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A Day in the Life of a Seattle Search Marketer

When your forward-thinking editor first began practicing the fine art of search engine marketing, before such buzzworthy concepts as Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift were en vogue, there were no Structured or Featured Snippets, Remarketing or Retargeting campaigns, Knowledge Graphs or People Also Ask (PAA’s), no GMB or Yelp reviews to moderate, and a “conversion event” was getting a referral from Google-Plus.

Today, the love-hate relationship that exists between the online search marketer and his or her significant others: Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, for starters, is a borderline obsessive, all-consuming affair. 

What’s a routine day like in the life of a search marketer with one hand on the textual search wheel, the other on visual search, video and social media? Here’s a cutaway view of the day-parts in a day of SEO, SEM, and SoLoMo — a daily regimen of strategic content creation, JSON-LD or Schema coding, social media outreach, Web analytics tracking, and the heavy-lifting of managing the new, online PR — link-building.

8:00 am Morning commute. Listen to the “Tech News Today” with Tom Merritt and Search Engine Roundtable with Barry Schwartz podcasts to get the “weather report” and take note of any “algo” updates or indexing changes.

9:00 Screen comments on Twitter, Facebook, IG and client blogs posted overnight. Which warrant a response, which are just trolling?

10:00 Monitor media spend in competitive bidding on keywords in Google advertising. Elevate best CTR terms to high performance ad group.

11:00  Edit content and schema markup with Schema App for Rich Results and Featured Snippet eligibility. Match word count and formatting for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant voice queries. Which voice actions should we be using?

11:30 Pre-schedule Social Media cross-posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on Buffer or HootSuite.

12:00 Brown bag lunch with Web production team to cover localizing pages with video transcripts and language translation options for international markets.

1:00 Refresh email Re: Link-building requests. Cool, our client’s info-video is getting more backlinks than its infographic!

2:30 Good reads from Danny Sullivan, John Mueller, Gary Illyes, Martin Splitt and other Google insiders.

2:45 Visit YEXT to post updates to Local citations.

3:00 Review inbound links for Google Disavow option. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

3:10 OMG, this client has 17 Google Local entries. How? Misspellings!

3:20  Draft keyword optimized press release with embedded links.

3:30 Check RBML visitor counts for Google Remarketing campaign.

3:45 Check server performance issues for Google Web Core Vitals: page load speed, click, scroll and typing responsiveness, and visual stability.

4:00 Update Negative Keyword Lists (NKL) for AdWords.

4:50 Review clickflow in Google Analytics 

5:30pm Off to virtual marketing panel discussion. Catch me online. [24×7]

Editor Larry Sivitz is a certified Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, WordPress, SnapChat, YEXT, TWITCH, Marketo and PRN marketer. Reach him at [email protected] or [email protected]