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A Day in the Life of a Search Marketer (2020 Edition)

by Larry Sivitz

When your forward-thinking author first began exploring the world of search engine marketing, before such buzzworthy concepts as post-click personalization, landing page testing and In-market audiences were en vogue, there were no Structured Snippets, Google Funnels or Knowledge Panels, no Google My Business or Yelp customer reviews to mediate and a “conversion event” was getting a referral from Google+.

Today, the love-hate relationship that exists between the online marketer and his or her significant others: Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter, streaming podcasts and Webcasts, YouTube and Instagram, just for starters, is practically all-consuming. 

So what’s a routine day like in the life of a digital marketer with one hand on the search engine transmission’s stick shift and the other taking the pulse of public sentiment? Here’s an excerpted, cutaway view of the average “day-parts” in a day of SEO and SEM — a daily regimen of content creation, coding, social media outreach,  analytics, and the real, heavy-lifting of search — link-building.

8:00 am Morning commute. Listen to “Tech News Today” and Search Engine Roundtable podcasts to get the latest search engine weather report and take note of any reported “algo” updates.

9:00 Screen comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and client blogs posted overnight. Which warrant a response, which are just trolling?

10:00 Monitor media spend in competitive bidding on keywords in Google advertising. Elevate best CTR terms to high performance ad group.

11:00  Edit content for Featured Snippet eligibility. Match word count and formatting for Alexa and Google Assistant searches. What about voice actions?

11:30 Pre-schedule Social Media posts for Twitter and Facebook on Buffer or HootSuite.

12:00 Brown bag lunch with Web production team to cover localizing pages with video transcripts and language translation options for international office.

1:00 Refresh email Re: Link-building requests. Cool, our client’s info-video is getting more backlinks than its infographic!

2:30 Good reads from John Mueller, Gary Illyes, Martin Splitt and other Google insiders.

2:45 Visit YEXT to post updates to Local citations.

3:00 Review inbound links for Google Disavow option. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

3:10 OMG, this client has 17 Google Local entries. How? OMG, misspellings!

3:20 Write optimized press release with embedded links.

3:30 Check RBML visitor counts for Remarketing campaign.

3:45 Check server performance issues for page load speed update for errors in Google Webmaster Central

4:00 Build Negative Keyword Lists (NKL) for AdWords.

4:50 Study the Insights Tab in Google Analytics 

5:30pm Off to virtual marketing panel discussion. Catch me online. [24×7]

Larry Sivitz is a certified Google, Microsoft and Facebook search marketer.