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Full-Stack Software Developer , Brandly, February 29

BrandlyWho: Brandly
Position: Full-Stack Software Developer
Where: Seattle
What: Brandly is an e-commerce company that makes it easier for established brands to order their printing online – a market worth tens of billions of dollars in the U.S. We’ve created an online experience unlike anything on the market. It begins with the customer and their brand and provides a stickier long term solution for repeat customers. We’ve married the insights of a local printer who knows their customer’s brand – their logo, colors, fonts, typography, and layout – with the convenience of online ordering. This is a game-changer for one of the largest and most resilient industries in the world.


We’re looking for a talented Full-Stack Developer to help us advance our web product, refine our service-oriented architecture, and become a true co-founder of our growing development team. We already have a well-developed SOA, a strong brand identity, solid UI/UX design, and the manufacturing integration to have all of our products printed and shipped seamlessly. Going forward, we’re looking to take our “secret sauce” to the next level, evolve our front-end based on customer feedback, and expand our catalog to ramp sales. We’d like to find a technical co-founder who is excited about owning a piece of all of these projects.


First and foremost: a demonstrated ability and at least 4 years professional experience delivering data-driven web applications, preferably in a small-team environment.

You don’t need to be a guru in every one of these areas, but you should be highly skilled in a few, and have solid experience in many of them. We’re looking for someone with a breadth of expertise across the web application stack, including:

+ Back-end/ Server-side object-oriented programming in Python
+ Django or similar web framework
+ Modern JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Ember, React, etc.
+ Boiler-plate and framework-supported HTML and CSS
+ Unit, integration, end-to-end and load testing (in Python and JavaScript)
+ Shell scripting and command-line dexterity with Linux/Unix/OSX tools such as: grep, sed, awk, find, xargs, ssh, etc.
+ Distributed version control aptitude, such as with git
+ Relational databases, such as PostgreSQL
+ Web-servers: Apache + mod_wsgi, Nginx + Gunicorn
+ Configuration management, deployment and continuous integration using tools like Ansible, Buildbot, Jenkins
+ Cloud/VM/container experience such as AWS and Docker
+ AWS tools such as AWS-CLI and Python boto
+ Service Oriented Architecture using RESTful APIs or messaging (AMQP, RQ, celery, kombu)
+ ghostscript
+ machine learning
+ Django Rest Framework
+ contributions to open-source projects, such as on Github
+ agile/scrum
+ general sys-admin skills

This is a chance to join an early stage start-up and play a major role in shaping the future of the product and the organization. Brandly’s co-founders have deep experience in the branded products space and our team is excited to address a big opportunity and the major pain points we’ve identified within this market. The company is funded and we’ve just launched a private Alpha this month

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