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Wetpaint Injects the Social Web

Wetpaint, a Seattle leader in social publishing with nearly one million hosted user-powered sites, has announced its award-winning platform can now be seamlessly embedded into any website to accelerate user-generated content creation. The company is releasing Wetpaint Injected on the same day it announces a $25 million Series C round of funding which it will use to accelerate adoption and achieve its vision of making every site on the Web socially published.

Going beyond IFrame and widget-based approaches, Wetpaint Injected instantly adds an easy-to-use toolset that enables users to author and edit content directly on the site, which means that search engines fully index and credit the content to the host site. The result is an expanded and ever-growing content footprint that attracts new audiences and generates incremental revenue. Flixster, IGN.com, and NuWire Investor have already begun using the new Wetpaint Injected service.

Wetpaint Injected users can easily author highly relevant unique content, within designated pages or on new pages they add to the site. The host website accrues full search engine credit for all content added. As users create more topical and naturally search engine-optimized information, the website’s search footprint expands. Through increased keyword coverage, Wetpaint Injected-augmented websites draw more visitors and associated advertising revenues. Wetpaint Injected also offers full Brand control and customization. From matching a host site’s look and feel, to controlling who can contribute, to monitoring what is actually going across the user contribution areas, to leveraging a single sign-in system, website operators get social publishing on their terms with very low integration burden and technical maintenance. [24×7]