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26 Tech Startups Selected for Fourth WTIA Founder Cohort

The WTIA has announced the fourth batch of Washington tech startups that have been selected for their Founder Cohort Program. The Founder Cohort program — part of the WTIA Startup Program — aligns with the association’s efforts to support entrepreneurs in Washington’s booming tech industry.

The Founder Cohort Program will help these venture-scale startups develop over the course of one year. Each startup is headquartered in Washington, has at least one product in development, has an annual revenue of less than $1 million, and passed a rigorous application process.

Led by a committee of seasoned tech founders and entrepreneurs — including Dave Parker of 6 Month Startup, Susan Preston of SeaChange Fund, and Leslie Feinzaig of Female Founders Alliance — the program will support each company and guide them through the crucial stages of fundraising, corporate governance, and customer development.

“Launching a startup can be a lonely journey, but it really shouldn’t be,” said Michael Schutzler, CEO of WTIA.  “Founders need relevant support and resources to help their companies grow, but securing those resources and connecting to relevant folks usually doesn’t happen organically.  So, we’ve gathered the relevant resources and experts for them, building the village to support them on their journey.”

Congratulations to the companies selected for the 4th Founder Cohort:

Founder Cohort 4 Sponsors:

Clark NuberWSGRFenwick & WestSeed IP, and Madrona Venture Group

Visit the Startup Club site for more information.