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Trupanion Pet Medical Insurance Website Wins Best of Breed

TrupanionCatsandDogsSeattle’s Trupanion deserves a scratch behind the ears. The Interactive Media Council has named Trupanion.com the winner of the 2014 Interactive Media Award for Best in Class Website.

The complete redesign of the website optimizes the experience for users across North America through responsive design, data segmentation, and customization.

The goal of the site was to improve user experience and consolidate and simplify customer web journeys. Trupanion set out to completely reinvent their website presence and to deliver a simple, yet satisfying multi-channel user experience, driven by rich, relevant content and responsive website design.

As a result, Trupanion.com is fully responsive, adjusting to whichever device a user chooses, so they can access the site wherever they are. The website also adapts to the user, tailoring content based on their pet and lifestyle, contributing to a 5% increase in month-over-month site visits and an increase in average time on site. The ability to engage users so fluidly gives the company opportunities to grow customer touch points and continue to inform and educate pet owners visiting the website.

The site was also updated with a more modern aesthetic designed to capture the company’s pet passion and empathy for pet owners.

One of the biggest changes to the new web platform is the ability to segment users based on their browsing behavior to serve them relevant and timely information. The site recognizes the users’ online behavior shaping their web journey with Trupanion. The revamped site can customize content depending on the pet owner—so if the platform recognizes the visitor is a dog lover, Trupanion will shape the web journey with that passion in mind. The company is currently working on content changes and journey mapping on the website, giving pet owners easy access to pet care and health information relevant to their pet’s specie. In the coming months their experience on the site will also tailor to their location and pet’s specific breed.

TRUPANION LOGO“Each journey has been crafted to help build the relationships from beginning to end,” said Margi Tooth, Head of Marketing at Trupanion. “We know that everyone is different and we created a pathway to help people make an informed choice that will allow them to pick and choose how and when they want to enroll. Enrolling a pet on your cell phone shouldn’t be a hassle, it should be second nature. We’re proud to be leading the pack with a design that makes it easier than ever to enroll your pet when you’re on the go.  We know that pet owners want the best for their pet, and with our new software, we can test and refine that messaging to make sure we’re adding value at every turn. Our aim is to make it easy and ultimately help develop stronger relationships with pet owners.”

The redesign required some very heavy lifting from Trupanion’s IT team to transform the web architecture. Built using a market-leading content management system, the site provides a custom-built user experience for all member groups, giving them a unique experience based on who they are and/or how they arrived at the site. Trupanion developed its website and related infrastructure with the goal of maximizing the availability of the platform for Trupanion members, veterinarians and key channel and member groups.

The recognition from the Interactive Media Council follows on the heels of another recent Trupanion award.  OnDecember 10, 2014 the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2014 CIO-CTO Awards presented Trupanion Chief Technology Officer, Craig Susen, with the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Innovator Award. The award recognizes the innovative technologies Craig and his team built from the ground up to help Trupanion scale and keep up with rapid growth including, Trupanion’s newly redesigned fully responsive website; a first-to-market veterinary practice technology, Trupanion Express™, delivering a competitive advantage and improving the experience for hospitals and pet owners; a reinvented claims processing technology that increased efficiency for the company; and a streamlined inbound call experience.

To see Trupanion’s new website design or for more information visit Trupanion.com.  [24×7]