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Inkd Makes Its Mark

Billing itself as the world’s first market for original print design, the Pioneer Square startup known as Inkd (formerly PressPlane) has launched with over 800 “agency” quality layouts for brochures, business cards, and letterheads for immediate download.

Hatched by the fresh idea incubator Kelly Smith, a founder of Curious Office, Inkd follows the spawning of online book community Shelfari and Imagekind, which sells artwork in various poster and painterly formats.

The Inkd business model is similar to iStockPhoto in attracting creatives who want to convert their own, rights-controlled design work to revenue, a 20% commission on the sale. To encourage design contributions, Inkd even makes available free Starter Kits which are Adobe Illustrator files, to be used as templates. Customers who wish to modify or customize a layout are invited to contact the designer directly without a percentage to Inkd so the design showcase has a strong referral component.
Betweeen Getty Images (which owns iStockPhoto), Corbis, AdReady and now Inkd, Seattle covers the creatve stock world like the rain. [24×7]

Lard Butt LLC Gets Crackin’!
Couch potatoes of the world unite! In an era when overpaid professional athletes are making headlines for steroid use, fistfights and pouting over $5 million per year salaries, Lard Butt celebrates those of us who just want to get into the game — even if we get severely winded getting TO the game! They don’t need steroids to have a good time… Mostly, they just need something to eat!

Get your Lard Butt sportswear or contribute to the online Photo Gallery. But first, get down and give me 20! 15? 5?? Hup, hup! [24×7]

Last Call for Microsoft Pub?
The punch lines are flowing amost as fast as the beer and wine could have been. “Now that the economy’s in the tank, MS has decided not to let workers follow,” and “Who’s the Dean Wormer [on this deal]

After a year of preparation and a bidding process for an on-campus bar that resulted in new pub owner Jonathan Sposato priming the pumps of the Spitfire, Microsoft pulled the plug on eight beer taps that might’ve enlivened campus life at One Microsoft Way, just 72 hours before the first suds were drawn.

Disappointed MS workers haven’t thrown in the bar towel just yet. Taking the discussion online, a new Facebook group open to the public, has been created and headlined “Bring Spitfire back to Microsoft.” Join over 80 members for a cold one on Facebook . [24×7]

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