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Fresh-Brewed Techspresso Shots for the Week of October 30, 2011

Seattle Interactive Conference Goes SuperSonic This Week!

The premiere edition of the Seattle Interactive Conference will take flight this this week by taking on the challenges of staging a world-class meeting of minds, weathering the dark and stormy November climate of Seattle, (shouldn’t we be trading time slots with SXSW in Texas?) and orchestrating the schedules of 50 visionary speakers and special “side stage” mini-events including special versions of Gnomedex, TechStars Demo Fest, the Microsoft Cloud Experience, Biznik and more. Austin may have its country-western stars, but Seattle is no stranger to incredible music and much of this week’s programming will feature Northwest musical talent including a closing party anchored by the POTUS, the rock and roll band that is!  [24×7]

“One Click, Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com” Now for Sale on Kindle, iPad and Ink on Dead Trees

Compared to the epic, outsized volume that is the “Steve Jobs” biography  by Walter Isaacson, the Jeffrey Preston Bezos story (by Richard L. Brandt) , that whisks us along from his cattle branding days on his grandfather’s ranch in Cotulla, Texas, to the Internet branding of One Click and what was arguably the first brand of cloud computing services offered to businesses, the Bezos bio weighs in at a svelte 200 pages. The form factor itself is also low-profile.  Publishing a hardcover edition whose page size is no larger than a Kindle display seems like a rather obvious way to underscore how the old-fashioned print version of a book may no longer be the preferred alternative, or the easiest to read  for that matter.  We found the font size in the print edition too small (is that actually 8-point type?)

We couldn’t help noticing the other parallels between the Bezos and Jobs’ books, including the enormity of ambition both men could barely constrain, and the always impetuous, frequently defiant nature they both possessed in spades, Bezos for retail sales tax, among many other things, and both for patent infringement. [24×7]

Nine By Blue Search Consulting Firm Run by Vanessa Fox offers Unencrypted Data Solution to Fill the Gap

Now that Google has bowed to public pressure and agreed to withhold search engine “referrer data” containing the search terms used by visitors to your website (at least those Webizens who were logged into a Google.com service at the time of search,and only for free, organic search, not pay-per-click search), the Web world is feeling at a certain loss for marketing intelligence.  But while search query data may be more limited coming from Google Web Analytics, Google’s other service, Google Webmaster Tools will still be collecting the most popular search referral terms. There are only two obstacles. One, the Google Tools version is only be a sampling of the data, and two, the Webmaster Central data disappears (and starts cycling again) after 30 days.

Enter Nine By Blue, the Seattle search consulting firm that is, coincidentally owned by the very same person who helped create Google Webmaster Tools, Ms. Vanessa Fox. The firm is in the process of launching  a reporting product that will collect and store your Google Referral Term data for you and give you back the big picture you may be longing for.

By the way, the second edition of Vanessa’s book, Marketing in the Age of Google, is in the works and we recommend it as a “must-read” for anyone serious about leveraging the power of search in their business and marketing plans.  Busy Vanessa’s weekly radio show, Office Hours, on Webmasterradio.fm, is similarly “must listening” every Wednesday afternoon or via iTunes by podcast subscription.  Between training media professionals  at the National Press Club in the “other” Washington, writing regular columns for Search Engine Land, and running her own business, Vanessa is one busy Searchanista.  [24×7]