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Female Founders Alliance Seeks New Candidates for its Startup Accelerator

The Seattle-based Female Founders Alliance (FFA) has opened up a new round of applications for its Ready Set Raise startup accelerator.

Women and non-binary founders are encouraged to apply to be part of the next Ready Set Raise class of startups now through June 23rd. 

The FFA runs a startup accelerator consciously created by and for women and non-binary founders called Ready Set Raise. Through a six-week pitching and fundraising program, founders will work with Fundraising Coaches and Champion Mentors to perfect their pitch and get ready to raise. The program is conducted mostly remotely to make it easier for women who are juggling multiple commitments.

Last summer, FFA partnered with WeWork allowing participants to log in from their local WeWork spaces for the duration of the program. All participants are required to attend the program’s immersion week in Seattle, and FFA provides full childcare options for all women in the program during the on-site training week, if needed.

Women start businesses at 3X the rate of men, but get only 2% of venture capital.

“Women don’t need more advice,” said Leslie Feinzaig, founder and CEO of Female Founders Alliance. ” We need deals!”

“We need to move our businesses forward, and to do that we need to connect with the people and organizations that help us unlock growth — investors, partners, customers, and the media,” she said. “Most women and non-binary individuals who are starting venture scalable companies are doing so for the first time. They have to survive periods of time without revenue, and investors view them as risky.”

“I founded the Female Founders Alliance to accelerate these founders’ success, and we built all of our programs to foster deals. Our accelerator, Ready Set Raise, de-risks founders through targeted work, dedicated coaching and exposure to hundreds of mentors and investors,” concluded Feinzaig

The program has attracted a number of noteworthy members and contributors across many different sectors. For instance, Elise Worthy, founder and CEO of Kids on 45th has been recognized by Forbes, and Kiernen Snyder, CEO and co-founder of Textio has been featured in Fortune.

At this year’s “Startup CEO of the Year” contest sponsored by GeekWire three of the winning CEOs were Female Founder Alliance members. Some other higher profile members include Fran Dunaway of TomboyX and Sandy Arunas of Blokable. [24×7]

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