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Smartphone Self-Protection System Goes Live with King County Boys & Girls Clubs


Can a smartphone provide its users with self-protection, tracking its owners’ location in real-time on GPS, offering audio and video recording when “armed,” and automatically calling 911 plus trusted friends when tapped or shaken?

Boys & Girls Clubs of King County is partnering with Seattle’s iWitness to deploy a smartphone app designed to do just that.

“Our number-one objective is to ensure the safety of over 15,000 kids while they are at our Clubs,” said Calvin Lyons, President & CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. “With iWitness, members, their families, and our staff can now stay safe when they’re away from the Clubs as well. And thanks to iWitness’s generous partnership, the kids win two ways.”

The Clubs will make the app available to all kids and member families for just $19.95/per person, which is a savings of 33% off the retail price for a one-year subscription. For every subscription, iWitness will donate $10 back to the Clubs.

Available for iPhone, Android and Windows 7 devices, the iWitness application allows a user to arm iWitness with the touch of a finger. They’re then ready to record video and audio of any person or situation and send it to a secure offsite location – an action that cannot be reversed or undone.


iWitness also calls 911 automatically, informs the user’s friends and family that they feel endangered, sounds an alarm, and emits a flashing light.

“Our mission is clear, to put safety in the hands of every individual,” said iWitness founder David Remer. “Like any father, husband, uncle, and brother, I can’t help but worry about my loved ones’ safety every time I watch the news. That’s why I’m honored by this chance to help protect precious children as they travel to and from the Clubs… and excited to give back a substantial portion of our proceeds to support the Clubs’ tremendous efforts.” Remer is both CEO and Creative Director of remerinc Creative Marketing and a board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.

Other partners are early pioneers in the E911 space including Scotland Yard.  iWitness offers an online video on site.   [24×7]