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SIC = NXNW: The Seattle Interactive Conference Hits Its Stride in 2016, Oct. 18-19

brian-rauschenbach-headshotWhat began as the brainchild of Brian Rauschenbach and a dedicated team of organizers and advisors (see below), to bring together the worlds of technology, design, music, cinema, and maker-crafts in a kind of alchemy fired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Pacific Northwest, has become a model of engagement for Seattle’s omni-channeled citizenry each Fall — the Seattle Interactive Conference.

With the changing of seasons on the conference circuit, SIC reflects a change in both latitude and attitude. Whereas SXSW is a Springtime show and a greenhouse for budding talent, Seattle’s version, or “NXNW,” is the more mature sibling, a Fall showcase of creative accomplishment.

The event’s programming isn’t so much about “what might work” but an artistic showcase of “what is working,” elucidating conference attendees on “how to make it work.” Whereas SXSW is the greening of ideas in Spring, NXNW is the harvesting of the best sown concepts ripened into their “go to market” strategies for Fall.

As Rauschenbach explains it: “What started as a ‘digital’ conference has evolved into a convergence of online technology, creativity, and emerging trends. We have artists, visionary thinkers, and storytellers; master classes in digital marketing, UX/UI design and analytics; and networking events and live music performances, among other topics.“

SIC 2016 has also extended its outreach in terms of social impact. Last year, the conference conducted a Design SWARM to benefit Mary’s Place. This year they’’re supporting a crowdfunding campaign for the MSR SE 200 Community Chlorine Maker, which is a device made in Seattle that can help foster healthier living in communities around the world that are in need of clean water.

Seattle24x7: The SIC conference seems to imbue a distinctly Northwest flavor – made of, by and for the NW interactive thinker, artist and innovator?  

Rauschenbach: Seattle Interactive represents the embodiment of Seattle and where it’s going. We understand that the convergence of technology and creative culture is what represents the city today. Seattle’s roots in industrial, music, and digital industries are all on display at SIC.

Seattle24x7: Does this year’s event have a particular meme? 

Rauschenbach:  Ultimately our platform is to showcase great thinkers and let them speak to what is inspiring them now. The words “human” and “authenticity” were ascendant his year because as technology grows larger and faster, and the world gets smaller, our authenticity is what defines us. It’s a compelling challenge for technologists and business. At SIC, our community can both be informed and transformed by artists and creative thinkers alike.

siclogoThe SIC management team includes includes: Gloria Connors, Cathy Mabee, Michiko Swiggs, Zach Hunting, and Mark Peterson, and the Advisory Board includes: Benjamin Winters, Brian Marr, Chris Carter, Dan Sundgren, Daniella Kim, David Harris, Donte Parks, Dave Curry, Eddie Rehfeldt, Eric Duerr, Gabriel Jones, Gareth Jones, Jeffrey Chavez, John SanGiovanni, Lisa Capps, Matt Ashworth, Melissa Barden, Mike Reeder, Michelle Maggi, Michelle McRae, Matthew Wood, Rob Thomas, Scilla Andreen, Scott Jacklin, Surya Vanka and Tim Schmuckal. [24×7]

Tickets for SIC 2016 on October 18 and 19 are available online.