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Support Associate, Glowforge, April 1

glowforgeWho: Glowforge
Position: Support Associate
Where: Seattle
What: When we launched last fall, it was like the Big Bang in the creation of the Glowforge community. We went from stealth-mode to spotlight in an instant, and now our our very small team has thousands of very eager customers who have pre-ordered a machine that they cannot wait to get their hands on. Just take a look at our community site to get a feel for this group of smart, passionate people we are lucky enough to call customers.

Of course, once they get their hands on a Glowforge, they’re going to have all manner of questions. You’ll consider it a personal responsibility that every customer has a wonderful experience with Glowforge, beginning from the day they stumble onto our website, to the day it arrives at their home, school, or makerspace, and beyond. You’re an engineer, tinkerer, or technology hobbyist, and you find great satisfaction in explaining complex solutions to others. Plus, you’ve worked with lasers or other fabrication technology before, so you’re not scared off by technical terms or complex questions. You’ve also worked directly with customers who have a problem for you to clear up, and pride yourself on empathy, patience, and creative problem-solving skills. Laser aficionados and newbies alike will be awestruck by the top-notch customer service that you provide. With you, our support queues will stay short and our customers will stay happy as you and your team figure out how to improve our documentation and our products to make them even better to use.

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When someone’s considering buying a Glowforge and has questions, giving them thoughtful, detailed, and honest answers about if the product is right for them
When someone’s bought a Glowforge and having trouble figuring it out, walking them through the experience with empathy, humor, and joy, all the way from frustration to elation
When someone’s using their Glowforge and there’s a problem, sleuthing it down to wherever the problem may be: a bug, a fault, or a misunderstanding
When someone’s Glowforge has hit a snag, apologizing profusely and servicing their warranty claim
Taking all of your discoveries, data, and conversations with our customers to the executive, marketing, and product teams
Constantly improving our technical support infrastructure
Printing lots of cool stuff


engineer, computer programmer, former Geek Squad employee, or maybe just your household IT expert
You love making things with your hands – 3D printing, knitting, woodworking, furniture building, doesn’t matter what
You have a technical degree or four years of equivalent experience
You’ve spent time helping customers solve technical problems over the phone or online, and find genuine satisfaction in providing outstanding customer service
You’re an outstanding, clear, well-spoken communicator who is meticulous about following up on everything
It would be nice if…

You’re comfortable with video and still image post-production tools
You have a portfolio of photography or video work you’d like to share with us
You have extensive writing samples (for example a blog, papers, or similar) that show off your writing prowess
You have experience doing social media, marketing, and/or community management
You have examples of your support experience – for example, a manual you’ve written or public posts on a support board
Please send us your resume, any writing samples or portfolio, and – more importantly – a cover letter that tells us about your interest here. We’re excited to meet you!

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