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Flying at Sky High Savings

Bainbridge Island Teen Blogger authors eBook to Help Consumers Find Low-Cost Travel Fares Quickly

Bainbridge High School senior Sam Sellers has converted a childhood interest in travel to a career that is really getting off the ground. His first book, the 152-page “Take Control of Booking a Cheap Airline Ticket,” helps readers all over the United States identify the best travel sites from the hundreds available, providing a step-by-step process for quickly discovering the lowest possible air fare while avoiding rip-offs and time-wasting sites.

The Seattle-area cyber-sleuth takes bargain hunters on a first-class tour of the Web’s greatest economies in air travel. Readers will find advice for reserving a good seat and preparing for low-hassle travel, as well as information on using frequent flyer miles, credit cards that provide flight discounts, and recommended methods for tracking deals. Appendixes provide links to major airline home pages and flight-route maps, an explanation of the taxes applied to fares, and more.

When Sam proposed the concept to Take Control Books, published and edited by former Issaquah residents, Adam and Tonya Engst he had no problem providing a writing sample, since he’d been running the Airline Bulletin blog at http://www.airlinebulletin.com/ for several years.

“We were shocked when we learned that the author of the proposal was only 16 years old,” said publisher Adam Engst. “He wrote a great proposal that gave no hint that he was a teenager. When we learned he had been blogging about airlines since 2004 and read his coverage, that sealed the deal.”

You Are Now Free to Move About the Internet

“Take Control of Booking a Cheap Airline Ticket” can be read onscreen or on paper. The onscreen version is a PDF file with hot links to the Web sites mentioned, making it easy for readers to access recommended sites quickly, even on a laptop in an airport termi Although Take Control’s onscreen book design has won over many who previously believed they would never read a book on a computer, an optional print service is available for those who prefer to read a professionally printed, bound volume.

More info: http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/airline-ticket.html