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PI Refugee Spin-Out SeattlePostGlobe.org

No news is certainly bad news, so we can all be grateful the Seattle online news stream has spawned not one, but two newly reconstitued Websites. The creation of SeattlePostGlobe.org by more than a dozen former P-I staffers offers readers more news choices with a special focus on the Seattle Mariners and local Seattle politics.

Count two kindred Seattle media properties for helping this fledgling Puget Sound salmon egg to hatch. The Seattle Weekly (owned by the Village Voice) is overseeing the Post-Globe’s advertising, and local public TV station KCTS came up with the office space and seed capital for expenses other than salaries. So far, the staff are working for free. Visit SeattlePostGlobe.org [24×7]

Share the Greenery at UrbanGardenShare.org
Looking for a fertile strip of land to plant a few oranic vegetables? You could find that garden greenery one close to home at a new Seattle Website created to shorten the waiting list for space in Seattle’s P-Patch co-op program.

Urbandgardenshare.org was launched last month by Amy Pennington as a shared roots concept where grower and land owner split the harvest. Pennington reports to King 5 TV that has been contacted by groups in Massachusetts, Oregon, and Colorado who are interested in setting up similar programs. [24×7]
PatientPower Webcasts Earns More National Acclaim
Patient Power, founded by one of America’s leading patient-advocates and long-term leukemia survivor, Andrew Schorr, has produced more than 1,000 online radio programs and video segments featuring leading medical experts since it was founded in 2005.

Recently. the broadcasts have received recognition from several national health organizations. Noteworthy awards include: The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeon’s National Media Internet Award, The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation Inaugural Media Award, and a World Wide Web Health merit award. The Web award recognizes patient education website content that helps consumers cope with a disease or chronic health condition. Patient Power received merit in the Business (Private Sector) division, which includes companies with less than 50 employees. [24×7]

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