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Software Engineer, Praesidio, September 29

praesidioWho: Praesidio
Position: Software Engineer
Where: Seattle
What: Praesidio is a cloud-based cybersecurity company that was formed by bankers and security experts to solve the critical, real-world problems of breach detection, remediation, and governance insight that Financial Institutions (FI) are grappling with today. Praesidio bridges the gap between Governance and IT by linking your cybersecurity policies with the millions of system events where threats hide. It aggregates data across all cybersecurity tools to provide real-time management reporting that proves to your security team, board, auditors and regulators that your FI is actively managing and enforcing its policies. Praesidio’s integrated policies and best practices help FIs know definitively that they are safe.

We need another engineer to help us make security data useful to our customers. If you want to solve hard problems and work on greenfield projects, join our company!

Our cloud backend is Java 8 running on Linux, and our frontend is Angular.js. We use Elasticsearch, Chef, PostgreSQL, and loads of AWS services. We release updates to our services multiple times a week and move quickly. If you have infosec experience, we’d really love to talk to you!


  • 2+ years software engineering experience
  • Linux experience
  • Familiarity with version control
  • Information security experience
  • Computer science background (BS/MS degree or self-taught)
  • 4+ years software engineering experience
  • Java and Javascript experience
  • Linux/OS X experience

How: Apply Here