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Room for Cream: KING 5’s New “Home Base,” AVVO’s Kegerators Top Off Fresh Workspaces

KING5HomeBase“All your home base belong to us” could be the 2016 meme for the new home of Seattle NBC affiliate, KING 5 Television. The TV station has anchored its new studios directly across from Seattle Mariner’s home plate at Safeco Field. Touching base with the viewing public, the street-view, ground floor studio is surrounded by Windows inside and out, including a Microsoft Surface Hub video console on the wall.

KING 5 is the first TV station in the nation to feature the Surface Hub with its 84-inch touch-screen running a version of Windows 10 that boasts 100 touch points.

Across town, legal directory and rating service, Avvo, takes up seven floors at the 8th + Olive Building. Walking about, the carpeting under your feet depicts posterized mugshots of celebrities, including one Bill Gates. Raising the bar for at-work refreshment, the most popular Avvo workplace feature could be the lineup of beer taps, or Kegurators.  After tilting back a few Northwest microbrews, Avvo workers may want to bench their car keys, or consult Avvo’s ratings of top defense lawyers for DUI.

avvomugshotsA panoply of other in-house amenities brightens the workday for techies across Pugetopolis.

Google’s rock climbing monolith in Kirkland is one way to ascend the company’s ranks, or get rolling on the rooftop putting green overlooking Lake Union at Urban Spoon’s offices.

Facebook Seattle has turned a hot tub into a ball-pit, nicknamed the “Bubble Bobble.” Tired Facebook workers can sink into a power nap in the single person sleeping pod.

The most stunning crib of all may be the home of Taser makers, Axon. Like walking onto the bridge deck of a starship, the interior is a cross between Star Wars, James Bond, Get Smart and Star Trek,” writes Steve Tuttle, a TASER Int’l VP.

AxonInterior1“If you’re in the Emerald City you’re competing for employees against the likes of Seattle’s Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Facebook. So we designed an office to appeal to tech-minded personnel — the future and technology were significant themes for Seattle,” Tuttle blogged.  Located on 13th floor of the Metropolitan Park West towers, the Tazed conference rooms are named after famous technologists and innovators.  [24×7]