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Playing it Smart in Real Estate Continuing Education — Gamified “Generation” Simulates the Winning Moves for Realtor Success

REGWlogoIn the tomorrowland of interactive, digital learning, text-based continuing education requirements are so … yesterday.

Take the renewal process for a real estate license in the state of Washington. Every two years, the state makes it mandatory for agent-realtors to complete 30 hours of continuing education or “CE” credits to update their certification — that’s 30 hours on top of the usual demands of a typical workweek.

What If —continuing education coursework could be absorbed in an entirely different format that not only provided the latest curriculum but let users practice the things that could make them better realtors?

What If— you could acquire this knowledge 5 minutes at a time, or 5 hours at a time, by playing along with “gamified” courseware, letting you accumulate the required CE clockhours on any device, from smartphone or tablet to desktop, anytime and anywhere?

What If — you could offset the total time required for traditional CE study, by mixing text book study with interactive learning, mixing down the 30 hours to 15, 10, or 2 hours of core material and gaming simulations? 

For Certifiable Real Estate Success, “What If” is Now “What Is!”

When it comes to the next generation of real estate certification and skills training, Bellevue’s Real Estate Game Works is turning “What If” into“What Is!“  


The wind beneath the wings of this enterprising startup is the Washington Association of Realtors, a ground floor sponsor of what is truly the world’s first interactive real estate game to augment or replace the teaching protocols of yesteryear.

This next generation of gamified real estate training is appropriately titled “Generation.”  The first edition of the game arrives online in September, and even with extra bonus materials included, it costs no more than the traditional course registration. 

“We’re so excited to be able to help our REALTORS retain more of what they learn in a fun way,” relates Mary Hull-DruryEducation Director at Washington Realtors, Generationis using a method that is proven to increase retention and recall.”

Real Estate Game Works founder and CEO Jed Etters made his mark as an entrepreneur in the real estate world at an early age, becoming a top 1% producer and opening his first company when he was only 23. Jed’s success in running a real estate brokerage, selling all types of real estate assets, and managing real estate agents, ignited his passion for helping others to make the most of their opportunities in the profession and experience more meaningful careers. 

“About 300,000 people across the entire nation get into real estate each year, hoping to be successful,” he explains. “A high percentage of those don’t make it past the first two years.”

Real Estate Game Works CEO Jed Etters

“It begs the question.” Jed adds. ” If they had gone through our simulation, would those two years have produced a much different outcome?’ Could someone who is now considering entering the field benefit by discovering how their talents compare with the practices and processes they will apply? I believe the answer in both cases is ‘Yes!’ 

Fate cast its hand when Jed connected with Russell Braun, a past senior executive of Nintendo of America, at a local investment forum. A gaming executive himself, Braun was instantly drawn to the application once he saw how gamification could transform the CE landscape. He accepted a leadership role as COO of the company

Besides the continuing education package, Real Estate Game Works is also developing ”A Day in the Life” product line that will simulate the daily activities and challenges of a real estate professional. The goal is to present a realistic depiction of what it is like to be a true-to-life real estate agent and help career candidates make more informed decisions.

The early feedback and beta testing of their “game works” have inspired the young company to look at online simulations for other fields. Vocations that cry out for similar “Day in the Life” solutions include mortgage professionals, insurance professionals and builders, to name just a few. 

Are they having fun “playing it forward”? It certainly feels that way. One thing is certain. “A Day in the Life” of a real estate professional is about to get a whole lot more interesting with Real Estate Game Works as its champion. [24×7]