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Marketing Coordinator – Technology, Parametric, July 28

Who: Parametricparametric-logo68-resize-600x338

Position: Marketing Coordinator- Technology

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Where: Seattle

What: Parametric provides engineered financial investment portfolio solutions to institutional and private clients with a sharp focus on implementation excellence and client-specific customization. Our team is composed of software craftsmen dedicated to building the software our company runs on. We rely on TDD, Continuous Integration, and Automated Deployments to consistently deliver stable software to our internal customers. What we offer is a chance to work with a group of people with a dedication to finding better ways of doing things. We are looking for a smart, curious, self-motivated software developer to join our development team.


You care about quality software development. For you, it’s more than a job.

You understand that there is more to software engineering than just getting it to work–that keeping it working over time is a greater challenge.

You believe good software development is not just a technical exercise. Great software teams are composed of people working well together. This is something you strive for and help facilitate in many of the teams you have been on.

You are committed to TDD and Continuous Integration.

You want to share your experience, judgment, and wisdom with up-and-coming developers.

You care about clear communication with the business and your team to make sure you are building the right thing in a reasonable time frame.

You are interested in full-stack development. You want to feel your impact on the entire application stack from the databases, the services used, to the UI.

You follow the activities and opinions of other developers through books, blogs, podcasts, local communities or social media.

You want to work with people that you can learn from, and who will learn from you.

You have one or more side-projects in various stages of completion.

You enjoy the challenge of migrating a code base from its current state toward something better over time.


Our average team size is 3-5, composed of developers, testers, and business representatives. The business decides which features should be implemented and in what order. The technical team decides how the features will be implemented and provides feature estimates. The whole team signs off on the software before it is released using our automated processes. You’ll pair with developers and testers to write unit and integration tests and to implement features. You’ll have your changes tested in a production-like environment with a complete set of services, databases, and applications.

We try to always do the correct thing, however we’re aware that there are room for improvements, things change, technologies evolve. You’ll spot opportunities for improvement and efficiency gains, evangelize your solutions to the team, and see them implemented. You can affect change at Parametric.

Give every developer a PluralSight License

Maintain an internal lending library of technical books.

Meet weekly with all of our developers to discuss issues before they become problems and to share what we have learned.

Send every developer to the conference of their choice each year.

Give flex time when developers go to local conferences or meetups.

While most of our software is proprietary, some of our projects are open-source. We also encourage developers to submit pull requests to open source packages they are using.

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