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Chief Technology Officer, Avvo, January 27

avvo-logoWho: Avvo
Position: Chief Technology Officer
Where: Seattle
What: Our products have taken the legal industry by storm, but we have grown to a size where our technology leadership must be very intentional regarding our strategy and growth. Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will report to the CEO and be responsible for establishing and leading all aspects of our technology development and engineering management. Our CTO will play an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development and future growth. Our CTO will also be a principal face of the company, representing Avvo’s vision to current and prospective employees and media.


Serve as an innovator regarding Avvo’s future, and in so doing help evolve Avvo’s strategic direction and technical roadmap.
Partner with other Avvo executives and department heads as an advisor of technologies that may improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
Provide visible leadership within Avvo, to help others understand where we are headed from strategic and technology perspectives.
Be a lights-out technology and engineering leader:

Anticipate and react to major technology changes to ensure the maintenance of company leadership in the competitive landscape.
Continue to build and manage our top-flight engineering team, ensuring that engineering execution remains nimble and collaborative.
Manage our software development lifecycle to maintain the delicate balance of performance and efficiency.
Help the world come to Avvo:

Recruit the best and brightest developers to Avvo.
Serve as a principal and persistent Avvo representative at industry conferences, events and less-formal get-togethers.
Serve as an Avvo spokesperson when media wants to talk about things technology and legal.


If you have a resume that demonstrates success in all of the above, we are confident you have the requisite education and experience.

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