specialties include Flash and video streaming
Greenzweig Design — print and interactive media design
Hornall Anderson Design Worksbranding, full-service design
Horsepower Design — branding/identity and graphic design
Idea Bank Interactive — Web marketing, copywriting and SEO
Igniainformation architecture and design InfoAdvantage — Web development, management and promotionIsen & Companystrategic marketing & PR that gets results by expanding awareness & credibility
Keylime Toolbox– making SEO smarter
Kite Brand Studio — brand strategy and implementation firm
Klein Info Design — website organization, copywriting and training materials
Marketfish – fully automated online marketplace for lists
Martini Design.com — branding, multimedia, web development
Methodologiecomprehensive services for e-business
Montana Banana — passionate web design
Moz – Marketing analytics software to manage all your inbound efforts
NimbleStrategiesmarketing consultancy including start-ups
Nimia – Marketplace for Commercial Video Assets. This is where Producers and Directors Backup, Send, & Directly License Video Assets
Papugai – Web design, brand development and SmartCommerce.NET/SmartShip.NET software support
Pivot & Levy — a design and strategy company
Pixelube — design that sparks interest, builds equity and generates revenue.
POP! Multimediaprint/web design, streaming media, interactive experiences
Portent – internet marketing company
Pixel Dynamics — interactive web and mobile design and production
pr.com — PR for wireless and telecom companies (division of Waggener Edstrom)
Project Bionic – social media marketing agency
Rational Interaction – full service, integrated digital agency that creates brand connections across every medium imaginable
Red Fenix Animation — freelance animation work for analog and digital usage
Resultance — public speaking and results consulting
RocketDog Communications — full-service design and marketing
SearchWrite — search engine marketing specialists in organic SEO, CRO, link building, PPC Google Ads and Microsoft campaigns, PLA shopping feeds, analytics, copy testing and conversion tracking
Seattle Innovative Design — custom website design, print graphics, online marketing and web hosting
SecondStory — creates informative and entertaining interactive experiences for the Web, kiosks, multimedia installations and other digital media
Seeq advanced analytics for process manufacturing data
SHIFTdigital — Web site development, user interface design, and online brand communications
ShowcaseStudios.com — full-service web, software, kiosks, networks, backend and search
Smashing Ideas — dynamic web design & development
SolutionsIQ — technical staffing, consulting and outsourced project-development services
Soreye — upbeat websites and sophisticated web applications
— advertising and design
Studio360 — interactive media firm specializing in immersive 360-degree viewing
Styles & Scribbles
— audience-centric writing and design; custom Web sites, information architecture
TreDigital – your digital advertising guide
True North Studios — full-service digital media producer
Turk’s Head — design, photography and marketing
Urban Influence Design Studio — branding design firm specializing in strategy, identity, print, packaging and web.
Web1Marketing — Web marketing servicesWeb Connoisseur — Internet strategies and online marketing punditry
Weber Shandwick — public relations services for technology companies
Westport Associates — hands-on consulting firm specializing in business generation, channel strategies and marketing communications
Wilcher Group — advertising services for the The Now EconomyTM”: today’s global, on-demand marketplace.
Williams-Helde Marketing Communications — advertising and brand management
Y Art Works — communication | design | illustration
Zenvestment – invest in the stock market with your own method

Web Development and Consulting

Advanced Method — Online production and multimedia campaigns
Allyis — web development, production & site migrations; content management; marketing & analytics project support; recruiting & staffing servicesArtefact Group — Strategic product development design group
Averetek — integrated technology and applications development consultancy
Axis Studio — full-service web development, mainly for small to midsize companies
Blue Moose Design — Web design, development, hosting and e-commerce
ByteStudio — Web and applications developer with strong Microsoft core
CHCS Consultingspecializes in database-driven sites, e-commerce, training
Clear Accounting SolutionsConsultants providing full implementation and deployment services for software solutions including BPR.CMD+Shift Design — print and digital design
Cole & Weber/Red Cell Interactive—global media and brand management
Cypress Consulting — website development and technology consultingDigital Odyssey IT — technology services for small and medium sized businesses
Dotzoo.com — eCommerce, mCommerce, online and wireless marketing and strategic consulting
Electric Arrow — technology inclusive solutions for content management, communication & online sales
Elephants & ants — website design and development
Engine Interactive — web development and marketing
frogdesign — digital media design and branding
Global Impressions Web Designs — full-service web development
H10Capital — executive search and professional recruitment firm
Havicom — business communications for business and agricultural clients
Hay Meadows Design — Website design, development, search engine optimization, and e-commerce.
Idea Bank Interactive — content creation, production management and search engine marketing
Intune Media Group — Web development, design, consulting and multimedia

Miola Web DesignComprehensive website design and development servicesNerraTech — software development consulting firm specializing in EAI, application and web development.
Next Phase Consultancy — consulting for life sciences product and business development support.
NotchTurner.com — full-service web development, hosting & maintenance
OnContracting – discover the best contract jobs
Out of Web Site! LLC — design, database, e-commerce, content management, ColdFusion
Pacific Rim Resourcesspecializes in public sectorPage Solutions specializing in Web publishing and Web content management strategies
ParCom Web Hosting
— no-frills web hosting
Partly-Sunny — design & branding for print/web
Peak Systems — application development, database development and Web site design
Peridot — Web analytics consulting firm
Pikaba – buy and sell online
PlayStream.com — hosts streaming media content
PlexiPixel — Empowered new media design
POPspecializes in animation, streaming media
Poplar ProductivityWare — Web and database programming, custom software development
Portent Interactive — full-service web consulting and design
Primebiz.Net — web design, hosting and consulting
RadarWorks — advertising, marketing, design agency
Radical Software — services for Internet projects, including web development, recruiting, consulting
Ramp Technology Group — consulting and new-venture developmentRedmond Technology Partners — full-service web development, technical recruiting
Seattle Linux, Inc. — hardware installation/configuration of Apache Web servers running Linux and custom programming for database driven Web content using MySQL.
ServerLogic — e-business strategy and software development
SiteCarver Software, LLC — Website, e-commerce and database development plus hosting
SQL Tuners, LLC — SQL Server Performance Tuning, Operational and Development consultants
Varium — Web development and consulting
Virtual Systems — full-service web developmentPossible.com — web development, with emphasis on database publishing
ZiaContent — sensible content and sensible content management solutions

Internet Service Providers

@LASTA — managed Internet hosting and commerce services
Tierpoint — Internet service provider
Atlas Networks — Internet service provider
Avvanta Communications — Internet service providerColoFind — an independent broker of data center and telecommunication services.Cortland Communications — Internet service provider
CSS Communications — Seattle-based ISP
DigitalFortress — Internet service provider
DluxNet — Internet access services for small businesses and individuals
Drizzle Internet Northwest — Internet service provider
Eskimo North — Internet service providerFidalgo Networking — Mount Vernon Internet access provider
Skynet — Internet service provider
Galaxynet Internet Services — Whidbey Island’s high-speed wireless ISP, Mobile Page for PDA’s, virtual hosting, Web-based E-mail retrievalGreat Northern — North Snohomish County Internet provider
Infinity Internet — shared/dedicated Web hosting, DS3, T1-T3, colocation
Infoconex Online Services — Dialup, dedicated (56k to 45Mbps), Hosting, Co-Location, Consulting, Design
InterNAP Network Services — PNAP, Remote Connectivity, Ethernet Connectivity, Collocation, Videoconferencing, Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service
Isomedia — High-speed DSL plans, Web Hosting Plans, Dialup/ISDN plans NetRiver Edmonds-based web hosting, development and collocation company Network OS — We specialize in LAN and WAN technologies along with being one of the region’s few remaining locally owned and operated ISP’s.
New Edge Networks — One of the largest national enhanced data communications services providers and broadband DSL carriers in the US. (Vancouver, WA.- HQ’d)
NoCharge.com — Local free and low-cost Internet access with no ads and no limitations
Northwest Nexus — Internet service provider
Peer1 Networks — high-performance bandwidth and secure server colocation facilities
Isomedia — Full-service Internet access provider of dedicated high-speed connections.
Puget Sound TBBS — MS Frontpage friendly ISP
Redstone Information Systems — Local ISP offering dialup, DSL, hosting and design
Rock Island Communications — San Juan Island ISP
Seanet — Local ISP since 1994 offering high-speed access and full-service Web hosting
Seattle Community Network — a free-access community information system for the greater Seattle area.
Speakeasy is now MegaPath. — DSL, T1, Webhosting, Dialup, VPN, Firewall, Dedicated Account Managers
Spectrum Networks – ultra-high speed, highly reliable connectivity
Spry — managed and unmanaged dedicated Web hosting and VPS
Telcomplus.net — serving Whatcom County, Skagit County, Seattle area
TelebyteNW — Silverdale, Wa-based full-service ISP The Guild Inc.— Internet access provider servicing North Snohomish CountyThe Virtual CafeSnohomish County Internet provider Towerstream wireless broadband ISP for business
vDomainHosting, Inc. — network and Internet solutions, web hosting, colocation, ecommerce and connectivity
Waypoint Communications — Port Townshend-based Internet service provider for Jefferson County
WhidbeyNET — high speed DSL and Frame Relay in Verizon Territory, plus Web hosting, V.92 Dialup and ISDN in Island and Snohomish Counties
WORLDLINK — residential accounts with local/national coverage
Zhonka Broadband — Internet Broadband service provider
Zip Connection — Zipcon is partnered with Seattle Micro to provide virtually any kind of local computer related service or support

User Groups and Professional Associations

911 Media Arts CenterSeattle-based non-profit media production and training center.
Alliance of Angels angel investors nurturing emerging local companies
American Institute of Graphic Arts Seattle
American Marketing Association, Puget Sound Chapter
American Medical Writers Association
Association for Information and Image Management
Association of Professional Design Firms
Association for Women in Communications, Seattle Chapter

Boeing Employees’ Computing Society
Customer Relationship Management Association
Digital Eve, Seattle Chapter
Discovery Institute — public policy think tank
Flash Volunteer – volunteer opportunities in King County
Freelance-Seattle — online community of Seattle area freelancers
Forum for Women Enterpreneurs
Gates Foundation
Graphic Artists Guild – SPGA/Seattle Chapter
Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Greater Seattle Linux User Group (GSLUG)— Meets 2nd Sat., 10am
Help Desk Northwest — members in the areas of service and support in the technology industry
Ignite Seattle — geek event that combines on-site geekery, sharing, and innovation (and drinking).
Innovate Washington
International Association of Business Communicators, Seattle Chapter
Internet Law and Policy Forum
KEGS – Komputer Users of Greater Seatttle, Meets 4th Wed., 6:30pm
LaserMotive – develops wireless power delivery systems
Macintosh Downtown Business Users Group (DBUG) (Hosts Hypercard SIG, WebObjects SIG, Internet SIG, Mac OS-X SIG, Digital Video SIG, Digital Imaging SIG, Filemaker Pro SIG, 4th Dimension SIG
Marine Construction Technologies – lowering the noise (and the cost) of marine pile driving
Mature Workforce Alliance
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Users GroupMIT Enterprise Forum of the NW — one of the most active of the 24-chapter network of MIT entrepreneurial forums
National Writers Union
Northwest Entrepreneur Network (Northwest Venture Group)
Northwest Recruiters Association
Northwest Science Writers Association
Northwest Seniors Online
Open Web Application Security Project
Pacific Northwest SQL Server User Group
Pacific Printing Industries Association
Planetary Resources redefining natural resources
Product Management Consortium of the Northwest
Public Relations Society of America
Puget Sound Career Development Association
Puget Sound Network Users Group — Meets last Wed., 7pm
Puget Sound Oracle Users Group — Meets 1st Tuesday
Puget Sound Sharepoint User Group
Puget Sound SIGCHI
— computer-human interface, usability, and human factors research community
Seattle Advertising Federation
Seattle Area Software Quality Assurance Group (SASQAG)
Seattle BizTalk Special Interest Group
Seattle Community Network – Free, public-access computer network
Seattle Economics Council
Seattle Genealogical Society Computer Interest Group
— Meets 2nd Sat., 10:30am
Seattle Internet Users Group
Seattle Java User Group Meets 3rd Wed.
Seattle’s Macintosh Users Group
Seattle Perl Users Group
Seattle Unix Group — Meets every 2nd Tues., 7-9 pm
SeattleWireless.NET – building a community wireless network (CWN) in seattle. part of the freenetworks movement
Seattle XCoders — Seattle Macintosh programmers special interest group
Social Venture Partners — a community of socially-conscious investors
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Society of Financial Analysts
Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Western Washington Pro Chapter
Society for Technical Communication (STC) Puget Sound Chapter
Startup Alliance — helping entrepreneurs build better companies
StudentRND – inspire, create, learn
Tacoma Area PC Users Group
Tacoma Java Users Group
Tacoma Network
Tacoma Open PC Group — Meets 2nd Mon., 7pm
Technology Alliance of Washington State
TerraPower aims to develop a sustainable and economic nuclear energy technology
The Indus Entreprenuers
Upaya Social Venturesassisting families living in extreme poverty
Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (WashTech), Communications Workers of America, Local 37083, AFL-CIO
Washington Internet Service Providers
Washington Research Foundation
Washington Student Association
Webgrrls International
West Sound Technology Professionals Association
Women in Digital Journalism (WIDJ), Seattle-Based
The Zino Society – membership group of investors, wine professionals and business enthusiasts