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Seattle Kitchen for Sale on eBay

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The best way to his stomach? An amazing kitchen — the remodeling of which one Seattle couple is hoping someone will be willing to fund via an auction on eBay. The auction goes live today.

“Spending millions to put your corporation’s name on a sports stadium is an old school form of marketing whose time has passed,” said Chuck Snavely, the hopeful homeowner and principal of Chuck Snavely Creative. “Whoever sponsors our kitchen will become part of our family, our circle of friends, our children’s birthdays and our family holidays. There’s a sense of connection that already happens in the kitchen, and the company that sponsors ours will be able to leverage that and reach 100s of people in a purely grassroots, intimate way.”

Snavely hosts more than 100 intimate culinary events every year with attendees including influencers from Target Corp., Microsoft, Expedia, Xbox, Starbucks, Washington Mutual, Ameritech, Universal Music, Cranium, Inc. and the city of Seattle, along with PR and ad execs.

In return for funding the kitchen remodel, Snavely and his wife will actively promote the sponsor including:

* A plaque in the kitchen with the sponsor’s name;
* An inaugural cocktail party “ribbon-cutting” event to celebrate the completion of remodel; and
* A number of marketing tactics meant to drive national, local and word-of-mouth awareness of the project.

The auction will last 10 days. The remodel is scheduled to be completed in time for Thanksgiving 2007. [24×7]