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Is Liz Pearce Seattle’s “Marissa?” “Under 40” Star Named Liquid Planner’s CEO


Liz Pearce has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Planner — developer of the industry’s first and only priority-based, predictive project management solution.  L Charles Seybold, the company’s preceding CEO and co-founder, will step aside but remain a key executive at LiquidPlanner in the role of Chief Product Officer, focusing exclusively on designing outstanding productivity solutions.

Pearce formerly served as Chief Operating Officer of the company. The changes will position LiquidPlanner to take full advantage of growing opportunities to help teams tackle increasingly demanding projects through social technology.  Sounds a bit like Yahoo! Is this young woman Seattle’s version of Marissa Mayer in the CEO role?


LiquidPlanner has a proven track record of transforming the way teams work together to get serious work done,” said Pearce. “Over the years, we’ve seen increasing demand for our solutions across small and medium-sized businesses, in addition to large enterprises. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to extend our co-founders’ original vision to new markets.”


“The driving force behind LiquidPlanner has always been our commitment to building tools that empower teams to achieve better results than ever before,” said Seybold. “We have a clear strategy for expanding our core scheduling, tracking, and collaboration offerings with new innovations. By devoting 100% of my time and energy to product development, we can move more quickly to meet customer demand.”


In less than four years since LiquidPlanner’s 2008 commercial launch, the angel-funded companyhas reached profitability, despite a challenging economic climate. Today, LiquidPlanner has more than 1,100 corporate customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Liz played an integral role in achieving this remarkable growth, together with Charles and LiquidPlanner’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jason Carlson.


“Charles and Jason have partnered with Liz since the early days of the company to build solid business operations from the ground up,” said LiquidPlanner board member Geoff Entress. “Liz’s passion for the product, commitment to customers, and broad business knowledge makes her the natural choice to take LiquidPlanner forward. The company’s board members and the internal team agree wholeheartedly that these new appointments will help the company meet its full potential.”


For more information about LiquidPlanner and its management team, visit www.liquidplanner.com.


About LiquidPlanner:
LiquidPlanner 3.5 is the industry’s only priority-based, predictive project management solution designed to execute millions of schedule calibrations over the course of a project. Through automated scheduling and integrated collaboration, LiquidPlanner radically simplifies the way people approach project management. It utilizes a cutting-edge scheduling engine to crunch tens of thousands of data points behind the scenes, allowing for real-time, statistically accurate schedules across entire portfolios of projects. The result is a solution that allows teams to handle the real complexities of today’s workplace and offers managers deeper, more accurate insights into their projects, automatically conducting analysis that would otherwise take project management teams weeks to accomplish manually. For more information go to http://www.liquidplanner.com/, or follow LiquidPlanner on Facebook or on Twitter at @liquidplanner. [24×7]