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Seattle Startup Weekend 2 By Number

The numbers are in from the second Seattle Startup Weekend, held February 6-8, 2009. 54 hours, 175 attendees, 40 ideas from the community and 13 teams who launched projects amidst one power outage at Google’s Fremont offices and incalculable liquid ounces of coffee and beer.

According to impressario’s Nathan Kaiser and Gregory T. Huang, here are the projects being nurtured by their respectve skunk groups and their links:

TweetSum helps you manage your Twitter following.

FreshLocal connects you to local food.

FavorWish helps you offer and ask for favors.

1nvite helps people connect via social-networking tools.

TweetReporters is a user-generated content service that helps news outlets “crowdsource” local headlines.

Scrampede helps you find services quickly by having suppliers look for you.

InfiniteMosaic helps you browse and rediscover pictures you’ve collected.

Trip-Champ helps people compete to make their commutes greener.

Crowdify helps you connect with others over “trending.”

ObeytheDecider makes locally-based decisions for the indecisive. Check out the pub picks by neighborhood.

TripZilla helps you plan trips with your friends’ input over a social network.

KnarlyVote helps groups make decisions.

HowToGetESPN360 helps small Internet service providers gain access to ESPN360.com.

Kaiser summed up the experience with the observation that “Chaos is good!” Writing in his blog, Nathan quipped, “Many people had issues with the event in 2008 and I know many people will say the same thing about 2009. They wanted more process, more procedure, more management. Both events suffered from a lack of all three.”

Rob Eickmann of Six Hour Startup, one of the organizers, told Huang, “It’s been really great in terms of team building and community building…The smaller teams enabled a lot more communication, a lot more projects, and allowed people to go off-site.” [24×7]

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