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Head of Expansion, Peach, July 24

Updated-Peach-LogoWho: Peach

Position: Head of Expansion

Where: Seattle

What: The Head of Expansion will be directly responsible for getting the Peach brand into every major market in North America and beyond. The strategies, systems, and breakneck speed required by this role will expand Peach’s footprint quickly and efficiently. We are building the world’s largest food distribution network: come, join us and lead that growth.


You will perform extensive market research to determine the optimal cities to launch and when to launch them. Once a target market is determined, you and your dedicated team of launchers will do the initial lead generation for companies and restaurants in that market.

Though your launch team will be your boots on the ground to get the market up and running, you will be responsible for their success by ensuring all operational and logistical details are in place (travel, timelines, tools, legal, etc).

You will write, implement, and hold your team accountable to the “Launch Playbook” of Peach’s expansion.

You will lead the recruitment and hiring of the in-market sales team (Restaurant Sales and Company Sales) who will ultimately be trained and managed remotely by the Heads of Sales at HQ.

Under your leadership, the launch team and the in-market team will get a city up and running and onto a hyper-growth trajectory, and then the launch team will move on to the next city in your plan.

You will constantly re-assess your plan using data and empirical learning. You will build tools and software solutions to launch more cities in less time with less resources.

Your performance will be measured on how fast you and your team can launch healthy Peach markets across the country and the world.


Experience launching a remote market strongly preferred

Strong leadership background (remote management a plus)

Ability to keep your team accountable toward your goals despite many moving parts

Familiarity with sales pipelines and processes

Analytical and data-driven decision maker

Experience automating manual processes through software

Occasional (<25%) travel is required.

How:  Apply Here