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Treat or Trick? Tweet a Coffee or Grab “Zombie!, Zombie!, Zombie!”

tweetacoffeeTweet a Starbucks Coffee on Twitter 

Tweet-a-coffee is a cyber-riffic new way to send $5 Starbucks Card eGifts to Twitter friends and followers.

Head over to http://www.starbucks.com/tweet-a-coffee, log in with your Starbucks account (or create a new one), put in the Twitter handle of your caffeine-loving friend and hit the green Tweet Your eGift button. Starbucks will tweet to your friend with a link to redeem a $5 gift card.

Recipients can open the link on their phones the next time they are at Starbucks and just show the screen and have the bar code scanned. No need for the recipient to have a Starbucks account themselves.

ABC News reporter Joanna Stern points out that using Twitter as an e-commerce or gifting platform isn’t entirely new. Dwolla, a money-transfer platform, has experimented with sending money via tweets before, and American Express and Twitter worked together to let people buy through a hashtag. Starbucks is also part of Facebook’s Gifts program, which allows Facebook users to send gifts to other Facebook friends.

Still, the @Tweetacoffee program makes gifting extremely easy. Just remember there are more calories than characters in that grande pumpkin spice latte!  Watch how easy it is in this Tweet a Coffee Video.[24×7]

Third Time’s the Charm for Zombie, Zombie, Zombie!


Just in time for this week’s Hallowed eve,  a Zombie Apocalypse is now upon us!  Big Fish Game’s “Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! HD” (or Zx3 for short) is now available on iPads worldwide.

In “Zx3,” you and your small team of survivors are fighting off waves and waves of zombie hordes, battling valiantly to survive the mob of undead.  Zombies feel no fear, will never retreat, and can only be stopped by one thing: YOU.

Gameplay in “Zx3” puts a new spin on Match 3 gameplay. Match 3? More like Match Z!  Tap three identical zombies, creating a triangle of destruction. Your team of survivors will blast through all undead in the triangle. The bigger the triangle, the greater the carnage dealt. Gameplay is simple enough to pick up and play, but the challenge is complex. Check out the Zombie, Zombie,  Zombie video.

Looking for fun tips for Halloween decor, costuming and make-up, party themes and ideas, and inspirations for expressing yourself online? Big Fish has lots of Gamer Halloween party ideas, themes and decorations for you. [24×7]