A Fierce Conversation with Susan Scott about Keeping It Real, Making it Work, Anonymous Trolls, Preposterous Trump and Ferocious Success

When Fierce Conversations was published in 2002, (a new edition was just released in May, 2017), it rocketed up the best-seller list and made Susan Scott one of the most sought-after self-improvement and HR counselors and keynoters in America. The rocket sled was propelled by the notion that authentic, unadulterated, face-to-face communication had the power to transform our lives and our work, and […]

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Where do Seattle’s Mayoral Candidates Stand on Tech?

For the first time in its 33 year history, the Washington Technology Industry Association has evaluated and ranked the candidates who are vying to become the next mayor of the city of Seattle.

Summaries of each candidate — based on in-person interviews and the written responses to questions posed by the trade group — have […]

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Net Neutrality Under Fire — Here’s How to Act Now!

Last week, Senator Maria Cantwell held a Seattle Town Hall meeting with FCC Commissioner  Mignon Clyburn, the only Democrat currently serving on the commission, to sound the alarm that Net Neutrality may be the next domino to fall in the Donald Trump era of stripping away almost any type of regulation protecting the […]

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Blogging in China and Seattle, Dr. Richard Saint Cyr Contrasts East and West Healthcare in Words and Pictures

Having spent 10+ years as a board-certified, family medical doctor in Beijing, China, including multiple years as a health care correspondent for The New York Times, Dr. Richard Saint Cyr was one of the first Americans to author a blog from inside the Chinese capital examining issues of public health as a medical writer and […]

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Saving Lives — There’s an App for That!

It is a well-known fact that there is more computing power in today’s iPhone than there was on the Apollo spacecraft mission that landed the first human on the moon.

To enumerate just how much power, the iPhone 6’s clock is 32,600 times faster than the best Apollo era computers and could perform instructions 120,000,000 times faster. […]

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Making Impact for NW Business, Joe Sky-Tucker Fosters Success from Square One

What’s in a name? If the name is Business Impact NW, formerly known as Community Capital Development, it’s a name that can represent a hard-to-find loan to start a business, to create a viable business plan for a good idea, or to tap into the technical assistance needed to launch a new business in an underserved community in the Pacific Northwest.

For […]

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Seattle’s Civic Playbook: 101 Plays for a FullConTech Game Plan

Join WTIA in Achieving Civic Goals

Washington’s high technology trade association, the WTIA, held its own version of an NFL pre-season “OTA” in May and like the Organized Team Activity in football, it was a “full contact,” or more accurately, a FullConTech team-oriented event.

A highlight of the 2017 FullConTech “training camp” was a Civic Playbook packed goal-line to end-zone with nearly 140 […]

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Seattle Ranked #1 Career City by Economist Research and Robert Half

The Robert Half Career City Index, a ranking and comparison of 25 U.S. cities across several indicators selected to measure the different aspects that relate to career development, has joined with The Economist to score the #1 place to work in America. The overall top scorer on the career cross table is (drum roll, please) Seattle.


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City of Seattle International Women’s Day Proclamation

The City of Seattle joined women everywhere in standing up for gender equality on International Women’s Day. The City stands with women everywhere who persevere, improve our world and fight for a better tomorrow. Read Mayor Murray and the City Council’s proclamation for International Women’s Day. 

 City of Seattle PROCLAMATION


International Women’s […]

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Pioneer Squared

Seattle is First With Net-Enabled Bikeshare. Go for a SPIN!

Bikesharing has been around for a while, but it always seemed silly to the founders of Spin that you could only ride to and from a fixed location.

So the team came up with a better idea: What if  you could place bikes all around town, bikes that you could pick up and drop […]

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Microsoft Sports Performance Platform Puts Data into Play

At this week’s Hashtag Sports conference in New York City’s Times Square, Microsoft announced the newest project to join the Microsoft Garage Portfolio.

Microsoft Sports Performance Platform is a newly integrated, customized, sports analytics solution that will help both athletes and sports teams make better, faster and more data-driven decisions.

Teams such […]

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Capitol Call Political Activism App Takes the Guesswork Out of Calling Congress

New GPS-Powered Political Action App Provides Users with Federal, State, and Local Representative Contact Information Along with Call Scripts, Contact Lists, and Direct Action Guidance for Current Political Issues.

Capitol Call, a political activism mobile app created to take the guesswork out of direct political action for everyday citizens and provide a tool for […]

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by Lee Johnson, Director of Global Marketing, NetMotion Software for Advisor-X

Most IT departments today, may not realize it, but they are flooded with mobile data. A wealth of information is available in corporate laptops, tablets and smartphones that can help a company make smarter business decisions and ensure a positive mobile experience for their […]

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The latest ransomware outbreak dubbed “Petya” or “GoldenEye,” which experts feel originated, albeit unknowingly, from a supply chain vendor in the Ukraine or Russia, poses an unusual threat.

The new version possesses worm-like capabilities which allow it to move laterally across infected networks. It freezes a user’s computer, encrypts the data, and demands an […]

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by Kent Whipple

At this year’s convocation of the Yelp Coast-to-Coast business conference, Seattle storyteller Kent Whipple who is the Marketing & Development Director of Unexpected Productions, an improvisational troupe based at the Pike Place Market Theater, will present Dynamic Storytelling:  A Strategic Tool to Help Your [Yelp] Page.  For Whipple, (who last night won the best […]

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Previews & Reviews

Nordstrom Creates High Tech Circuitboard Pop-In Shop — You’re the Pulse!

A new “Pop-in” shop at eight Nordstrom department stores across the national electronic gridiron creates a “Tron-like” shopping environment where you are the human pulse of energy tracing the silicon paths of a circuit board between different product displays and placements, each containing some very nifty gizmos for your home tech portfolio.

As Nordstrom […]

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Warrants New Entrance Exam

Having more than made the grade in enterprise, cloud computing, office productivity, and gaming software, Microsoft has learned some important lessons about go-to-market hardware as well as code.

Meet the company’s newest graduate. The new Surface Laptop  computer warrants a closer examination by students who want more power than a tablet but at a price point […]

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The Switch: Nintendo America’s COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, Makes the Power Play!

Will a world of mobile as well as at-home gamers make The Switch, Nintendo’s newest, “Transformers-like” device that can shape-shift into a handheld, mobile player or dock out at your big screen home port, the power play of your gaming experience, both on couch and away?

Thus far. the market has answered that question very positively. […]

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