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Senior Web and Application Developer, SiteCrafting, April 4

sitecraftingWho: SiteCrafting
Position: Senior Web and Application Developer
Where: Seattle
What: We are a web services agency searching for an experienced individual to join our team as a senior web developer. This role is key to our continued growth and our clients’ success, and will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and supporting new and existing websites. This position is responsible for serving as a subject matter expert when applicable, maintaining positive client relationships, and working in a collaborative manner with other disciplines within the company.


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Our ideal candidate is someone that has extensive experience building websites in WordPress, a robust understanding of WordPress internals, and can troubleshoot theme and plugin issues effectively. Strongest consideration will be given to developers that also have experience building, updating, and managing native applications for iOS and Android.

Understanding of good software design practices for robust, maintainable code
Understanding of object-oriented techniques and design methods
Clear understanding of MVC fundamentals and experience with MVC frameworks
Strong understanding of PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS.
Strong understanding of the WordPress platform, WordPress development best practices, plugin and theme architecture, as well as methods for interacting with WordPress internals
Experience using AJAX and JSON to interact with data
Experience with bug tracking software; JIRA experience preferred
Understanding of troubleshooting techniques and the workflow necessary to identify issues.
Experience developing code that utilizes API requests
Experience using templating systems, such as Timber or Twig
Be able to proficiently use Git and understand various Git workflows
Be able to navigate and operate within a Linux environment
We’re looking for someone with a strong attention to detail and someone that can identify potential problems with a project’s requirements, suggested technologies, or implementation strategy. We want to make the web a better place, and having the ability to communicate those issues as well as propose and implement solutions is an essential part of delivering a great online experience to our customers.
Depending on the needs of a project, we may work in a waterfall or agile style, or somewhere in between. Being flexible and willing to try new tools or techniques is something we’re keen on. There is an expectation that this role will be able to work with our project managers to create development strategies that balance our quality expectations with our clients’ budgets and timelines. Clean and concise coding, proper commenting, participation in code reviews, and maintaining external documentation is important, as is keeping project architecture in good order for each project.
Our projects tend to have fewer than four developers that actively work on them at any given time, though each developer will usually have a couple projects going simultaneously. While there may be a limited number of developers assigned to a specific project – including some where you’ll be the only developer – you’ll need to be able to work closely with other disciplines, including project management, UX, content strategy, visual design, QA, and systems administration. Being able to justify your decisions around implementation is important, though you’ll still need to collaborate with other team members should there be disagreements.

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