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Digital Web Operations Specialist, Nintex, Nov. 22

nintexWho: Nintex

Position: Digital Web Operations Specialist

Where: Bellevue

What: Nintex are currently seeking a Digital Web Specialist that will be responsible for executing logistics required to elevate our digital web presence to the status of innovative major brands. This position will include state-of-the-art user experience, visitor tracking processes, lead generation and content marketing agility.

• Create, update, build and implement website pages, marketing automated campaign pages, email and social broadcast communications
• Analyze and report on website metrics for visitor navigation, visitor engagement, organic bounce rates, on-page content element placement and A/B testing
• Participate in social media task force team to help define channels, policies, style guide, reporting needs and other aspects of social media as a lead generation channel
• Benchmark website best practices and industry standards for page creation, visitor navigation, engagement activities and conversion metrics
• Work with user assistance and customer program teams to disseminate examples of internal usage of our tools, from business user perspective
• Collaborate with marketing teams; products, communications, partner, operations and creative studio-leading visitor friendly approaches to content placement

• 4+ years of experience in website development with evidence (portfolio) of navigation & engagement practices, A/B testing, results working with web content management tools
• Degree in related fields (communications, design, digital, marketing)
• Hands-on experience creating pages (in marketing automation tools as well) and maintaining web properties in WCM platforms
• Holistic understanding and passion for disciplines of UX, content deliver, development execution, social media and web content
• Have used or understand Google Tag Manager tools, and how to add campaigns to the tool
• Have used or understanding of major WCM, MAS & CRM
• Able to develop JavaScript & jQuery is a plus
• Working with SharePoint designer/web is a plus

Contact: Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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