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Avvo Taking Professional Ratings to a New Degree!

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: With the launch of a new Doctor’s search and rating service, Avvo is doubling down on the success it has achieved in building America’s premier legal research and referral service by bringing the same feature set to make the Medical profession more transparent and more accessible.

Read our exclusive, Pre-Launch interview with Avvo Director of Marketing, Conrad Saam, in ShopTalk and see how Seattle is cornering the market on both Legal and Medical referrals. [24×7]

Seattle-Based Developer Not Sheepish About Hacking Into Facebook with Firesheep

A new Firefox extention that lets hackers access your user name and password for social networking sites if you use an unsecure internet connection was forged by a Seattle-based software developer named Eric Butler who says he made it to make mega internet corperations realize what can happen if they do not make their websites safe.

The tool works by scanning the internet looking for unsuspecting people logging into their favorite social networking sites from an unsecure internet connection.

Once it locates potential victims, their photo and name pops up on the screen of the computer with a Firesheep installed and when clicked on, lets somebody login as others.  Butler says Facebook and Twitter  have known of this security glitch for up to a year but have done nothing to plug it up. [24×7]

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