Start Me Up! David Harris Rocks Talent, Technology and Teamwork as Startup Advocate for the City of Seattle

David Harris, the Startup Advocate for the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, is on a mission.

This community catalyst is what The Tipping Point would describe as a “Connector” — bringing together talent, teamwork and technology — as a true agent of change.  

“Connectors make change happen. These are people who, […]

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uZoom, the Uber of Video, Lets You Direct A Camera Anywhere in the World Like Your Own “Private Eye!”

Remote control sight-seeing is now as close up as your camera phone — new sites to discover or places to revisit, locations to scout (like real estate), world marketplaces to shop, or causes to support (through philanthropy).

uZoom is redefining WYZIWYG — “What You Zoom is What You Get!”

The true power of global connectivity is a lot more […]

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The Virtuous Reality of Gamification

Brayden Olson and Recurrence are illuminating the virtues of gaming technology for real-world learning

For Brayden Olson, the CEO and Co-inventor behind Recurrence Inc., the concept of gamification is about keeping it real.

Before the “G”-word became fashionable, the term that best described the kind of educational software he was designing was “enterprise simulation.” 

No Pokémon here, unlike the arcade games he enjoyed playing as a kid on his Super NES device, nor […]

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iProv and Improv: Two Performers Hit Their Marks for Unexpected Productions 

Beside the Pike Place Market “Gum Wall,” below the glowing marquee highlighting Seattle’s most established improvisational  theater, “Post Alley” has become a kind of double entendre.’

A few, short steps from this stretch of the alley’s cobblestones, you can step inside, not the Pink Door, but the stage door to the Market Theater, a place where Seattle’s most gifted ad libbers, (including software […]

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Two Explorers, 50 Peaks, 50 Days, Two Microsoft Bands

Eddie Bauer guide and Mt. Everest American women’s record holder Melissa Arnot, and guide in training Maddie Miller, are at the summit of their mission to climb the highest peak in every state in the U.S.A. in 50 days.

With the help of Microsoft, the two explorers have tracked their progress using the Microsoft Band every step of the […]

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OpenFL Founder Joshua Granick Joins FlowPlay in Platform Development Role

FlowPlay, the Seattle-based company behind the immersive gaming platform for casual and sports wagering games, virtual worlds and social casinos, has announced the appointment of OpenFL founder and managing director Joshua Granick as scientist-in-residence.

In this platform development and evangelist role, Granick will work to support the growth and evolution of FlowPlay’s platform, […]

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The Great Elephant Census Has a Trunk Line to Seattle’s Vulcan Technology

Imagine if there were only 352,271 people left on earth. Like the elephant’s trumpeting cry, that critical number would signal a clarion call for action. Such a finding is the latest measure of the population of the world’s elephants in Africa, as monitored by Seattle’s Vulcan Technology.

The Seattle firm led by founder Paul Allen is developing solutions to track Africa’s pachyderms and […]

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Amazon One, First in Prime Air Fleet, Soars Over Seafair

Amazon showcased its first-ever, branded air cargo plane during Seattle’s Seafair Air Show, Aug 5-7. The Boeing 767-300, operated by Amazon’s air cargo provider Atlas Air, flew above of thousands of Seattle residents including many Amazon employees.

“Creating an air transportation network is expanding our capacity to ensure great delivery speeds for our Prime members for […]

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‘Pokémon Go’ Pushes Redmond-Based Nintendo Stock to Augmented Reality Breakthrough

The game is immersive, based on augmented reality. But the stock surge of Kyoto, Japan-based Nintendo is all too real. Nintendo North America, which is headquartered in Redmond, saw its stock soar nearly 25 percent Monday after the release of  “Pokémon Go,” which directs its users to explore their physical surroundings to find, catch and train Pokémon characters.


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Pioneer Squared

The Next Steps for Startup Success: A Book Series from Fledge

When it comes to helping fledgling companies get off the ground, one Seattle social entrepreneur has made a best practice of of helping startups to earn their pilot’s license.  The reality is that nine out of every ten startups will fail to fly far from the nest. What if you could assimilate the steps for successful lift off and […]

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Keyboard Branding? Nordstrom Part of Co-Branded Emoji Keyboard App

A co-branded emoji keyboard app featuring fashion and lifestyle emojis, stickers and GIFs resembling actual product sold at Nordstrom has been launched by Topshop, a global fashion and beauty destination renowned for delivering great British fashion with flair and innovation.

The keyboard launcheswith 95 emojis and nine GIFs including a Topshop jacket, floral purse, Topshop Beauty […]

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Playing it Smart in Real Estate Continuing Education — Gamified “Generation” Simulates the Winning Moves for Realtor Success

In the tomorrowland of interactive, digital learning, text-based continuing education requirements are so … yesterday.

Take the renewal process for a real estate license in the state of Washington. Every two years, the state makes it mandatory for agent-realtors to complete 30 hours of continuing education or “CE” credits to update their certification — that’s 30 hours on top of […]

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In recent days, the North Korean government has detonated a nuclear device with the destructive power of a 5.3 magnitude earthquake; the Syrian civil war has escalated to a point where a negotiated cease fire may be possible; and the Russians have been accused of cyber-espionage that threatens to reignite The Cold War. Now more than ever, the skillful leadership […]

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Before laying down a bet on an NFL game this season, be it an actual physical contest or a “fantasy league” game, pigskin fans will want to consult Cortana, Microsoft’s own search engine bookie.

Bing Predicts is back for a third year of propping up the digital assistant with pre-game data mining that has proven correct […]

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by  Eric Packel  | BakerHostetler

Prior to the Information Age, sensitive papers were stored in file cabinets and drawers. When home computers arrived, information was digitized and moved to hard drives or other electronic media, still possessed by the user. Today, with the general availability of high-speed Internet service, many individuals are moving information to […]

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Previews & Reviews

Calendar Synchronicity! BusyCal 3 Syncs iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange and iOS. That’s Life!

According to Pythagoras, the number 3, which he called a triad, is the noblest of all digits. Everything in the universe has a three-part structure, he stated, and every problem in the universe can be reduced diagrammatically to a triangle and the number three.

In developing great software, version 3.0 also holds special significance. It represents a kind of […]

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee Premieres ForEveryone.Net at SIFF

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee drafted a proposal in 1989 for a different kind of computer network that he named the World Wide Web (not the runner-up name which was “Mesh”), he became a “founding father” on a scale that would surpass even Broadway’s Alexander “Hamilton.”  

Could he have envisioned how his brainchild would transform the worlds […]

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Baseball Wearables: Can Seattle Mariners Stretch Internet Lead into Runs & Wins?

Can Seattle’s industrious lead on the basepaths of Internet technology spell an offline advantage for the stalwart Mariners each time they take the field in the 2016 major league season?

We’re not talking the FitBit, Nike Fuelband or Jawbone. Neither will the Apple Watch or Android Gear make an appearance at home plate anytime this year. They are all […]

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