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Nordstrom’s New Click & Mortar, MS advance08

Nordstrom will offer a new purchase option that will allow Internet shoppers to shop online and then then pick up their selections in the physical brick and mortar department sore. Shoppers have been clamoring for the privlege for some time.

The innnovative “buy online, pick up in-store” program was soft-launched two weeks ago, and is quickly gaining popularity, Nordstrom executives announced at the company’s annual meeting of shareholders on Tuesday.

The buy online, pick up in-store option is currently limited to mean and women’s apparel, women’s shoes and cosmetics, but all categories should be selling products available for store pickup by September.

Nordstrom’s multi-channels marketing strategy — including online, catalog and in-store — has caused the Seattle-based retailer to expand its fulfillment and call center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by 270,000 square feet.

Achieving a record $8.8 billion in sales in 2007, Nordstrom has seen sales and profit decline in its first quarter, which ended May 3.

That the company is opening up its channels with in-store pickup is a “positive sign,” said Dan Geiman, a Seattle-based analyst with McAdams Wright Ragen, quoted the Seattle P-I. [24×7]

Microsoft Fetes Advertisers at advance08
Microsoft rented out the Showbox and hired Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds to entertain the advertisers it had in town last week.

Like something out of a surreal landscape, The venue was decked out with flowing white curtains and glowing orbs. Dave Matthews commented “This looks like a dream. I’m not sure I’ve had it yet.”

At advance08, Microsoft’s conference for advertisers, Bill Gates addressed the unfamiliar position his company occupies as search advertising undedog.

“It’s fascinating for us, we have businesses like Mediaroom where we are completely alone, out in front, making the investment, changing the thing and there’s really no one to compare us to,” Gates said.

“You know, then we have maybe some things that are kind of in the middle where — like video games or phone software, where there’s lots of players and we’re very strong and part of what’s driving innovation.

“Then we have areas like search where we’re really an underdog. I have to say, it’s kind of fun to be an underdog. You know, it’s neat.” [24×7]