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Lightboard seeks an account manager to join our small-but-quickly-growing team. If you have experience working in a design or marketing agency environment–and are looking for a chance to play a key role in growing a new business that’s questioning the traditional agency model–read on, my friend, read on.

We are a no-nonsense, no-overhead design service that delivers quality craftmanship to major brands like 3M, Autodesk, and Toyota as well as awesome younger companies like 1stdibs, Flexport, ShareThis, and Tile. We’ve also worked with tons of Seattle companies like Glowforge, f5, TUNE, and Porch. Learn more at and see some of our work at

We believe the traditional agency model is fundamentally broken. Most clients don’t need major brand refreshes or mega-budget national campaigns–they’re bringing their own strategy, and need to iterate on design and messaging until they find something that resonates with their audience.

In other words, customers don’t need fancy conference rooms: they need quality design, delivered quickly and efficiently.

And that’s what Lightboard does.

About the Job

Our account managers engage our customers and coordinate execution of design projects with our design team. Our typical customer is a marketing manager at a medium to large business. She needs to keep up the pace with content marketing, social media, and display ads–and she needs infographics, presentations, case studies, eBooks, landing pages, and emails to support her sales teams. She has an established brand, and needs help maintaining quality and pushing the brand forward. But she doesn’t have enough design resources in-house, and that’s why she needs us.

For our customers, we’re their go-to service for all things design. They request projects through our web-based system, and our account managers coordinate projects with customers and designers through our Lightboard platform—software written with the express purpose of making account management easier.

How it works:
– Full-time position in our downtown Seattle office.
– Nurture first-time customers into long-term clients.
– Guide clients through allocating their quarterly budgets and creating briefs.
– Work with design team and client on deliverables and deadlines.
– Ensure client happiness and cultivate long-term relationships.

What you need:
– Excellent communication and time management skills.
– Sales instinct to help us land and expand with key accounts.
– Strong grasp of modern marketing marketing campaigns and platforms (i.e. Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce)
– Experience working within an agency environment.
– Experience working with marketing managers (or as one)

How to know if you’re a great fit:
– Excited by new beginnings and solving problems
– Wants to make a direct impact in a growing company
– Intrigued by the way software can solve the design problems facing marketing agencies

Super-duper bonus points:
– Experience working in an early-stage company
– Entrepreneurial drive to make things happen.
– Extraordinary collection of funny cat GIFs.
– Expertise in starting each item in a bulleted list with the same letter.

Lightboard is a young company — we’re not quite two years old. We’re looking for awesome people to help us figure out how to grow Lightboard over the next five years–and to help make it happen.

We are venture-funded, with veteran agency and startup founders. Competitive compensation, with stock options.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and your favorite cat GIF to the contact information above–and tell us why you think Lightboard might be a good fit for you. More information at

Protip: applications with cat GIFs will be more closely considered than those without. Doggos are an acceptable alternative. Please don’t send us boilerplate cover letters. We’re a different kind of company, and we’re looking for applicants who will take the time to get to know Lightboard before applying.

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