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Season’s Meetings: SIC, LocWorld, SciTech Northwest Expo Showcase Bounty of Innovation

Fall is cascading like the Snoqualmie River and while Seattle’s autumn foliage changes from verdant green to apple red, an annual migration is taking place.

These are creative conference-goers — creators, designers, marketers, strategists, innovators and influencers, eager to converge on a city and a bounty of freshly curated discoveries that only Seattle can harvest.

The Seattle Interactive Conference 2018 reconvenes at The Conference Center across the SkyBridge from the Convention Center, October 17 and 18, bringing together 150+ speakers in more than 100 sessions.

“SIC” once again shines a light on Seattle’s best and brightest to give the world a glimpse of what is being built at the intersection of technology, creativity, and commerce.  The event also invites visionaries from across the globe to inspire our city to reach even higher.

Co-founders Brian Rauschenbach and Gloria Connors have assembled a luminescent team of presenters and panelists who will shed light on such topics as:
Building A Data-Driven And Creative Culture: How Marketers Can Thrive In The Age Of Machine Learning presented by Kevin Saliba, SVP Marketing, zulily; Fourav Pani, Vice President of Search Engine Marketing, Expedia; Minnie Dimesa, SVP, Marketing & Sales, Icon Media Direct, and Omar Zayat, Head of Industry, Ecommerce for Facebook.
Look Who’s Talking: The Rise And Future Of Conversational Chatbots by Seth Greenfield, CEO of imperson.
How To Build AI That Works For People by Alvara Soto, Director of Product at Figure Eight.
Creating For Mobile Impact by Jeff Miller, Snapchat’s Global Head of Creative Strategy
Intro To Facebook AR Studio by Chris Barbour, AT Camera and Content Creation Partnerships Lead, Facebook
Everyone Hates Ads! A Perspective From Scandinavian Media by Kathleen Asjes, Head of User Research, Schibsted Media Group
From Comedy to Copywriting, Jon Savitt, Writer/Comedian, Misc.
Why Being Local Is In And How You Can Be A Part Of It! by Mónica Guzmán, Cofounder and Director, The Evergrey
The Evolution Of Content: The Impact Of AI On The Creative Process by Chris Duffey, Head of AI Innovation and Strategy, Adobe
The Evolution Of SEO: Split-Testing For Search by Robert Ousbey, VP at Distilled
Once again, a “B-SIDES” post-session chat space sponsored by Edelman PR and a casual MEET UP Lounge sponsored by WE Communications will follow select sessions outside of the presentation halls in informal, living room-style breakout areas.
Find the complete SIC 2018 lineup and registration online.

LocWorld 2018

LocWorld (formerly Localization World), returns to Seattle at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center, October 17-19.

The international conference, produced by MultiLingual Computing, Inc. and The Localization Institute presents an opportunity for executives who may now be entering a global marketing arena as well as experienced professionals­­ wishing to learn from experts from around the world on how to reach and serve audiences at home and abroad.

“Our attendees are going to examine subject matter ranging from augmented reality and localization to winning support for global expansion,” said Ulrich Henes, conference co-organizer and president of The Localization Institute.

Marcus East, executive vice president product and technology and chief technology officer for National Geographic, will deliver the keynote.

Game Global Summit

A stand-alone event, the Game Global Summit, which covers localization, functional and localization testing of games, will take place October 16 and 17.
“We introduced Game Global at LocWorld in Warsaw in June, and it was very well received,” remarked Donna Parrish, publisher of the magazine MultiLingual and co-organizer of LocWorld. “We have a top-notch advisory board of professionals from the industry which has helped us pick the topics and select the best presentations.”

SciTech Northwest 2018 Exposition

Unveiling the latest discoveries from Washington’s premier research institutions: the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Washington, Washington State University, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, among other contributors, will occur at SciTech Northwest 2018 on Tuesday, October 23rd from 4:00-7:00 at the Sheraton Seattle.

This event showcases life sciences, cyber & data, and next-generation energy innovations ready or near-ready for licensing. Licensing and research partners are being sought (and in some cases, investors as well), for (partial list):
BeeTox  safe, sustainable honey bee solutions from WSU
Bellwether Bio — developing Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics at an Early Stage from UW
BioElectrons Antibiotic-Free Solutions —Removing Biofilm and Treating Wounds While Avoiding Infections (WSU)
HICOR IQ —A single source for locating quality cancer care from Fred Hutch

Inspire Patient-Engagement Platform — A selection of mobile app screen components from Fred Hutch

IntelliBra — Reassuring breastfeeding mothers that their babies are getting enough milk (WSU)
Marine Construction Technologies, PBC—UW —Novel noise mitigation technology that protects endangered fish, birds, and marine mammals.
QuitBot: Virtual agents that enable lifestyle changes from nicotine addiction —Fred Hutch
Trustworthy CPU— Prevents hackers from turning every-day devices into weapons —from PNNL
Named Entity Recognition through Natural Language Processing  Accelerating Data Collection for Retrospective Research Using Natural Language Processing —Fred Hutch
CPAD—Real-Time Cyber-Physical Attack Detection —  Oak Ridge National Laboratory

SilentAlarm: Malware Beware— Pinpoints and Quarantines Malware in Networks —PNNL

Commercial Building and Plant Diagnostic Technologies—PNNL
GridPack (Grid Parallel Advanced Computational Kernels) — A Framework for Developing Power Grid Simulations on High-Performance Computing —PNNL
Protium Innovations Hydrogen Solutions for Highly Reliable Electronic Transportation —WSU
WiBotic: Powering Autonomy— Intelligent Power Solutions for Autonomous Drones, Robots, and Systems —UW
If you’re looking to collaborate, invest, license intellectual property, or grow your business, you’ll want to attend.
The SciTech Northwesis free and registration takes five minutes online.  [24×7]