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Network Systems Architect, The Benaroya Research Institute, May 27

Benaroya Research InstituteWho: The Benaroya Research Institute
Position: Network Systems Architect
Where: Seattle
What: The Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason (BRI) is an international leader in immune system and autoimmune disease research, translating discoveries to real-life applications. BRI is one of the few research institutes in the world dedicated to discovering causes and cures to eliminate autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and many others.

As a non-profit organization within the Virginia Mason Health System, BRI promotes clinical and interdisciplinary research, particularly in cancer, neuroscience and heart disease. Established in 1956, BRI is Washington State’s oldest medical research institute.


The Network Systems Architect will have broad responsibility for the design, operation and security of BRI network infrastructure as well as complex systems that support or rely on this infrastructure. This includes selecting, configuring and supporting switches, routers, firewalls, VPN devices, and a wireless network in a multi-vendor environment, as well as managing interactions of network components with servers and workstations.

The Network Systems Architect will also be responsible for connectivity to and security of BRI’s Internet connectivity, including secure remote access to BRI network resources. In addition, this position will serve as primary owner of the hardware portion of the IP Telephony system and it’s interoperation with telco carrier providers. The architect will be responsible for liaising with peers at Virginia Mason Medical Center and for ensuring that BRI remains compliant with required security audits and standards. The Network Systems Architect will plan growth and modernization of network capabilities to meet future needs.


This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field plus five years related experience or eight years of related experience. A thorough understanding of Cisco IOS and network protocols (e.g. DNS, SMTP, DHCP) is essential. The Network Systems Architect is the top tier IT technical position and accordingly has architectural responsibilities for many elements of systems design, including power and physical plant considerations as well as monitoring for network and other systems.

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