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The Best Tech “Brews, Shots and Pods” of 2015

spaceneedlemoonWhether you like your Seattle tech news and commentary short and aromatic with room for cream, or tall and full-bodied, stoking a double or triple shot, Seattle24x7 served it up hot and frothy in 2015.

In case you missed your daily double, here’s a barista’s recap of the best of What’s Brewing for the year whose panoramic windows will soon click closed…

Boeing’s R2-D2 “Star Wars” Dreamliners Departing for a Galaxy Not Far, Far Away

Boeing inspired the Millenium Falcom, why not create the first Star Wars-themed 777 to wing passengers above planet Earth?

The Eternal, Non-Virtual Shelf Space of Amazon’s Shopless Mind

After creating its first store on wheels, Amazon surprised us with a brick-and-mortar retail space at University Village. Suddenly infinite shelf space faced the physical realities of “meat space.”  But where else do actual product reviews appear with the merchandise?

GUI Meets BBI: Brain-to-Brain Interface Study at UW Shows Telepathic Results Playing “20 Questions”

The first demonstration of a non-invasive brain-to-brain interface (BBI) at UW allowed one human to guess what was on the mind of another. Yes, this is a Jedi mind trick. Blindfold chess anyone?

U.S. Open Golf Championship Most Interactive in History

Puget Sound hosted the prestigious U.S. Open in golf at Chambers Bay, and Web-hosted the most interactive golf course features ever streamed for fans around the world. New meaning for the term “linking in.”

Puget Sound Dominates “World’s 50 Most Popular Brands”

Seattle-based brands including Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Amazon.com, paired with Eastside brands Microsoft, X-Box and Nintendo, all graced the list of the “The World’s 50 Most Popular Brands,” making our local corporate netizenry the most authoritative and talked about worldwide.

Sino-Seattle Summit a Spectacle of Tech’s Supreme CEO Superstars

The biggest names in the pantheon of U.S.-China  technology met in Seattle in September in a diplomatic and technocratic sign of respect to the visiting president of China, Xi Jinping.

Amazon Posts Profit! Pigs Take Wing!

Shares of Seattle’s e-commerce champ pushed its market value well past that of rival Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to about $264 billion, making Amazon the highest-valued company in retail and a well of black ink.

Windows 10 Debuts. Upgrade Your World for Free.

Windows 10 surfaced in 2015 for users in 190 countries as a free upgrade including new PCs and tablets. Innovations such as Cortana and a new Microsoft Edge browser were free for the tasking.

Seattle’s Top SEO & PPC Agencies for 2015

Bing may still be chasing Google for market share but the engines for search are racing among the region’s top search advisors. [24×7]

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