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The Power of Play

enterpriseSeattle’s Washington Interactive Network will convene its 3rd annual Power of Play Economic Update Lunch on September 3rd by welcoming a panel of industry executives to explore the state of the art in our region’s $4.2 billion Interactive Media Industry.

As a dominate player in this arena, how is our region surviving the economy? What does it mean to the independent developer whose creativity and entrepreneurship feed this economic engine? What trends and innovations are coming our way despite the recession? Our executive panel will address these questions and more.

The Power of Play will release the results of an interactive media cluster study which looks at our region’s competitiveness compared with other areas in the US and Canada. How do we compare to states and countries who are aggressively pursuing this industry? What do we need to do to keep up?

Over 200 attendees are expected to participate in the third annual Power of Play including: executives from the game industry, legislators, government officials, researchers, media, service providers, and community leaders, including viewers from the UK and Brisbane.

Confirmed speakers include Pete Parsons of Bungie, Chris Taylor, CEO & Founder of Gas Powered Games, David Bluhm, CEO of Zero260, Jason Robar, VP of The Amazing Society – A Gazillion Entertainment Game Studio, and Jeremiah Slaczka, Founder & Creative Director, 5TH Cell. [24×7]

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