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Newlyweds Chris and Diana Pirillo Move from Live Stream Vows to Daily Vcast

It’s not everyday that you get an invitation to attend a live streamed wedding as a digital guest with the most happy couple beaming from their home studio in Seattle. However, it is NOW an everyday happening that you are invited to spend time with Seattle’s first “Newlyweds of True ‘Appiness” for a daily take on the tech scene in the Pacific Northwest and beyond!

This very cute, hyperlinked, modern family has also bonded with their viewing public via Google+!  +Chris Pirillo‘ is Chris’s half of the G+ digital altar, and +Diana Pirillo is the other.

Perhaps one social media marketer from as far away as New Jersey said it best: I am addicted to +Diana Pirillo & +Chris Pirillo‘s Vlog (video blog). It reminds me of the ‘old days’ in 2004 & 2005 when people did basically the same thing with audio-only (podcasting). It’s a primary reason that audiences became so attached to the producer – you were getting real peeks into lives you wouldn’t normally.”

As new fan Lynette Young points out, Chris, the organizer of Gnomedex and a very savvy tech cybercaster and media consultant, has a large and dedicated community of #Gnomies that are highly interested in everything he does – from LEGO to boxed wine.  Pirillo Vlog  watcher Daniel Gray quipped, “It’s fun to watch +Chris Pirillo run around the Gnomansion. Someone needs to come up with a camera rig that provides the over-the-shoulder Wrestler POV. A set of Google Goggles might be fun, too.”

In every era, there are those celebrity couples who come to define the media of the time and the social zeitgeist.   The vintage, filmic on-screen chemistry between William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles were creations of high society’s Dashell Hammett and Lillian Hellman, both of the Algonquin roundtable.

Nick  Lachey and Jessica Simpson christened a new era of Reality TV in 2003.

Last year, the “This  Week in Technology” (“TWIT”) Network of Petaluma, CA opened their all-day and night streaming studios to constant video eavesdropping, a virtual day in the life portal on a streaming production studio and its stars. Tom Merritt (Tech News Today anchor) and wife Eileen Rivera (producer), plus Sarah Lane, show host and anchorwoman and Ayaz Akhtar (not linked, but Ms. Lane is linked with the VC’er and tech commentator, M.G. Siegler, a sometime substitute co-host of the show iPad Today.)

In the 24/7 broadband videosphere we now find ourselves in, the ability to play audience voyeur of others’ lives is both symptom and  malady. As long as it’s all good clean fun, well, thanks for sharing!

Chris and Diana mix a great sense of humor, a penchant for fun and spontaneity and, since Chris dabbles in all things tech-wise, there is always a new gadget,  start-up offering or nifty Web resource for him to introduce to Diana while she cuts her baby teeth on technology.

A modern mariage made in heaven, and YouTube, and Google+.  And this season’s Seattle Internet Reality Hit Show…a real Smash! [24×7]

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