Prime, Choice or Select? Amazon Raises the Steaks in Grocery with $13 Billion Whole Foods Tender

Inside the Amazon-Whole Foods Acquisition

If Alexa can order it, AmazonFresh can deliver it, or you can pick it up at “Will-Call” or zip through the automated, express check-out aisle, sans-cashier, from your closest Whole Foods Market store, why would you want to do your grocery shopping anywhere else? That’s the billion dollar question Amazon is […]

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Life Hacking Trump!

A Hackathon to Brainstorm How to Best Brief Top Government Decision Makers Awards $10,000 in Seattle

Media culpa! The headline of this article has been “trumped up” in order to win your attention. Okay, it was also done to make a point. America’s confidence in the information it receives from numerous sources is under assault. The drumbeat […]

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Crunching the Numbers: From USAFacts to OED’s Business Decision Engine

In an era of government where words seem to have become estranged from their literal meaning, where “alternative facts” and “fake news” hang like funnel clouds swirling around the U.S. capitol, and where the House of Representatives can pass a bill affecting millions of Americans without first knowing how much it will cost or […]

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Tony Branham’s Bathroom Fans are SMART, So Are His Mirrors…Your Smarter Home Starts Here!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest smart home products innovator in the Pacific Northwest?” Let’s expand that kingdom to everything this side of the Pacific Rim where brands like Panasonic and Jacuzzi rule, and across the Atlantic to the Black Forest where Grohe and Kohler are the kingmakers.

For the answer to that fabled question, just ask the Bluetooth-enabled, […]

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Toasting Stephanie Burkhart of

“Clink, clink.” As the holiday season twisted like a corkscrew into the opening of a bright and bubbly new year, Seattle24x7 raised a toast to Stephanie Burkhart, one of the most prolific email writers to appear in any Puget Sound wine, beer or spirit drinker’s Inbox.

At least once a week, Stephanie’s picks from around the grapevine, brewery and distillery world […]

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Getting in TUNE with Mobile App Marketing

When, in 2009, an online marketing industry forerunner by the name of HasOffers created what was the first mobile tracking software to attribute customer clicks and downloads to sales commissions and cash, the flame that would ignite an explosion in mobile app marketing was just a flicker.

The Google Play store was still […]

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Seattle Ranked #1 Career City by Economist Research and Robert Half

The Robert Half Career City Index, a ranking and comparison of 25 U.S. cities across several indicators selected to measure the different aspects that relate to career development, has joined with The Economist to score the #1 place to work in America. The overall top scorer on the career cross table is (drum roll, please) Seattle.


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City of Seattle International Women’s Day Proclamation

The City of Seattle joined women everywhere in standing up for gender equality on International Women’s Day. The City stands with women everywhere who persevere, improve our world and fight for a better tomorrow. Read Mayor Murray and the City Council’s proclamation for International Women’s Day. 

 City of Seattle PROCLAMATION


International Women’s […]

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The Great Elephant Census Has a Trunk Line to Seattle’s Vulcan Technology

Imagine if there were only 352,271 people left on earth. Like the elephant’s trumpeting cry, that critical number would signal a clarion call for action. Such a finding is the latest measure of the population of the world’s elephants in Africa, as monitored by Seattle’s Vulcan Technology.

The Seattle firm led by founder Paul Allen is developing solutions to track Africa’s pachyderms and […]

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Pioneer Squared

Capitol Call Political Activism App Takes the Guesswork Out of Calling Congress

New GPS-Powered Political Action App Provides Users with Federal, State, and Local Representative Contact Information Along with Call Scripts, Contact Lists, and Direct Action Guidance for Current Political Issues.

Capitol Call, a political activism mobile app created to take the guesswork out of direct political action for everyday citizens and provide a tool for […]

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What Would Tech Look Like Without Immigrants?

Openness is at the core of the American DNA. Immigrants are our friends, coaches, teachers, family members — they are the founders and leaders of our country. To celebrate a tech leader, visit “Suggest a Founder” at and watch the following video.



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The Next Steps for Startup Success: A Book Series from Fledge

When it comes to helping fledgling companies get off the ground, one Seattle social entrepreneur has made a best practice of of helping startups to earn their pilot’s license.  The reality is that nine out of every ten startups will fail to fly far from the nest. What if you could assimilate the steps for successful lift off and […]

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by Kent Whipple

At this year’s convocation of the Yelp Coast-to-Coast business conference, Seattle storyteller Kent Whipple who is the Marketing & Development Director of Unexpected Productions, an improvisational troupe based at the Pike Place Market Theater, will present Dynamic Storytelling:  A Strategic Tool to Help Your [Yelp] Page.  For Whipple, (who last night won the best […]

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Before laying down a bet on an NFL game this season, be it an actual physical contest or a “fantasy league” game, pigskin fans will want to consult Cortana, Microsoft’s own search engine bookie.

Bing Predicts is back for a third year of propping up the digital assistant with pre-game data mining that has proven correct […]

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by  Eric Packel  | BakerHostetler

Prior to the Information Age, sensitive papers were stored in file cabinets and drawers. When home computers arrived, information was digitized and moved to hard drives or other electronic media, still possessed by the user. Today, with the general availability of high-speed Internet service, many individuals are moving information to […]

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Previews & Reviews

Microsoft Surface Laptop Warrants New Entrance Exam

Having more than made the grade in enterprise, cloud computing, office productivity, and gaming software, Microsoft has learned some important lessons about go-to-market hardware as well as code.

Meet the company’s newest graduate. The new Surface Laptop  computer warrants a closer examination by students who want more power than a tablet but at a price point […]

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The Switch: Nintendo America’s COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, Makes the Power Play!

Will a world of mobile as well as at-home gamers make The Switch, Nintendo’s newest, “Transformers-like” device that can shape-shift into a handheld, mobile player or dock out at your big screen home port, the power play of your gaming experience, both on couch and away?

Thus far. the market has answered that question very positively. […]

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Calendar Synchronicity! BusyCal 3 Syncs iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange and iOS. That’s Life!

According to Pythagoras, the number 3, which he called a triad, is the noblest of all digits. Everything in the universe has a three-part structure, he stated, and every problem in the universe can be reduced diagrammatically to a triangle and the number three.

In developing great software, version 3.0 also holds special significance. It represents a kind of […]

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