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Project Manager/Content Editor, Wavii

Who: Wavii

Position: Project Manager/Content Editior

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Where: Seattle

What: Wavii is a ground-breaking internet startup that is redefining how you follow your interests online, with instant, structured news feeds for any topic. When a politician wins an election, a city has a natural disaster, a company releases a product, a company gets sued, a celebrity gets married, or just about anything else happens, Wavii’s machine-learning technology reads about it online in real-time (articles, blogs, and tweets) and generates a single, structured feed item that captures exactly what happened, with the right visualization to complete the story. This let’s you follow any topic for meaningful updates on Wavii, the same way you follow your friends on Facebook.

We are well-funded by many prominent angel investors, including execs at Microsoft and Google. Check it our for yourself….watch the video, sign up, and download our app for iOS: http://wavii.com/

At Wavii we have fun and work hard. We’re eager to grow our team with others who share our values, excitement, and vision.

Read more about what we’re doing on our blog: http://blog.wavii.com/, or search for recent news about us online. Here are a few articles to get you started:




Responsibilities: On the “Production Engineering” team we’re looking to hire entry-level project manager/content editors. The responsibilities of the role vary and increase with experience. . .including content review, programming feed item displays, data annotation, storyline brainstorming, image curation, machine-learning and linguistic model training, major event tracking, blog writing, business development support, and leadership opportunities. For example, team members drove the creation of our very popular Olympics experience (e.g., www.wavii.com/olympics), and train linguistic models that use Wavii’s core information extraction technology. . .read about it here: http://blog.wavii.com/2012/09/28/not-all-news-is-created-equal/.

We’re looking for top-performers who want to get involved at the ground-floor. If that’s you, consider applying.

The rest of this job description should also function as a supplement to your cover letter explaining your qualifications and interest in working with Wavii. Please also be sure to include a resume highlighting your previous academic and professional experiences. Note: A bachelor’s degree (or higher) is a prerequisite for applying. Please answer each of the questions (below) to help us better assess your suitability as a candidate.

***Copy and paste at the end of your cover letter everything from “REQUIRED SKILLS ” through “DESIRED START DATE” and type your answers below each of the questions.***

Requirements/Skills Questionare:
Are you a native speaker of English and do you have a good understanding of complexities of the English language (for example, grammar, syntax, colloquialisms, idioms, etc.)?

Please explain any experience, professional or academic, that you’ve had with writing and editing.

Please describe your level of computer literacy. Specifically, your experience with online productivity tools, online research, graphic design programs (e.g., Photoshop), word processing?

Please explain any relative experience.

Work Arrangement: Our office is located in Seattle, Washington and our work day runs 9am to roughly 5pm each day, Monday through Friday, for a total of roughly 40 hours/week.