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eSingleParent.com, LLC Launches Revolutionary Website Dedicated to Helping Single Parents

After months of pre-launch planning, negotiations with a wide array of national affiliates, and pouring over thousands of sources of relevant materials, eSingleParent.com has opened it’s doors to the 12.2 million single parents in the United States.

“This has been an amazing few months in so many ways, from the conception of the idea to the many different iterations we’ve gone through to get where we are today,” said Steve Hull, Founder and CEO. “Now our challenge is to get the word out on the street that there is finally a website that exists solely to make the lives of single parents more rewarding and fulfilling.

“We realized that the only real service targeting this demographic was online dating, and that is simply not what we single parents need the most. We need help with the day to day challenges of raising children in a one income household, and we think we’re off to a good start in providing relief in that area.”

eSingleParent.com was created by Steve Hull and Becky West, two Seattle area single parents who know first hand the challenges that face this growing group of Americans. The website was painstakingly created with great care by Promolab, Inc., and the result will be a truly one-of-a-kind offering which will be privately owned and operated.

eSingleParent.com plans to leverage the power of its membership to lobby for better work benefits with major employers on behalf of single parents nationwide, and ultimately represent this group as a political action committee.

“We have very lofty goals for this organization. It is not simply an online marketplace-it is a company that will address the needs of the people where they need the help most, and we are blessed to be in a country where making this kind of impact is possible,” said Becky West, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President.

eSingleParent.com will launch with several flexible membership plans, all designed to give single parents access to over one hundred affiliates with thousands of dollars in savings on a wide array of goods and services, in addition to articles and links on raising children, improving their quality of education, where to access government assistance and much more. There is also a cash back program in place which pays 10% back to eSP members for every $50 spent at select affiliates. [24×7]