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Casual Connect, the news channel for the Seattle-based Casual Games Association, has published a compendium of digital game “How-To” Lectures and Articles for public consumption online .

If you had to make a video game, never seeing one before – what would you make? Check out the Innovation library for guidance and insight. Looking to cut your teeth on real hard numbers, charts and graphs? Read the Industry Analysis. Ready to get to work? Learn how to make innovative and high quality games faster and more reliably in Production & Development, or bone up on the marketing side of the industry with Business Models and Development Studio Business.

If you missed this past summer’s Seattle conference sessions, you can get back up to speed up with experts and topics like these. Jeremy Lewis on Leadership, Arthur Humphrey on Brands, J. Alison Bryant on Our Consumers, Megan Gaiser on Growing Leaders, Kenny Shea Dinkin on Creativity, Cooper Moo on Competition, Greg Ballard on Mobile & iPhone, Tim Conkling on Design and Tim Chang on Emerging Trends. [24×7]

What Becomes a Northwest Marketing Legend Most? Two New Websites Will Decide.
The distinguished Northwest publishing team of Larry and Melissa Coffman, the editorial entourage behind MARKETING which is entering its third decade as the region’s advertising, marketing and media trade journal of record, will debut two new Websites this week that showcase the area’s rich marketing business resources as well as its legendary pioneers.

MARKETINGNW.com will be the primary site for the monthly MARKETING tabloid newspaper as well as the annual MARKEING ATLAS, a directory of businesses in “marcomm,” media, graphics, printing and broadcast.

The second site is MARKETINGIMMORTALS.com and will present a unique collection of career commentaries by a variety of legendary leaders in the local marketing communications realm.

The IMMORTALS project began more than a year ago and was warmly embraced by those asked to contribute. “The intent is to preserve the memories of those who have contributed so much to their various fields of endeavor, as we know them today and as they wil evolve in the future,” wrote publisher Larry Coffman. “Besides immortalizing the the work of those who have gone before, the site is intended to inform current practicioners of the leagies upon which their work is founded and to have significant educational and historical value.” [24×7] Get more info in the Seattle24x7 blog