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“The Final Four” and Social Media Analytics by V-IQ™

Visible Technologies®, a leading provider of social media monitoring, analytics and engagement software and services, has attracted Web-wide attention  with the launch of their March Madness social performance dashboard designed to capture the scores, break down the stats and follow the thrilling upsets of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The real-time social media data display has showcased sentiment comparisons between teams, highlight the most buzzed about players, display the best fan tweets and exhibit an up-to-date bracket from the first round to the final buzzer.

The dashboard implements Visible Technologies’ newly released V·IQ™ social performance dashboard technology, which combines valuable social media intelligence from multiple data sources into one easy to share, continuously refreshed snapshot. By aggregating data from the entire social sphere including Facebook, Twitter, and billions of blogs and forums, Visible will deliver an accurate, 24×7 portrayal of the top trends surrounding the NCAA tournament in a comprehensive, visual format. Basketball fans and analytics enthusiasts can follow the updates in real time on the Visible website.

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