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ShopA-List Takes Designer Clothing and Celebrity Styles “From Camera to Closet”

What do the most popular celebrities on the Web — names like Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra and Jessica Alba — all have in common with a new Seattle Website offering A-List designer clothing and celebrity fashion accessories?

The new Website, ShopA-List.com, will let you buy the hottest celebrity styles, designer clothing and accessories, not just off the rack but off the backs of these fashion trendsetters, red carpet royals and dazzling divas.

Like the good looks of that black lace formal that Jessica Alba is wearing or Kristen Bell’s saddle-stitched jeans? Add them to your shopping cart in a single click. Admiring the Da-Nang cargos or white tank top of Jessica Simpson onstage? Click it and buy it. If the same brand isn’t in inventory or out of your price range, a closely matching facsimile can be yours for the clicking.

To celebrate the concept of acquiring the most desirable designer clothing and accessories “From Camera to Closet,” ShopA-List.com will be awarding a grand prize celebrity photo shoot to one lucky grand prize winner. The winner, who will receive a fabulous fashion makeover, will have her own high-fashion photos placed alongside her favorite A-List celebrity on the ShopA-List.com Website.

What’s more, all ShopA-List.com customers who purchase products from the Website and send in their photos will be featured for a limited time alongside their favorite A-List celebrities, becoming A-List stars in their own right.

“Each of our customers is an A-List Celebrity in their own right,” said Amanda Woodstrom, one of the professional fashion consultants behind ShopA-List.com. Partner Alicia Madsen, who is also a fashion model, added, “Whether they are on the A-List in their local community, in their college sorority, on campus or on the job, if they share a love for fashionable clothing and the good life, they need to get on our A-List to win our ‘Camera to Closet’ Photo Shoot Contest.”

To enter the contest, visitors must “Find the Paparazzi” (a silohuetted celebrity cameraman) who is lurking somewhere inside the ShopA-List.com Website. Once spotted, a simple mouse click on the Paparazzi’s profile will open up an entry form that will provide one entry into the contest. Shoppers can come back and enter as often as once every 24 hours.

ShopA-List features exceptional service on clothing from celebrity designers like Carmen Electra as well as the hottest new fashions from makers like Ed Hardy, Da-Nang, Lula and Frankie B. The online store offers free shipping on products and personal consultation with just a phone call. [24×7]