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Seattle is “Most Fun City” to Visit in 2022

Fun-loving Americans can forget New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles after experts revealed the most fun city in America to visit. It’s Seattle, of course.

The study conducted by Cycling Frog in April 2022 reveals Seattle as the most fun place to live or visit in America when it comes to quality of life, reasonable cost of living, pleasant weather, highly rated local attractions, and more.

The Cycling Frog team compiled a list of the top 60 populated most U.S. cities in 2022, then cross-referenced these cities with quality of life, cost of living, and weather metrics to reveal a top 20 leaderboard. They then weighted data for:

  • the number of four- and five-star local attractions on Tripadvisor in each city
  • the number of events on Eventbrite to attend on a consistent time frame 
  • the total number of bars and pubs in each city 
  • the average cost of an overnight stay on Airbnb

What makes a city fun can be subjective and personal, but they do have a few things in common: affordable, a vibrant culture, great places to relax and drink, spectacular sights, and a variety of attractions. 

These metrics were then ranked relative to their population and size to reveal a top 20 leaderboard highlighting fun and affordable cities to visit this year.

Seattle performed strongly in all areas. According to the research, there are 870 four- and five-star rated attractions to visit in Seattle. “So, no matter what you’re into, you’ll never be bored!”

Seattle is also home to more than 100 annual festivals, and one of Cycling Frog’s favorites is Hempfest – the two-day event that takes place in August 2022.

For the full ranking of the most fun American cities to visit please visit: https://cyclingfrog.com/blogs/news/fun-us-cities-to-visit [24×7]