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New Interactive Map Lists Smoke-Free Restaurants in Washington State

Online County-by-County Map Lists Thousands of Eateries That Are Voluntarily Smoke-Free.

The Washington State Department of Health today has launched a new Web-based interactive map listing smoke-free restaurants (including some bars and taverns) around the state. The online map, at http://www.secondhandsmokesyou.com/, lists nearly 5,000 smoke-free eating places in Washington.

“Every year secondhand smoke is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths to non-smokers nationwide,” said Secretary of Health Mary Selecky. “Smoke-free restaurants are healthier for workers and customers. This map gives people a quick and easy way to find restaurants that are smoke-free, so they can go out to eat without breathing in someone else’s tobacco smoke.”

Visitors to the secondhand smoke Web site can click through to the interactive map where smoke-free establishments are listed by county, restaurant name, city, or zip code. The Web site includes the name of the smoke-free establishment, address, phone number, and a map locator.

For a restaurant to be considered smoke-free by the state, smoking must be prohibited throughout the entire establishment. That means no smoking in any indoor area (bar, lounge, etc.) of the restaurant.

“Going smoke-free at The Cloverleaf was the choice of our customers and it has been great for us,” said Debbie Manke, owner of The Cloverleaf pizza restaurant in Tacoma. “The new interactive map will give visitors at the Web site the unique opportunity to find where smoke-free restaurants are located in their area.”

“Since going smoke-free, we have seen an incredible increase in revenue and operating costs have gone down,” said Valerie Driver, owner of the Spudnut Shop in Richland. “In our first year being a smoke-free restaurant, we saw a $50,000 increase and in the second year an $80,000 increase. Along with these incredible numbers came an increase in the amount of time individuals stayed with us for lunches. Our customers have warmly received the entire process of becoming smoke-free, and the transition was a very easy one. So easy, in fact, that I have since helped other restaurants become smoke-free!”

The Department of Health encourages businesses, clubs, bars, restaurants and other establishments statewide to become smoke-free. Restaurants that are smoke-free and wish to be listed in the interactive map on the Web site can submit contact information through the online form at http://www.secondhandsmokesyou.com/.

In addition to the interactive map, on February 7 the Department of Health will launch a new advertising campaign about the harmful affects of secondhand smoke. The campaign will include ads on television, radio, billboards, transit, online, and in bars.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, 200 poisons, and 50 known human cancer-causing chemicals. The poisons in cigarette smoke can cause neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular and many other health problems.

Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death in the nation. Tobacco-related diseases kill about 8,000 people every year in Washington — more than AIDS, alcohol, drug abuse, car crashes, murders, suicides and fires combined.

Visit the Washington Department of Health Web site at http://www.doh.wa.gov/ for a healthy dose of information.