Lead Instructor, LaunchCode

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Who: LaunchCode
Position: Lead Instructor
Where: Seattle

LaunchCode is a non-profit organization that is working to solve the tech talent gap and pave new pathways to upward mobility for aspiring developers through apprenticeships and job placement in technology. LaunchCode aims to partner with local educators and community organizations to create a transformative pathway for individuals looking to start new careers in technology.

Responsibilities: We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing LC 101 to Seattle! LC 101 is a unique class that seeks to provide training for in-demand tech skills that prepare successful students for apprenticeships in computer programming and information technology.

LaunchCode is seeking a highly motivated person who will serve as the Lead Instructor for this project. The Lead Instructor will be responsible for shaping course curriculum, instructing students, coordinating instruction with mentors, and assisting students through the coursework. This job is challenging and multi-faceted. It’s also super fun and rewarding.

Requirements: High level of computer programming skill, including proficiency with Python, Java, Web Development (especially HTML, CSS, and Javascript), and SQL databases.

Experience building and deploying software applications from scratch.
Excellent communicator and public speaker.
Excellent interpersonal and people management skills.
Effective team member in high-intensity environments and able to thrive under pressure.
Recommended teaching experience, but not necessary.

Contact: Haley Shoaf, haley@launchcode.org

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