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A Musical Self-Exam of Betting Against Breast Cancer And Living To Sing About It

She has watched herself sing, dance and fly around the Internet as an animated cartoon “avatar” with flaming red hair and a faithful flock of digital followers. Then jump out of an airplane at 13,500 feet a mere three months after preventative surgeries had delicately removed and then replaced her most personal, female body parts. A self-examined life like this is not only worth living, but singing about. Eva Moon is up to something very interesting in her own musical self-exam of jilting breast and ovarian cancer and living to sing out about it.

After confronting the deadly forecast of a mutated BRCA gene inherited from Eastern European ancestry, one that gave her an 87% chance of getting breast cancer and 55% ovarian, Eva decided to place her bets and her breasts on entirely different odds. The digital songstress made the choice to part with the pair as a preventative measure and plan for a replacement set instead.

Her  “One Woman Show” that tells the story is about to go “on tour” to inform, entertain and inspire others who are similarly at risk and the people who know and love them. In previews, the show is unabashedly “speaking to” audiences far and wide, and in a language they can easily understand. The reason is simple. Eva has a smile in her voice and a song in her heart even while presenting such a gripping tale.

THE MUTANT DIARIES: UNZIPPING MY GENES is subtitled “The new musical about ‘Telling cancer to take a hike.'” And lest you think there is nothing uplifting or amusing about hiking cancer over a cliff, well, lets just say you’ve never walked the cliff trail in Ms. Moon’s light. You will fee a lot lighter in this Moon’s gravitational pull, as if in her orbit you could jump higher than ever.

Of course, if it wasn’t so poignant or honest or funny, it would be tragic, right? Wait, press “Rewind.” Now, “Play again.”  Consider the premise behind a celebratory, going-away party entitled “TA TA, TATAS,” which is also one of the show’s breakout musical numbers, describing a “Boob Voyage” party.  Or how about finding out your doctor is a five-armed terminator robot from the future named da Vinci? Oh, yes, right in step with this musical “cliffhanger,” the two new “girls” are named Thelma and Louise.

Ms. Moon’s musical stylings stem from years as a talented songstress and prolific composer and lyricist including fronting a band known for its Gypsy Rom music from the Balkan region that has sold out many a venue in the Pacific Northwest. The evening is all Eva and her electric piano, a fast-paced monologue and songs with titles like “One Little Dance.” “Prematurely Young,” “Hot Water,” and “Learners Permit.”

To prepare for the upcoming tour that will take her to London, England and across the U.S. through a network of venues run by FORCE, a nonprofit organization for people with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk, Eva worked over the Internet with her celebrated vocal coach, Penny Orloff, and stage director, Gary Schwartz.

Working without a Net, Eva Moon Could Soon Be Landing In Your Hometown as ‘Mutant Diaries” Goes On Tour.

Clearly Eva Moon is committed to living life to the fullest, just daring the Grim Reaper to darken her doorstep or rain on her parade. A lot of rain falls in Seattle, but none of it is going to dampen Eva’s spirits in this high-flying show…or your own!  [24×7]