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Zune Re-Launch in Tune

“Hello from Seattle” was the special message engaved on the back of the Zune MP3 player in its previous incarnation. Now with the new HD edition, that same inscription has moved to the side of the device. The buzz on the new touchscreen device is equally as “edgy.”

The Times’ Brier Dudley reported that Amazon.com has helped its cross-lake partner promote the upcoming gadget by leaking prices early. A black, 16 gigabyte Zune model lists for $220 and a platinum 32 gig model for $290, according to PC World.

The prices undercut the equivalent iPod Touch models targeted by the HD, which includes a touchscreen, Wi-Fi, a browser and high-def video (720p) that’s output via HDMI. Culd it be the third time will be the charm?

Meanwhile, the Web is also buzzing about a rumored Apple Tablet that could give both Microsoft’s Zune and Amazon’s Kindle a run for their money. Borders Books dropped the name “IPad” in a marketing survey that asked members whether they had plans to purchase a Large Screen Reading Device. [24×7]

Seattle Mayoral Candidates Take Tuesday Primary Election Attacks Online
Election attack ads in the Seattle mayor’s race have moved online – combining an unprecedented all mail-in primary election ballot with a key supporting role for the Internet and YouTube,

Now that the battle lines are being drawn to include online delivery, observers are asking whether Internet-based attack ads are a sign of Seattle’s online sophistication, or simply a more efficient tactical step in an election with unusual timing.

This week’s election marks the first time our area has seen an all mail-in ballot for every race statewide. While voting started a month ago, the mail-in turnout is expected to be low – with the election taking place in the middle of summer when many people are on vacation. Given economic concerns, campaign coffers are not high.

So in the Seattle mayoral race, the attacks ads have gone online – where posting them is free.

Incumbent Mayor Greg Nickels fired the first shot this week with an ad against one of his closest challengers – Joe Mallahan.

As KOMO TV reported, the YouTube video ad says, in part: “Poor Joe, there’s so much he doesn’t know. … But there’s something we do. Joe don’t know Jack.”

At a minute and a half in length, this ad would prove costly to run on TV and radio. But on the Internet, it’s free.

Now Mallahan has fired back at Nickels – also online.

“How desperate is Greg Nickels?” the Mallahan video ad asks.

“Why would Greg Nickels stoop so low?” the ad continues, and then runs a recording of Nickels saying, “I’ve made my share of mistakes, made my share of mistakes, of mistakes, of mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.”

In the race for King County executive, one online ad says, “Our future’s so bright we’ve got to wear shades.” A recent poll shows former news anchor Susan Hutchison leads in that race.

And then there is Seattle’s plastic bag tax.

A poll last week by the University of Washington showed 55 percent of the 600 people surveyed opposed the 20-cent tax on each plastic bag you get at the market.

Anyone who still plans to vote should keep in mind that they can save a stamp by dropping off their ballot at ballot drop boxes set up throughout all counties.

But ballots have to be turned in before 8 p.m. on Tuesday or they won’t be counted. [24×7]

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