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Principal Creative Director – Alexa Persona & Brand

  • An internet-accessible portfolio of your work. Please provide as part of your resume
  • 10+ years of relevant professional experience driving creative strategy and execution for a brand, product, service, persona, person or equivalent
  • At least 5 years of experience working on world-class, consumer facing, digital products
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Alexa is the personal voice-first assistant AI present in over 100 million Alexa devices. She is always getting smarter and attaining new skills to become more helpful. Alexa is an authentic and natural AI but has adapted some human characteristics that help her connect better with customers. And as her skills and customers grow, so must her persona to be able to adapt to the many new uses, contexts, locales in which she finds herself. To help, Alexa is looking for a world-class creative director that can shape the vision and work with a myriad of channels to bring her persona to life. 

As a the Creative Director for Alexa’s Persona, you will drive the development of a new north star for Alexa’s Persona. This is the guide that informs marketing, brand, and on-and-off-device experiences, including contextually specialized scenarios like her interaction with other AIs, to ensure a cohesive and coherent experience for customers. You will work across teams, constructing multi-disciplinary working groups to inform your work and drive alignment. You will look deeply into research, commission your own studies, partner with marketing, product, design, and content teams to experiment and continually grow our understanding of customer needs, as well as consider key upcoming new experiences that introduce new dimensions to Alexa experiences. You will continually refine and expand Alexa’s persona as her skills, customers, and contexts grow so that her persona can become increasingly multi-faceted, authentic, and natural for customers across the world to enjoy engaging with. 

This role is for a highly capable leader who can inspire and direct internal and external creative resources, develop compelling concepts quickly, effectively pitch and align senior leadership to new ideas, and work across marketing channels, content, and product development. The ideal candidate will have a deep portfolio of past work showcasing the ability to bring branded products, services, and/or personas to life. The ideal candidate will pair an unbound imagination and curiosity for what’s possible with a detail obsessed nature and deep understanding how to drive cross-functional projects. 

This role is part of Alexa’s North Star Experience team. We are the creative and best practices org that works vertically and horizontally across Alexa to develop new core Alexa experiences, define new experience paradigms, develops standards, patterns, training, and resources that help teams (our and others) build better experiences. We own the Alexa Persona definition and create engaging content that exemplify her persona on and off device. Our team includes creative writers, voice UX designers, multi-modal UX designers, user researchers, product managers, and program managers.

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