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Project/Program Manager Software – PMP certified MBA CS Degree

The Software Revolution, Inc. TSRI 
Local to Seattle Area – TSRI is on NE 124th in Kirkland.
US Citizen.

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TSRI is looking for a experienced Project/Program Manager (will perform 2 roles simultaneously) who is both customer facing and has a Computer Science Degree (theory this gives is important).
A mix between Project and Program Management tied to a highly technical UNIX group.

Key skills: Microsoft Project Planner, Excel (really important), Multiple Methodology background, not just Agile. We are closer to a extreme programming shop tending towards factory processing of code, though in the Web group it is more classical Agile. UNIX is our base internal technology, but we move more than thirty separate languages over to Java, C# or C++ currently on contract with client firm(s). You frankly will not survive the interview if you are not able to function technically, as well as socially.

Nice IF: You have significant .NET as that is much more often a target. Though this is not a disqualifier, PMP – or a MBA on top of a CS degree would be a good fit technically and Management wise.

Disqualifiers: Not knowing Excel (formulas capable mentally), not being a PM (Project if not Program), not knowing Microsoft Project Manager (our MIT CS degree VP lives in MPM and Excel when not coding). You will be off loading him and supporting the COO periodically in Europe. Travel will probably be around 3-4 weeks maximum a year – typically Holland/France/England/Washington DC. (most likely EU).

Software Sales 2015: 5.5 Million, 2016: =~8.0 Million 2017: =~20-30 million USD contracted currently.
Size of Company Under thirty – roughly 25 technicals with mostly C.S. Degrees. Five of those are interns normally from U of W.

Technology: Developed at Boeing and CMU between 1979 and 1995 and originated as a spin off from Boeing’s AI labs in 1995. Rules Based Language Transformation and Reengineering. Projects Delivered over past twenty years – roughly 140-150 completed and more than 100 deployed. This is in the field of Modernization in Place. Current ongoing projects more than 10 separate clients simultaneously. 50/50 government and commercial clients. You can see the list of public projects at www.tsri.com – near the bottom of the web site is one delivered system after another.

Our Complexity Factor: High, and a successful candidate should not only be customer facing with some international experiences in the EU helpful, but should be able to understand theory tied to the field of Semantic and syntactic Reasoning Systems – though your not expected to be an expert coming in, but having a compiler background with a UNIX emphasis is a wise idea. That is why the C.S. Degree is necessary as there is a lot of theory in a full C.S. degree (B.S. or M.S. or PhD) that is missed when say one is a EE or Math major. Yes, even if you worked as a programmer for ten or twenty years, the theory is important – there are 100 shades of grey in this statement.

Helps greatly if you understand UNIX as TSRI is broken essentially into two entities, our web group and our Language grammar group. Technically you would switch between the web group supporting our building of automatic .NET generation of Legacy languages from green screen and other technologies (power builder, vb, etc…) to Java, C# and/or C++; and the grammar group is heavily Language Linguists (typically each with 10-30 years of semantic and syntactic background). This is a very senior position at TSRI. Also you would report to the VP of Technology (very technical) and our COO (more sales oriented).

About TSRI:
Salary as a regular employee is good for the region relative to the position.
We give significant Stock Options, and Bonus (from profits).
(2015) starting with eleven (11) staff we did 5.5 million.
(2016) we are around twenty-four (24) regular staff with around 7.5-8.0 million
(2017) we have signed more than twenty / thirty Million to be delivered.
Currently we are working on 2018 orders based upon growing the staff to forty in the USA.
You should be able to do some math at this point.
We have a good medical plan for the region.

Again: Must know Excel, Microsoft Project Planner, UNIX environment as your key background.

Areas that help if you have knowledge of:
– Experience in user interface development using native JavaScript, Angular Js, Google Closure, Ruby, ColdFusion, JSON, jQuery, CSS, HTML5 and Trolltech QT
– Experience in object-oriented design and analysis and development utilizing JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XMI
– Architecture .NET (EXTENSIVE) and what will make or break the interview.
– One should be able to speak effectively to some of the following:
– Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
– Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
– Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
Expert level
MCSD: App Builder
MCSD: Web Applications
MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management
MCSD: Universal Windows Platform

Special Consideration:
Prior US Military or Current Reserve/NG. — Especially if IT while in Service

About TSRI
Details on TSRI Technology Background and Concepts:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevens_Award – Philip Newcomb 2011

Website: http://www.tsri.com